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primary concert venue of:Константин Николаевич Игумнов
students:Michel De Bock (Belgian classical pianist & conductor) (ended: classical music)
Yulia Deyneka (violist) (ended)
Yakov Gubanov (ended)
Vladimir Leyetchkiss (ended)
Claire Désert (piano)
Brigitte Engerer (pianist) (piano)
Lisa Erbès (cellist) (cello)
Victor Ginsburg (piano)
Nina Kotova
Igor Lazko (piano)
David Tonkonogui
Sonia Wieder‐Atherton (cellist) (cello)
Евгений Колосов (until 1962)
Александр Кузьмич Вустин (Russian composer) (until 1969: composition)
Иван Котов (until 1973)
Еремей Цукерман (until 1976)
Сергей Полтавский (until 2009)
Григорий Кротенко (Russian double bassist / viol player) (until 2010)
Евгений Румянцев (until 2010)
Patrick Crommelynck (Belgian classical pianist) (from 1964 until 1967: piano)
Дмитрий Николаевич Смирнов (composer) (from 1967 until 1972)
Jaana Haanterä (violist) (from 1981 until 1983: violin)
Graf Mourja (violinist) (from 1982 until 1997: violin)
Marina Tchebourkina (organist) (from 1984 until 1989: organ, master’s degree, musicology)
Vadim Tsibulevsky (Azerbaijani-Belgian violinist) (from 1985 until 1990: violin, classical music)
Zhaina Kydyrova (Kazachstan-born, Belgium based cellist) (from 1999 until 2001: cello, master’s degree)
Aäron Blomme (Belgian violinist) (from 2008 until 2010: violin, doctoral degree)
students (as Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow):Mara Finkelstein
educators:Igor Bezrodny (violinist and conductor) (ended)
Абрам Макаров (Ukrainian/Soviet/Russian classical pianist, 1897-1984) (from 1960 to ????)
Victor Ginsburg (from 1980 to present: piano)
Евгений Колосов (from 1991 to present)
Григорий Кротенко (Russian double bassist / viol player) (from 2010 to present)
Евгений Румянцев (from 2010 to present)
associated groups:Камерный хор Московской консерватории
Instrumental Ensemble of the Moscow Conservatoire
Хор студентов Московской государственной консерватории
Moscow Conservatoire Students Strings
Moscow Conservatory Chamber Orchestra
Moscow Conservatory Choir
Оркестр студентов Московской консерватории
Moscow Conservatory Symphony Orchestra
Moscow Conservatory Trio
Orchestra of the Moscow State Conservatory
Orchestra of the Soloists of the Moscow State Conservatoire
Moscow Conservatory Opera Soloists
Students' Orchestra of the Moscow Conservatory
parts:Moscow Conservatory: The Small Hall in Moskva, Russia
Московская Государственная Консерватория им. П. И. Чайковского: большой зал (Moscow Conservatory: Great Hall) in Moskva, Russia
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premieres hosted:The Execution of Stepan Razin, op. 119 (in 1964-12)