With Teeth

~ Release group by Nine Inch Nails


With TeethNine Inch NailsCD16
  • JP2005-04-27
Interscope RecordsUICS-10954988005388780
With TeethNine Inch NailsCD14
  • XE2005-04-29
Interscope Records, Nothing Records (US industrial/electronic founded by Trent Reznor)0602498814390, HALO_190602498814390
With TeethNine Inch NailsCD14
  • AU2005-05-01
Interscope Records98814390602498814390
With TeethNine Inch NailsCD + DVD-Audio14 + 28
  • DE2005-05-02
Interscope Records06024988243750602498824375
With TeethNine Inch NailsCD15
  • GB2005-05-02
Interscope Records, Island (imprint of Island Records, a division of Universal Music Group)988 144-0, CID 8155602498814406
With Teeth (BMG club edition)Nine Inch NailsDualDisc13
  • US2005-05-03
Nothing Records (US industrial/electronic founded by Trent Reznor), BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. (BMG company that owned their direct marketing company/club editions)B0004553-82, D161844[none]
With TeethNine Inch NailsCD13
  • US2005-05-03
Nothing Records (US industrial/electronic founded by Trent Reznor)B0004553-02602498813546
With TeethNine Inch Nails2×12" Vinyl7 + 7
  • US2005-05-03
Interscope RecordsB0004553-01602498813553
With TeethNine Inch NailsDualDisc (CD side) + DualDisc (DVD-Audio side)13 + 27
  • US2005-05-03
Nothing Records (US industrial/electronic founded by Trent Reznor)B0004553-82602498814864
With Teeth (limited tour edition)Nine Inch NailsCD14
  • JP2005-07-21
Interscope RecordsUICS-90394988005400550
With TeethNine Inch NailsCD14
Interscope Records06024988143906024988143904
With TeethNine Inch NailsCD16
  • JP2006-09-27
Interscope RecordsUICO-96994988005444899
With Teeth (instrumentals)Nine Inch NailsDigital Media13
  • US2015-06-30
Nothing Records (US industrial/electronic founded by Trent Reznor)
With Teeth (Definitive Edition; 24-bit/96kHz)Nine Inch NailsDigital Media14
  • XW2019-11-22
The Null CorporationHALO 194142570897439
With TeethNine Inch NailsDigital Media15Nothing Records (US industrial/electronic founded by Trent Reznor)[none]602498814406


remixes:NIN Remixes by Halo33
associated singles/EPs:Every Day Is Exactly the Same
The Hand That Feeds
included in:The Downward Spiral / With Teeth
part of:Halo (Nine Inch Nails catalog) (number: 19) (order: 19)
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other databases:http://musicmoz.org/Bands_and_Artists/N/Nine_Inch_Nails/Discography/With_Teeth/ [info]
http://www.musik-sammler.de/album/40403 [info]
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standalone website:http://nin.com/with_teeth/ [info]
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