Relationship Types / Artist-Recording / Concertmaster


This indicates an artist who was the concertmaster/leader for an orchestra or band on this recording.

entity0 cardinality: Many relationships (1)
entity1 cardinality: Few relationships (0)
Orderable direction: None (0)
UUID: ffeaa74f-8295-45ee-a2f2-7c0cc1f73b1e

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The following attributes can be used with this relationship type:


This attribute indicates a 'guest' performance where the performer is not usually part of the band.

start date

end date


Marcia Crayford was the concertmaster for Symphony no. 3 in D minor "Wagner Symphony": I. Gemäßigt, mehr bewegt, misterioso by BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Osmo Vänskä from 2000-06-08 until 2000-06-10