Evil EmpireCD11Epic481026 25099748102621
Evil EmpireCD11Epic481026 29399700000955
Evil EmpireCD11EpicEK 57523074645752327
Evil Empire2×12" Vinyl5 + 6EpicE 57523
Evil EmpireCD11Sony Records (1991 - 2001 company - group/division of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan))SRCS 77344988009773421
Evil EmpireCassette11EpicEPC 481026 45099748102645
Evil Empire (BMG club edition)CD11BMG Direct Marketing, Inc., EpicD121826, EK 57523[none]
Evil EmpireCD11Epic481026 25099748102621
Evil EmpireCD11EpicCDBV 4994327509949943223
Evil EmpireCD11EpicEICP 9234547366036015
Evil Empire2×12" Vinyl5 + 6Music on Vinyl (imprint of Music on Vinyl B.V. Do not use for manufacturing/distribution relationships!)MOVLP0175099748102614
Evil EmpireDigital Media11Epic884977724905
Evil EmpireHybrid SACD11Audio FidelityAFZ 254780014225421


artist & repertoire support:Michael Goldstone
associated singles/EPs:Bulls on Parade
People of the Sun
People of the Sun EP
included in:×2: Rage Against the Machine / Evil Empire
Rage Against the Machine / Evil Empire / The Battle of Los Angeles
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