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Working OutArthur Beatrice
A Little DisappearedInspiral Carpets2:59
Are You the One From HeavenPhillip Boa and the Voodooclub3:44
Baby Please Go HomePhillip Boa and the Voodooclub3:44
Bar-F-Out!United Future Organization5:03
Beatsey YouthPhillip Boa and the Voodooclub3:44
Bitches BrewInspiral Carpets3:50
Biting My Nails (7" version)Renegade Soundwave4:01
Biting My Nails (Bassnumb Chapter)Renegade Soundwave6:08
Biting My Nails (instrumental 90)Renegade Soundwave4:29
Biting My Nails (Sound System Plays a Renegade Tune)Renegade Soundwave4:54
Bleach HousePhillip Boa and the Voodooclub3:11
Carter (Uncut)Arthur Beatrice4:29
Caught Up in a StruggleUs33:43
CharityArthur Beatrice4:00
Chronicles of the HeartbrokenPhillip Boa and the Voodooclub3:54
Come on Everybody (Get Down)Us35:50
CouncillorArthur Beatrice4:11
Doin’ a CrimeUs35:37
DoopsylalolicUnited Future Organization4:39
Down With the ProtocolsPhillip Boa and the Voodooclub3:45
FairlawnArthur Beatrice4:19
FireInspiral Carpets3:36
Future LightUnited Future Organization6:00
GenerationsInspiral Carpets2:49
Good Days Bad Days (Single Mix)Kaiser Chiefs2:51
Grand GrooveUs33:36
Grand UnionArthur Beatrice4:14
Here Comes the FloodInspiral Carpets4:16
Hymn for HerUs34:53
I’m Thinking About Your BodyUs35:22
I’ve Got U Under My SkinNeneh Cherry4:30
I’ve Got You Under My Skin (extended)Neneh Cherry5:01
I’ve Got You Under My Skin (instrumental)Neneh Cherry4:29
Icons of AnarchyPhillip Boa and the Voodooclub3:14
InterludeArthur Beatrice0:51
Irresistible ForceInspiral Carpets3:19
Kaleid (When Worlds mix)Depeche Mode5:23
Kill the FuturePhillip Boa and the Voodooclub3:08
LateArthur Beatrice3:25
Love Love LovePere Ubu3:29
Magic Wand of LoveUnited Future Organization6:23
Make It BetterUnited Future Organization5:34
MidlandArthur Beatrice3:30
Mistress of DanceUnited Future Organization4:28
More ScrapesArthur Beatrice3:47
MysteryInspiral Carpets3:16
Ornament & SafeguardArthur Beatrice5:07
Rain SongInspiral Carpets4:41
Recognise and RealiseUs35:41
SaviourInspiral Carpets4:00
SinglesArthur Beatrice3:45
Smoking Her ClothesInspiral Carpets4:20
Snake PlisskenPhillip Boa and the Voodooclub3:05
Soul BrotherUs33:59
Standing Blinded on the RooftopsPhillip Boa and the Voodooclub4:09
Stolen MomentsUnited Future Organization6:09
Sunday Folk TaleUnited Future Organization6:19
Tears of GratitudeUnited Future Organization5:36
The Fear That FallsPhillip Boa and the Voodooclub3:33
The One Who Howls at the MoonPhillip Boa and the Voodooclub3:33
Time and SpaceUs34:45
True to the GameUs33:35
UeberblendungPhillip Boa and the Voodooclub2:42
United Future AirlinesUnited Future Organization4:48
recorded at
2011-07-0773Eron Falbo
Entertainment on Foreign GroundsStraylings
Inside In/Inside OutThe Kooks
KonkThe Kooks
Present TenseWild Beasts
Total DepravityThe Veils
Wolf (with bass-clef)Trevor Rabin
1978-02-28 – 1978-03-012HSKathy Stobart5:47
1978-02-28 – 1978-03-01ArbeiaKathy Stobart6:49
1978-02-28 – 1978-03-01As IsKathy Stobart3:17
1978-02-28 – 1978-03-01Detour AheadKathy Stobart4:33
1978-02-28 – 1978-03-01Enchanted Into Cry of TriumphKathy Stobart10:59
1978-02-28 – 1978-03-01If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your MindKathy Stobart2:30
1978-02-28 – 1978-03-01Pieces of DreamsKathy Stobart2:44
1979-08An American in EnglandPierre Moerlen’s Gong2:57
