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InsomniacGreen DayCD14
  • DE1995-10-06
  • XE1995-10-09
  • GB1995-10-09
  • FR1995-10-10
Reprise Records9362-46046-2093624604624
InsomniacGreen DayCD15
  • JP1995-10-09
Reprise RecordsWPCR-4504943674045020
InsomniacGreen DayCD14
  • CA1995-10-10
Reprise RecordsCDW 46046093624604624
Insomniac (BMG Music Service)Green DayCD14
  • US1995-10-10
Reprise Records, BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. (BMG company that owned their direct marketing company/club editions)9 46046-2, D105095[none]
InsomniacGreen DayCD14
  • US1995-10-10
Reprise Records9 46046-2093624604624
Insomniac (Club Edition)Green DayCD14
Reprise RecordsW2 4604677749928622102
InsomniacGreen DayCD14
Reprise Records9362460462093624604624
InsomniacGreen Day12" Vinyl14
Reprise Records9 46046-1093624604617
InsomniacGreen Day2×CD14 + 6
Reprise Records9362462182093624621829
InsomniacGreen DayCD14
  • JP1998-03-05
Warner Music Japan (primary imprint of Warner Music Japan, Inc.; do not use for copyright/publisher/etc. relationships!)WPCR-17074943674179725
InsomniacGreen DayDigital Media14
  • XW2003-04-22
Reprise Records, Warner Bros. Records (1958–2019; “WB” logo, with or without “records” beneath or on banner across)093624604662
Insomniac (Mastered for iTunes)Green DayDigital Media14
Reprise Records[none]093624915706
Insomniac (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)Green DayDigital Media22
  • XW2021-03-19
Reprise Records093624881445
Insomniac (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)Green Day2×12" Vinyl14 + 8
  • -2021-03-19
Reprise Records093624884576093624884576
Insomniac (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, orange vinyl)Green Day2×12" Vinyl14 + 8
  • -2021-03-19
Reprise Records093624884576


associated singles/EPs:86
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Geek Stink Breath
Stuck With Me
Walking Contradiction
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