Royal Academy of Music

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students:Simon Aspell (violist) (ended)
Benjamin Bayl (conductor) (ended: conducting)
Sam Chapman (lutenist) (ended: lute)
周止善 (ended)
朱偉恆 (ended)
Gregory Ellis (classical violinist) (ended)
Edward Gardner (conductor) (ended)
Evgeny Genchev (ended: grand piano)
Daniel Godfrey (bandmaster) (ended)
Daphne Godson (violinist) (ended: violin)
Nigel Gomm (trumpeter) (ended)
Sónia Grané (soprano) (ended)
Ho Wai-On (Hong Kong classical composer) (ended: piano)
Clare Howick (ended: violin)
Ian Jones (mastering engineer) (ended: cello, guitar)
Ilkka Lehtonen (ended: violin)
Jonathan Lilley (UK church organist) (ended)
Martin Loveday (cellist) (ended: cello)
Christopher Marwood (cellist) (ended)
Colin Metters (conductor) (ended)
Christopher Moyse (ended)
Amy Norrington (cellist) (ended: classical music, cello)
Siva Oke (producer) (ended)
Lara Somogyi (Los Angeles/London harpist) (ended)
Richard Stoker (British composer) (ended)
Adrian Sutcliffe (British pianist) (ended)
Michael Thompson (British horn player and conductor) (ended)
Anthony Williams (British concert pianist) (ended)
Jeanne Added
Ari Ólafsson (Icelandic singer)
Sir Arnold Bax (English composer)
Peter Bithell (piano)
Χρίστος Παπαγεωργίου
Jacob Collier
Olga Craen (piano)
Iris du Pré (English pianist, composer and conductor) (composition, piano)
Mila Elegović
Christopher Elton
Ευγενία Παπαδήμα
Rachel Frost (oboist) (oboe)
Evelyn Glennie (percussionist)
Katrina Gupalo (Latvian pianist) (piano)
Soojin Han (violinist) (violin)
David W Johnson (US classical hornist) (French horn)
Braimah Kanneh-Mason (violin)
Konya Kanneh-Mason (pianist/violinist) (piano)
Sheku Kanneh-Mason (cellist) (cello)
Sarah Soyeon Kim (bachelor’s degree, piano)
Simone Lamsma (violin)
Natalia Lomeiko (violin)
Graf Mourja (violinist) (violin)
Jarosław Nadrzycki (violinist) (violin)
Ουρανία Γκάσιου (Greek organist) (organ)
Γιώργος Πέτρου (Greek conductor)
Naomi Pinnock (composition)
Simon Preston (organist, conductor, composer)
Kristjan Randalu (piano)
Simon Rattle (conductor)
Amandine Savary (pianist) (piano)
Louis Schwizgebel (pianist Louis Schwizgebel-Wang) (piano)
Olivia Shotton (freelance conductor and singer)
Arthur Sullivan (composer)
Luís Tinoco (composer, instrumentalist)
Βασίλης Ρακιτζής
Andrew West (pianist) (composition, piano)
Sir Henry Wood (English conductor)
Michael Rose (composer and conductor) (until 1953: violin, piano)
Jane Manning (soprano) (until 1958: bachelor’s degree)
Anne-Sophie Bertrand (French/American/German harpist) (until 1993: harp)
Edith Van Dyck (Belgian classical flutist) (until 2004: classical music, postgraduate, flute)
Luke Styles (composer) (until 2005: composition, bachelor’s degree)
Alexandra Caldon (British violinist) (until 2008-06)
Hélène Koerver (Belgian viola player) (until 2009: bachelor’s degree, classical music, viola)
Jodie Devos (Belgian soprano vocalist) (until 2013: master’s degree)
Austin Leung (Hong Kong composer) (until 2018: master’s degree)
Yoanna Prodanova (cellist) (until 2019: cello)
Isata Kanneh-Mason (until 2020: master’s degree, piano)
Sir John Barbirolli (conductor and cellist) (from 1912 until 1916)
Ditta Pásztory-Bartók (from 1922 to ????: piano)
David Martin (violinist) (from 1929 until 1934: violin)
Sebastian Forbes (from 1958 until 1960)
John Paul (American harpsichordist) (from 1961 to ????: organ, piano)
Andrew Wise (UK-born, Belgium based pianist, choral conductor) (from 1980 until 1982: conducting, master’s degree, piano)
Carmine Lauri (violinist) (from 1988 to ????)
