Sterling Sound (original NYC studio; split/relocated to Nashville and Edgewater in 2018)

~ Studio


engineers:Greg Fulginiti
John Kubick (audio editor)
mixing engineers:Chris Athens (mastering)
mastering engineers:Seth Foster
Kevin Reeves (engineer)
Jack Skinner (engineer)
Greg Calbi (American mastering engineer) (until 2018-04)
Justin Shturtz (until 2018-04)
George Marino (mastering engineer) (from 1973 until 2012-06-04)
Ted Jensen (American mastering engineer) (from 1976 until 2018-04)
Tom Coyne (mastering engineer) (from 1994 until 2017-04-13)
UE Nastasi (from 1995 until 2018-04)
Chris Athens (mastering) (from 1998 until 2012)
Steve Fallone (mastering engineer) (from 1998 until 2018-04)
Adrian Morgan (American mastering engineer) (from 1999 until 2001)
Chris Gehringer (from 2000 until 2018-04)
Jay Franco (from 2001 until 2018-04)
Will Quinnell (from 2001 until 2018-04)
Ryan Smith (NY, US-based engineer/mastering) (from 2002 until 2018-06)
Aya Merrill (from 2005 to present)
Joe LaPorta (NYC mastering engineer & drum'n'bass producer) (from 2013 until 2018-04)
Randy Merrill (mastering engineer) (from 2013-11 until 2018-04)
relocated to:Sterling Sound in Edgewater, New Jersey, United States (from 2018-04 to present)
Sterling Sound (Nashville studio, operational since Apr 2018) in Nashville, Tennessee, United States (from 2018-04 to present)
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