1979-08Arabesque Intro & ArabesquePierre Moerlen’s Gong5:18
1979-08Ard Na GreinePierre Moerlen’s Gong6:10
1979-08EarthrisePierre Moerlen’s Gong2:25
1979-08Esnuria TwoPierre Moerlen’s Gong5:35
1979-08Faerie StepsPierre Moerlen’s Gong5:25
1979-08Suger StreetPierre Moerlen’s Gong2:22
1979-08SupermarketPierre Moerlen’s Gong3:36
1979-08The BenderPierre Moerlen’s Gong3:16
1979-08The Organ GrinderPierre Moerlen’s Gong3:56
1979-08Time Is the KeyPierre Moerlen’s Gong2:29
1981-05 – 1981-06BernadetteThe Kinks3:32
1981-05 – 1981-06NoiseThe Kinks4:39
1982-10Don’t Forget to Dance (original extended edit)The Kinks5:10
1982-10 – 1983-03Clichés of the World (B Movie)The Kinks4:54
1982-10 – 1983-03Come DancingThe Kinks3:56
1982-10 – 1983-03Definite MaybeThe Kinks4:23
1982-10 – 1983-03Don’t Forget to DanceThe Kinks4:39
1982-10 – 1983-03Heart of GoldThe Kinks4:03
1982-10 – 1983-03Labour of LoveThe Kinks3:57
1982-10 – 1983-03Long DistanceThe Kinks5:24
1982-10 – 1983-03Once a ThiefThe Kinks4:07
1982-10 – 1983-03PropertyThe Kinks4:22
1982-10 – 1983-03State of ConfusionThe Kinks3:44
1982-10 – 1983-03Young ConservativesThe Kinks4:02
2007-05Best for LastAdele4:19
2007-06My SameAdele3:16
2013Outsiders (live, 2013: Konk Studios, London, England, UK)Franz Ferdinand?:??
2013Tell Her Tonight (live, 2013: Konk Studios, London, England, UK)Franz Ferdinand?:??
2014-08 – 2014-09(This Time Tomorrow Into) Set Me Free (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish with George Maguire, Ned Derrington & Adam Sopp2:57
2014-08 – 2014-09A Long Way From Home (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish, George Maguire2:35
2014-08 – 2014-09A Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish, Ned Derrington with George Maguire, Adam Sopp, Lillie Flynn & Company3:00
2014-08 – 2014-09A Well Respected Man (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish, Dominic Tighe, Tam Williams with George Maguire, Ned Derrington, Adam Sopp, Vince Leigh2:32
2014-08 – 2014-09All Day and All of the Night / You Really Got Me / Lola (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish & Company2:37
2014-08 – 2014-09Days (Sunny Afternoon musical version)Dominic Tighe, Tam Williams, George Maguire, John Dagleish, Adam Sopp2:21
2014-08 – 2014-09Dead End Street (Sunny Afternoon musical version)Philip Bird, Elizabeth Hill & Company2:22
2014-08 – 2014-09Dedicated Follower of Fashion (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish, George Maguire & Company2:29
2014-08 – 2014-09Denmark Street (Sunny Afternoon musical version)Dominic Tighe, Tam Williams, Ben Caplan, Vince Leigh & Company2:08
2014-08 – 2014-09I Go to Sleep (Sunny Afternoon musical version)Lillie Flynn2:29
2014-08 – 2014-09I Gotta Move / You Really Got Me (Sunny Afternoon musical version)George Maguire, John Dagleish & Company2:04
2014-08 – 2014-09I’m Not Like Everybody Else (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish, George Maguire with Ned Derrington, Adam Sopp1:46
2014-08 – 2014-09Just Can’t Go to Sleep (Sunny Afternoon musical version)George Maguire1:03
2014-08 – 2014-09Lola (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish, George Maguire & Company2:25
2014-08 – 2014-09Look a Little on the Sunny Side (Sunny Afternoon musical version)Ben Caplan, Vince Leigh & Company1:32
2014-08 – 2014-09Maximum Consumption (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish0:58
