The Juilliard School

~ Educational institution


students:Andrew Simon (clarinetist) (ended)
Raphael Bell (US cellist) (ended: cello, classical music)
陳秋媛 (ended)
范丁 (violinist) (ended)
Marvin P. Feinsmith (ended: bassoon)
Mauricio Fuks (violinist) (ended)
Yoonie Han (ended: master’s degree)
Lynn Harrell (cellist) (ended: cello)
Ethan Heath (American violist) (ended)
Paavo Heininen (composer) (ended)
姜馨来 (double bassist) (ended: double bass, bachelor’s degree)
Leonid Keylin (ended)
Chyi‐Yau Lee (ended: master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
Lio Kuokman (ended)
Paul Luxenberg (American tuba player) (ended: bachelor’s degree; ended: master’s degree)
Benjamin Moermond (bassoonist) (ended)
Park Si-won (cellist) (ended)
Valerie Rubin (ended)
John Schertle (American clarinetist) (ended)
John Williams (soundtrack composer & conductor) (ended: piano)
Susan Carol Woodson (American-born, Belgium based organist) (ended: pipe organ, piano, master’s degree, classical music)
Alan J. Ball (piano)
Robert Becker (strings) (viola)
Rita Benton (piano)
Marie Béreau (violinist) (violin)
Serge Blanc (Violonist)
Daniel Blumenthal (German-born, Belgium based pianist) (piano, master’s degree, doctoral degree)
David Bryan (keyboardist for Bon Jovi)
Martin Canin (piano)
Alexis Cárdenas (violin)
Mélisande Chauveau (piano)
Yunjie Chen (piano)
Christopher Coletti (master’s degree)
Carmine Coppola (US composer/flautist/pianist/songwriter)
Talib Daawud (jazz trumpeter)
Wei Danwen (piano)
Louise Dubin (cello)
Arnold Eidus (violin)
Douglas Finch (Canadian pianist and composer) (piano)
Hamao Fujiwara (Japanese-American violinist) (violin)
Olegna Fuschi (piano)
Cristina Gallardo‐Domâs (soprano)
Shirley Givens (violin)
Larry Graham (US classical pianist) (piano, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
Janet Guggenheim (piano, master’s degree)
Alexander Hajek (canadian baritone)
Bernard Herrmann (composer) (composition)
Caleb Hudson (master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
Zoë Hwang (soprano)
Hélène Jeanney (pianist) (piano)
Mayumi Kanagawa (violin)
Daishin Kashimoto (violinist) (violin)
George Katz (piano)
Kyung Sun Lee (violinist) (violin)
Sung-Ju Lee (violin)
羅乃新 (piano)
Yo‐Yo Ma (cellist) (cello)
Leor Maltinski (violin)
Benjamin Martin (Australian pianist) (piano)
Saeka Matsuyama (violin, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
Pierre Menard
Stefan Milenković (violin)
Piotr Jan Milewski (violinist)
Kyung Ji Min (violonist) (violin)
David Montagu
Hai-Ye Ni (cellist) (cello)
Irina Nuzova
Nancy O'Doan
Neal O'Doan
Dene Olding (Australian violinist) (violin)
Ian Parker (Canadian pianist)
Itzhak Perlman (violinist and conductor) (violin)
Christina Petrowska-Quilico (master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
Todd Phillips (violinist) (violin)
Jane Pickens
Jonathan Purvin (piano)
Ruth Reinhardt (conductor) (conducting, master’s degree)
Ronald Romm (trumpet player) (master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
Paul Rosenthal (violinist) (violin)
Jody Schwarz
Jeffrey Siegel (piano)
Eric Silberger (violinist) (master’s degree)
David Simpson (cellist)
Timothy Summers
諏訪内晶子 (violinist) (violin)
Richard Syracuse (piano, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
Walter Taieb
François‐Joël Thiollier (french-american pianist) (piano)
Yayoi Toda (violin)
Stéphane Tran Ngoc (violin)
George Tsontakis
Shai Wosner (Israeli pianist) (piano)
Le Zhang (violinist) (violin)
Eva Maria Zuk (piano, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
Marjorie Fulton (violinist) (until 1935: violin)
Raymond Jackson (Classical pianist) (until 1957: piano, bachelor’s degree; until 1959: piano, master’s degree; until 1973: piano, doctoral degree)
Gerald Robinson (Canadian bassoonist) (until 1976: bassoon)
정명훈 (pianist and conductor) (until 1978: conducting)
Douglas Buys (until 1979: master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
Áshildur Haraldsdóttir (until 1988: flute)
Virginie Robilliard (until 1993: violin)
Ju-Young Baek (until 2000: violin, master’s degree)
Jeffrey Fair (hornist, teacher) (until 2000: French horn, master’s degree)
Calvin Sieb (Violonist) (from 1945 until 1948: violin)
Dorothy DeLay (from 1946 to ????: violin)
Uri Pianka (from 1954 until 1958: violin)
Hannele Segerstam (from 1963 until 1965: violin)
Leif Segerstam (composer and conductor) (from 1963 until 1965: conducting)
Βίνια Τσόπελα (Greek pianist) (from 1972 until 1979: piano)
Yan Maresz (from 1986 to ????: composition)
Dmitri Berlinsky (from 1990 until 1993: violin)
Yves Saelens (Belgian tenor) (from 1996 until 1998: singing)
Jeroen D'hoe (Belgian pianist & composer) (from 1998 until 2000: composition, master’s degree)
Nicolas Deletaille (Belgian cellist) (from 2001 until 2003: cello, master’s degree, classical music)
Βασίλης Βαρβαρέσος (pianist) (from 2001 until 2011: piano, master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, doctoral degree)
Gregorio Robino (Argentine-born, Brussels based cellist) (from 2008 until 2009: cello, classical music)
Yan Levionnois (from 2014 until 2015: cello)
students (as Institute of Musical Art):Lucia Dunham (until 1909: singing)
educators:Christophe Desjardins (French violist) (ended)
Stefan Milenković (ended: violin)
Lorne Munroe (cellist) (ended)
Leonard Raver (organist) (ended)
Catherine Cho
Olegna Fuschi (piano)
Greg Knowles (producer / professor at Juilliard)
Eric Wen
Lucia Dunham (from 1922 until 1956: singing)
Rubin Goldmark (from 1924 to ????: composition)
Marcel Grandjany (from 1938 until 1975-02-24: harp)
Muriel Kerr (pianist) (from 1942 until 1949)
Ivan Galamian (from 1946 to ????: violin)
Dorothy DeLay (from 1948 to ????: violin)
Jean Morel (conductor) (from 1949 until 1971)
Adele Marcus (from 1954 until 1990: piano)
Shirley Givens (from 1969 until 2018: violin)
Martin Canin (from 1976 until 2016: piano)
Hamao Fujiwara (Japanese-American violinist) (from 1979 until 1988: violin)
Eric Ewazen (composer) (from 1980 to present)
Yoheved "Veda" Kaplinsky (pianist and piano teacher) (from 1993 to present: piano)
Hung-Kuan Chen (from 2014 to present)
educators (as Institute of Musical Art):Alfred Giraudet (from 1908 until 1911: singing)
Georges Barrère (from 1931 to ????: flute)
named after:Augustus D. Juilliard
part of:Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
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