University of California, Berkeley

~ Educational institution


students:Lucia Dunham (singing)
Giraffage (other [Political Economics])
Robert Sheena (oboist and English horn player) (until 1983: bachelor’s degree)
Michael Tenzer (until 1986)
Thomas Nunziata, Jr. (American musician) (from 2009 until 2010)
educators:Franck Bedrossian (French composer) (composition)
Lucia Dunham (singing)
Gérard Grisey (from 1982 until 1986)
Geert D'hollander (Belgian carillonneur, composer) (from 1997 to present: carillon)
Carmine Emanuele Cella (from 2019-01 to present)
parts:Alfred Hertz Memorial Concert Hall in Berkeley, California, United States
William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California, United States (from 1903-09-24 to present)
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