Relationship Types / Artist-Recording / Remixer


This links a recording to the person who remixed it by taking one or more other tracks, substantially altering them and mixing them together with other material. Note that this includes the artist who created a mash-up or used samples as well.

ID: 153
Cardinality of {entity0}: Many relationships (1)
Cardinality of {entity1}: Few relationships (0)
Orderable direction: None (0)
UUID: 7950be4d-13a3-48e7-906b-5af562e39544

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The following attributes can be used with this relationship type:


This attribute describes if a particular role was considered normal or additional.


This typically indicates someone who is either a first-timer, or less experienced, and who is working under the direction of someone who is more experienced.

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Aphex Twin remixed Let My Fish Loose (Aphex Twin remix) by 竹村延和