University of British Columbia

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students:Tamara Hummel (soprano) (bachelor’s degree)
Aline Kutan (soprano) (singing)
Judith Forst (mezzo-soprano) (until 1964: bachelor’s degree)
Brian G'Froerer (until 1969: bachelor’s degree)
Annelies Decock (Belgian baroque violinist) (from 2002 until 2005: violin, master’s degree, classical music)
Simone McIntosh (mezzo-soprano) (from 2010 until 2014: bachelor’s degree)
educators:Geoffrey Michaels (violin)
Michael Tenzer (composition, musicology)
Kum-Sing Lee (pianist) (from 1972 until 2005: piano)
associated groups:UBC Chamber Strings
UBC Symphony Orchestra
University of British Columbia Singers
parts:Chan Centre for the Performing Arts in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
UBC School of Music in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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