Royal College of Music

~ Educational institution


primary concert venue of:RCM Baroque Orchestra Chamber Ensemble
students:Selena Choi (Hong Kong violinist) (ended)
朱偉恆 (ended)
Santiago Costa Martínez (ended)
Nick Davies (conductor) (ended)
Ann De Prest (Belgian operatic soprano) (ended: singing)
Issac Ettedgui (British pianist) (ended)
Shiva Feshareki (ended: doctoral degree)
Claudia Huckle (ended)
Adam Treverton Jones (ended)
Alan Lane (pianist and composer) (ended)
Dennis Lee (Malaysian pianist) (ended: violin, piano; ended: master’s degree)
李巧靈 (ended)
Christopher Moyse (ended)
James Oxley (ended: cello)
Lisa-Maree Amos
Agustín León Ara (violinist) (violin)
Edward Behr (German conductor in India)
Laurence Davis (piano)
Δημήτρης Σέμσης (Greek violinist) (violin)
Lance Dossor (piano)
Jean-Paul Gasparian
Sofya Gulyak (Russian classical pianist) (piano)
John Jenkins (conductor of the Treorchy Male Choir)
Laurent Korcia
Γιώργος Πέτρου (Greek conductor)
Tessa Robbins (violin)
Winifred Roberts (violin)
Σπύρος Σουλαδάκης
Martin Lovett (cellist) (until 1945: cello)
Peter Bannister (until 1985: piano)
Andrea Coen (until 1987: harpsichord)
Leonard Schreiber (Belgian violinist) (until 2004: bachelor’s degree, classical music, violin)
Leslie Boulin-Raulet (until 2008: bachelor’s degree)
Edward Naylor (from 1888 until 1892)
Sir Neville Marriner (conductor) (from 1937 to ????)
Lorne Munroe (cellist) (from 1937 until 1939: cello)
Yip Wing‐sie (Hong Kong conductor and violinist) (from 1972 until 1978)
Scott Elder Harper (from 1975 until 1977)
Carol-Anne Wells (pianist) (from 1983 until 1988: oboe, piano)
Fiona Cross (from 1984 until 1988)
蔡國田 (from 1985 to ????: clarinet)
Jolente De Maeyer (Belgian violinist) (from 2002 until 2006: classical music, violin)
Haik Kazazyan (from 2006 until 2008)
Mathieu van Bellen (Dutch violinist) (from 2006 until 2010: bachelor’s degree, classical music, violin)
青木尚佳 (from 2011 to ????: violin)
Benjamien Lycke (Belgian composer, arranger, conductor) (from 2014 until 2016: composition)
Hans Vercauteren (Belgian producer, composer & conductor) (from 2016 until 2018: composition)
Lente Verelst (Belgian composer) (from 2016 until 2018: composition, master’s degree)
students (as Royal College of Music’s Junior Department):Martin Loveday (cellist) (ended: cello)
educators:Nicholas Betts (trumpetist)
Catherine Michel (harpist) (harp)
William Mival (Head of Composition at the Royal College of Music) (composition)
Gilbert Nouno (Production music composer)
Tessa Robbins (violin)
Winifred Roberts (violin)
Yossi Zivoni (violinist)
Gustave Garcia (baritone/teacher) (from 1884 to ????: singing)
Sebastian Bell (flutist) (from 1974 until 1985: flute)
Jane Manning (soprano) (from 1995 to present)
Jérôme Pernoo (from 1998 until 2005: cello)
Edna Stern (Belgian-Israeli pianist) (from 2009-09 to present)
Johannes Goritzki (cellist) (from 2010 to present)
parts:Royal College of Music: Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall in London (Greater London, which includes the City of London), England, United Kingdom
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premieres hosted:The Heroic Elegy and Triumphal Epilogue (for orchestra) (on 1901-03-05)
String Quartet in B-flat major, H 3 (on 1901-03-14)
Ode to Music (for solo voices, chorus, and orchestra) (on 1901-06-13)
composing location for:A Winter Idyll, H. 31 (for orchestra)
Drysdale Overture (1937 original) (in 1937)
Drysdale Overture (1986 revision) (in 1937)