Harvard University

~ Educational institution


students:Steve Sacks (jazz, sax/flute, US) (ended: bachelor’s degree, musicology)
Laurence Bouvard (voice actress)
David Chan (US violinist/conductor) (bachelor’s degree)
Lynn Chang (bachelor’s degree, violin)
Ann Cleare (composition, doctoral degree)
Sarah Cunningham (classical string player)
Aram Demirjian (conductor) (bachelor’s degree)
Stefan Lano (composition, doctoral degree)
Karen Lee (violinist) (bachelor’s degree)
Sunghae Anna Lim (American violinist) (bachelor’s degree)
Carl Parrish (doctoral degree)
Irwin I. Shapiro (astrophysicist) (master’s degree, doctoral degree)
David Simpson (cellist) (other [applied mathematics])
Willard Spiegelman (professor of English) (master’s degree, doctoral degree)
David Taddie
Martin Boykan (until 1951: composition, bachelor’s degree)
Dr. Roger Payne (until 1956: other [biology], bachelor’s degree)
Hopkinson Smith (lutenist) (until 1972)
James Ross (US hornist/conductor) (until 1981: conducting, bachelor’s degree)
Timothy McCormack (until 2009: composition, doctoral degree)
Alexander Bernstein (pianist) (until 2010-05: bachelor’s degree, piano)
Stefan Prins (Belgian pianist & composer) (until 2017: composition, doctoral degree)
George Li (pianist) (until 2018)
John Adams (American minimalist composer) (from 1965 until 1972)
Roy Kogan (pianist) (from 1976 until 1980: bachelor’s degree, piano)
educators:Carol J. Oja (musicology)
Willy Hess (German violinist) (from 1904 until 1910: violin)
parts:Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Loeb Drama Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Sanders Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Harvard Stadium in Allston, Boston, Massachusetts, United States (from 1903-11-14 to present)
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https://www.instagram.com/harvard/ [info]
https://www.linkedin.com/edu/school?id=18483 [info]
https://twitter.com/harvard [info] (from 2009-05-12 to present)
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https://www.youtube.com/harvard [info]
other databases:http://id.loc.gov/authorities/names/n78096930 [info]
https://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb118698578 [info]
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premieres hosted:union–seam (on 2016-02-06)
union|haze (on 2016-05-21)
always extra folds of birds of paper and you could move your finger along the length of them and have witnesses (on 2017-03-18)
arranging location for:A Moorside Suite, H. 173 (for string orchestra)