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This is used to link a karaoke version of a song to the original song.

A karaoke version is a version of the song with the main vocals removed, designed to be used for karaoke. These are generally produced from the original masters by muting the main vocal track or by using post-processing filters to remove the vocals. Karaoke versions can be found labelled in numerous different ways other than "karaoke": instrumental (even if backing vocals are still present), off vocal, backing track, etc.

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innocent starter by 水樹奈々 has a karaoke version innocent starter (Off Vocal Version) by 水樹奈々

Multiple versions of a song with corresponding karaoke versions

群青の谷 by alan has a karaoke version 群青の谷 (instrumental) by alan

群青の谷 (acoustic version) by alan has a karaoke version 群青の谷 (acoustic version) (instrumental) by alan