2014-08 – 2014-09Sitting in My Hotel (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish3:31
2014-08 – 2014-09Stop Your Sobbing (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish & Company1:43
2014-08 – 2014-09Sunny Afternoon (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish & Company3:34
2014-08 – 2014-09The Moneygoround (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish, George Maguire with Adam Sopp1:47
2014-08 – 2014-09This Is Where I Belong (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish, George Maguire1:07
2014-08 – 2014-09This Strange Effect (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish, Lillie Flynn1:47
2014-08 – 2014-09This Time Tomorrow (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish & Company2:12
2014-08 – 2014-09Till the End of the Day (Sunny Afternoon musical version)George Maguire & Company2:01
2014-08 – 2014-09Too Much on My Mind / Tired of Waiting (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish, Lillie Flynn & Company2:20
2014-08 – 2014-09Waterloo Sunset (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish & Company3:20
2014-08 – 2014-09Where Have All the Good Times Gone / All Day and All of the Night (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish with George Maguire, Ned Derrington, Adam Sopp3:11
2014-08 – 2014-09You Really Got Me (Sunny Afternoon musical version)John Dagleish with George Maguire, Ned Derrington & Adam Sopp2:13
2014-08 – 2014-09You Still Want Me (Sunny Afternoon musical version)Dominic Tighe with John Dagleish, George Maguire, Ned Derrington, Adam Sopp & Company1:49
***k the Millennium2K13:57
***k the Millennium (censored radio edit)2K4:19
***k the Millennium (radio edit)2K4:21
Acid Brass/What Time Is Love? (version K)The Williams Fairey Brass Band4:33
Agent OrangeDepeche Mode5:05
All the Way From LovePugwash2:59
Behind the Wheel (album version)Depeche Mode5:18
Behind the Wheel (extended remix)Depeche Mode5:57
Despair in the Departure Lounge (album version)Arctic Monkeys3:23
Everything and MoreDolly Mixture2:56
Feed His Heart With CoalPugwash3:06
Heart on the LineFortran 53:51
Heart on the Line (Bassline mix)Fortran 54:57
Heart on the Line (HP Saucey mix)Fortran 55:02
Heart on the Line (Voodoo Child mix)Fortran 55:22
Hung Myself Out to DryPugwash3:45
I Want You Now (album version)Depeche Mode3:45
Just So You KnowPugwash4:24
Kicking and ScreamingPugwash3:20
Little 15Depeche Mode4:17
Lucky in Every WayPugwash3:05
Never Let Me Down Again (album version)Depeche Mode4:48
Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro mix)Depeche Mode4:57
Nothing (album version)Depeche Mode4:18
Nothing (Justin Strauss remix)Depeche Mode7:04
Oh Happy DaysPugwash2:24
OneAimee Mann2:54
Pimpf / [silence] / [interlude 1: Mission Impossible] / [silence]Depeche Mode5:25
Pleasure, Little Treasure (Glitter mix)Depeche Mode5:36
Route 66 (Beatmasters mix)Depeche Mode6:19
SacredDepeche Mode4:47
Silly LovePugwash3:46
Strangelove (album version)Depeche Mode4:56
The Fool I Had BecomePugwash4:13
The Things You SaidDepeche Mode4:03
To Have and to HoldDepeche Mode2:51
To Have and to Hold (Spanish Taster)Depeche Mode2:36
Two Worlds CollideInspiral Carpets4:39
We Are EverywherePugwash5:30
You and Me on the Sea ShoreDolly Mixture3:50
You Could Always CryPugwash2:58
remixed at
Everything Counts (Tim Simenon & Mark Saunders remix)Depeche Mode5:30
Walking in My Shoes (Anandamidic mix)Depeche Mode6:11