The Soft Machine

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The Soft Machine (uncensored)Soft Machine12" Vinyl13
Probe (ABC, 1968-1973)CPLP 4500[none]
The Soft MachineThe Soft Machine12" Vinyl13
Big Beat (UK, Ace subsidiary)WIKA 57
The Soft MachineThe Soft MachineCD13
One Way Records (US label specialized in reissues of classic rock-albums)MCAD-22064076732206423
The Soft MachineSoft MachineCD13
  • -1997-02-01
Runt LLC646315719529
The Soft MachineSoft Machine12" Vinyl13
  • JP2007-08-08
Probe (ABC, 1968-1973), Universal Music (plain logo: “Universal Music”)UIJY-90124988005472397
The Soft MachineSoft MachineCD13
Universal Music Special Markets, WaterB0008535-02, water195646315719529
The Soft MachineSoft MachineCD15
  • GB2009-04-06
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)532 050-5600753205051
The Soft MachineSoft MachineCD13
Sundazed MusicSC 6305090771630520
The Soft MachineSoft MachineCD15
  • JP2013-06-13
Geffen RecordsUICY-756504988005771797
Volume OneSoft Machine(unknown)13


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