Denis Bouriakov (from 2000 to ????: flute)
Thibault Noally (violinist) (from 2000 to ????: violin)
Jonathan De Ceuster (Belgian counter-tenor vocalist) (from 2002 until 2004: singing, postgraduate, opera)
Daniel Cohen (conductor, music director, violinist) (from 2003 until 2007: postgraduate, violin)
Jacqueline Dossor (from 2004 until 2006: double bass)
Evy Van Dongen (Belgian classical clarinet player) (from 2005 until 2007: classical music, clarinet)
Maxime Tortelier (conductor) (from 2008 until 2011)
Andrejs Osokins (Latvian pianist) (from 2008-09 until 2011-07: piano)
Tom Lee (UK classical percussionist) (from 2009 until 2013: classical music, percussion)
Delphine Dewald (Belgian flautist) (from 2011 until 2012: master’s degree, classical music, flute)
Kristina Arakelyan (composer) (from 2012 to ????: composition)
Charlotte Schoeters (Belgian soprano vocalist) (from 2013 until 2016: master’s degree, singing)
Sheva Tehoval (Belgian operatic vocalist) (from 2015 until 2016: master’s degree, singing, classical music)
Ruben Van Keer (Belgian musical actor/singer) (from 2015 until 2016: master’s degree, musical theatre)
Nicolas Dupont (Belgian concert violinist) (from 2015 until 2017: master’s degree, classical music, violin; from 2016 until 2018: music education)
Ellen Vanherck (Belgian soprano vocalist) (from 2016 until 2017: master’s degree, singing, classical music)
Nabou Claerhout (Belgian trombonist) (from 2017 until 2018: jazz, trombone)
Wouter Valvekens (Belgian concert pianist) (from 2018 until 2020: piano)
educators:David Burrowes (British cellist) (ended)
Daniel Godfrey (bandmaster) (ended)
Christopher Austin (British conductor) (other [orchestration], conducting)
Graham Caskie
James Johnstone (classical organist)
Susan Landale (organist)
Amandine Savary (pianist) (piano)
Michael Thompson (British horn player and conductor) (horn [professor of horn])
Andrew West (pianist)
Manuel García (19th century baritone/teacher) (until 1895: singing)
Robert Nicolas Charles Bochsa (from 1821 until 1827: harp)
Gustave Garcia (baritone/teacher) (from 1880 until 1890: singing)
Max Pirani (English pianist) (from 1926 to ????)
David Martin (violinist) (from 1934 to ????)
Sir Neville Marriner (conductor) (from 1948 to ????)
Ralph Holmes (violinist) (from 1964 to ????: violin)
Colin Metters (conductor) (from 1983 to present: conducting)
Sebastian Bell (flutist) (from 1985 until 2005: flute)
Maurice Hasson (violinist) (from 1986 until 2015: violin)
Erich Gruenberg (from 1989 to ????)
Лидия Менделевна Мордкович (violinist) (from 1995 to ????: violin)
Philip Doghan (from 2004 until 2020: singing)
Paul Morley (from 2008-09 to ????: composition)
Samuel Coles (flautist) (from 2011 to present: flute)
parts:Dukes Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London in London (Greater London, which includes the City of London), England, United Kingdom
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premieres hosted:Britannia, op. 52 (on 1894-05-17)
The Cricket on the Hearth, op. 62 (on 1914-06-06)
Yourth, Sport, Loyalty, op. 90 (on 1922-07-20)