AIR Studios (Lyndhurst Hall 1991–present)

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First facility opened at Oxford Street, 1970/10/06–1991. The company had also set up another studio at AIR Montserrat - Montserrat Island, West Indies, Caribbean Sea, mid 1970s–1989.

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engineers:Lee Slater (UK engineer/producer) (ended)
Tom Bailey (engineer)
Rupert Coulson
Geoff Foster (sound engineer)
Matt Howe (producer and engineer)
Steve Orchard (producer and engineer)
John Prestage (engineer)
David Woolley
Chris Barrett (engineer) (from 2000-09 to present)
Olga FitzRoy (from 2003 to present)
Fiona Cruickshank (from 2007 to present)
Adam Miller (engineer) (from 2008 to present)
Laurence Anslow (from 2011-08 to present)
Alex Ferguson (engineer) (from 2015-03 to present)
mastering engineers:Ray Staff (British mastering engineer)
Matt Colton (UK mastering engineer) (from 2009 until 2012)
John Webber (mastering engineer) (from 2013-04 to present)
founders:George Martin
parts:AIR Mastering (mastering studio of AIR Studios) in Hampstead, Camden, London, England, United Kingdom
relocated from:Air Studios (Oxford Street, London) in London, England, United Kingdom
Air Recording Studio No. 1 (located at Oxford Street 1970–1991) in London, England, United Kingdom (from 1970 until 1991)
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premieres hosted:A Place Among the Stars (Interstellar)
Afraid of Time (Interstellar)
Cornfield Chase (Interstellar)
Coward (Interstellar)
Day One (Interstellar)
Detach (Interstellar)
Dust (Interstellar)
I’m Going Home (Interstellar)
Message From Home (Interstellar)
Mountains (Interstellar)
Running Out (Interstellar)
S.T.A.Y. (Interstellar)
Stay (Interstellar)
The Wormhole (Interstellar)
Where We’re Going (Interstellar)