Germfree AdolescentsX‐Ray Spex12" Vinyl12
  • GB1978-11-10
EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)INS 3023[none]
Germfree AdolescentsX‐Ray SpexCD16
Virgin (worldwide imprint of Virgin Records Ltd. and all its subsidiaries)CDVM 9001017046181327
Germfree AdolescentsX‐Ray SpexCD16
Caroline Blue PlateCAROL 1813-2017046181327
Germfree AdolescentsX‐Ray SpexDVD-Audio12
Germfree AdolescentsX‐Ray SpexCD23
  • GB2005-03-28
Castle Music (subsidiary of Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.)CMQCD11035050749411037
Germfree AdolescentsX‐Ray SpexCD23
  • US2005-05-24
Castle Music America (subsidiary of Sanctuary Records, US branch)CAS 36202-2021823620220
Germfree AdolescentsX‐Ray SpexCD12
  • GB2006-10-16
Sanctuary MidlineSMBCD3785050749237828
Germfree Adolescents (deluxe edition)X‐Ray Spex2×CD23 + 18
  • XE2009-02-23
Sanctuary Records (UK 1996–present)1785728602517857285
Germfree Adolescents (extended version)X‐Ray Spex2×Digital Media23 + 18
  • XW2009-02-23
Sanctuary Records (UK 1996–present)
Germfree AdolescentsX‐Ray Spex12" Vinyl12
  • US2017-04-07
Real Gone Music (US reissue label founded by Gordon Anderson and Gabby Castellana. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH THE UK/EUROPE OUT-OF-COPYRIGHT LABEL.)RGM-0460848064005650


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