Berklee College of Music

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students:Martina Albano (mastering engineer) (ended)
Thomas Fiorini (American-Belgian bassist) (ended: master’s degree)
Ian Froman (ended: bachelor’s degree, drums (drum set))
馮翰銘 (Hong Kong producer, singer‐songwriter and arranger) (ended: other [music engineering], music production)
Matthew Glover (Classical guitarist) (ended)
原口大 (ended)
黃子瑜 (ended)
Leon Lhoëst (Belgian keyboardist, arranger) (ended: composition; ended: piano)
Keith Robinson (guitar, songwriter, producer) (ended)
Matthew Sim (producer and mixing engineer from Hong Kong) (ended)
Aubrey Suwito (Malaysian pianist and songwriter) (ended)
Bill Washer (ended: guitar)
Peter Welker (ended)
山本真央樹 (ended)
Roger Bellon (composition, bachelor’s degree)
Bleu (US pop singer songwriter)
Camus Celli
Guy Le Claire (Hong Kong-based Australian guitarist)
Cosette (Lunsford; Nashville pop singer & producer) (music production)
Laurent Ferlet
John Forrestal (American guitarist) (guitar)
G Koop (bachelor’s degree)
Nicko Guerrero
Jaime Jamgochian
Quincy Jones
Karl Baudoin (composition, master’s degree, popular / rock music, music production, classical music, contemporary music)
Dave LaRue (bachelor’s degree)
Markaholic (US pop songwriter and producer) (composition, electronic music, bachelor’s degree, music production)
Wambura Mitaru
Shaun Munday
Khris Nung (other [electronic production and sound design])
Carolin Petit
Mike Portnoy
Bruno Ribera
Victoria Seagriff (American drummer and studio engineer) (drums (drum set))
Rick Shlosser (drummer)
Layth Sidiq
John Smith (US video game composer & sound designer)
[TEST] (Japanese guitarist)
葉崇恩 (other [music engineering], music production)
郑皓荣 (jazz, bachelor’s degree, piano)
荒崎英一郎 (Japanese jazz saxophonist) (until 1985)
Деси Добрева (until 2007)
Francisco Ferro (until 2008: composition, bachelor’s degree)
Adam Neely (until 2009: composition, jazz, bachelor’s degree)
Ari Calangi (Singer-songwriter from Macao) (until 2011)
Alex Baboian (Armenian/American jazz guitarist) (until 2014: guitar)
Thom Rotella (from 1970 until 1972)
Joe Lovano (American jazz artist) (from 1971 until 1972)
Mike Stern (from 1971 until 1975: jazz, guitar)
Jay Azzolina (from 1972 until 1976: guitar)
Vinnie Colaiuta (drummer) (from 1974 until 1975: drums (drum set))
Steve Masakowski (from 1974 until 1976: composition, jazz, improvisation)
Jan de Haas (Belgian percussionist) (from 1979 until 1982: other [performance diploma], percussion)
Fabien Degryse (Belgian jazz guitarist) (from 1980 until 1982: guitar)
Yan Maresz (from 1984 until 1986: jazz)
Daniel Ciampolini (in 1987: vibraphone)
谷口知巳 (Japanese trombonist) (from 1987 until 1990)
Dominique Pauwels (Belgian composer) (from 1989 until 1991: composition)
François Decamps (Belgian guitar player) (from 1989 until 1992: bachelor’s degree, guitar)
Lester Menezes (from 1989 until 1994)
Mark Jackson (American engineer) (from 1992 until 1996)
Anat Cohen (in 1996)
Martin Reuter (from 1996-09-24 until 1996-09-26: drums (drum set))
James Williams (US-born, Belgium based jazz drummer, songwriter, actor) (from 2001 until 2005: drums (drum set))
Henry Olmino (American guitarist) (from 2005 until 2006)
佐藤浩一 (from 2005 until 2007)
澤田かおり (from 2005 until 2008)
Casimir Liberski (Belgian jazz/classical/improv pianist) (from 2006 until 2010)
Justin Shekoski (from 2007 until 2010: master’s degree, guitar)
Marina Satti (Greek singer) (from 2007 until 2011)
Daniel Avila (from 2009 until 2013)
Aleksandra Denda (from 2011 until 2013)
’Afi Sulaiman (alternative musician, Fictional Artist) (from 2011 until 2017)
Shoko Igarashi (Japanese jazz saxophonist) (from 2012 to ????: jazz, bachelor’s degree, saxophone)
Peter Baert (Belgian composer, orchestrator, electronic artist & producer) (from 2012 until 2014: master’s degree)
Laryssa Okada (from 2013 until 2017)
Elif Sanchez (from 2013 until 2017)
Pia Salvia (Belgian singer & harpist) (from 2014 until 2017: harp)
Delfina Cheb (from 2015 until 2019: jazz, bachelor’s degree, singing)
Devin Kinoshita (from 2016 until 2018)
Margaux Vranken (Belgian jazz pianist & vocalist) (from 2017 until 2018: master’s degree, piano)
educators:David Wallace (American violist a.k.a. Doc Wallace)
Harold “Bud” Billings (trumpeter and recording engineer) (from 1983 until 1991)
Aleksandra Denda (from 2014-02 until 2014-07)
associated groups:Berklee College of Music
parts:Berklee Performance Center in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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