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This is used when a work includes a brief quotation of the lyrics of another work. In most cases the quotation is uncredited, although this is not a requirement. For a work that includes significantly more of another than just a brief quotation, consider using “based on” instead.

ID: 1047
Cardinality of {entity0}: Few relationships (0)
Cardinality of {entity1}: Few relationships (0)
Orderable direction: None (0)
UUID: c8283596-6f1f-42db-be9c-def66d387e78

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This relationship type doesn't allow any attributes.


This relationship can also be applied to songs quoting one (or a few) sentence(s) of a poem as part of its lyrics. For songs that set a poem to music rather than just quoting it, use “based on” instead.

Keep in mind a sample is not a quotation. Quotations are to be performed by the performing artist(s) of the work, while samples reuse (a segment of) the original.

This relationship is meant for quotations, not name dropping or other references. Do not use it if the lyrics (or at most a direct translation of them) aren't actually quoted (e.g. if just the song name is mentioned).


Hungry Daze quotes lyrics from Smoke on the Water