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This relationship indicates that a person was another's teacher/student.

ID: 847
Cardinality of {entity0}: Few relationships (0)
Cardinality of {entity1}: Few relationships (0)
Orderable direction: None (0)
UUID: 249fc24f-d573-4290-9d74-0547712d1f1e

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The following attributes can be used with this relationship type:


This attribute describes the possible instruments that can be captured as part of a performance.
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Specifies the subject that was taught by a teacher in an institution and/or to a student.

start date

end date


This is intended for subjects related to music: composition, singing, playing, (music) engineering, etc. Do not add a person to MusicBrainz just because he was someone's biology teacher!

Only pick a specific subject or instrument if it is specifically claimed. Otherwise, use the relationship as-is without selecting any subjects or instruments.

This relationship isn't the same as "influenced" - please use it only for instances where some degree of formal teaching happened.

Use this relationship for teacher-student relationships lasting a reasonably long period of time. A one-year course or private teaching relationship is a good fit - a one-day workshop not so much.


Николай Андреевич Римский‐Корсаков (Russian composer) taught Александр Константинович Глазунов (Russian composer, 1865–1936)