Royal Opera House (“Covent Garden”)

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primary concert venue of:Marcella Sembrich (Polish coloratura soprano, Prakseda Marcelina Kochańska)
parts:Royal Opera House: Linbury Studio Theatre in London (Greater London, which includes the City of London), England, United Kingdom
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Wikidata:Q55018 [info]
premieres hosted:La Navarraise (on 1894-06-20)
Much Ado About Nothing, op. 76a (on 1901-05-30)
In the South (Alassio), op. 50 (on 1904-03-16)
The Perfect Fool, op. 39 (on 1923-05-14)
The Pilgrim’s Progress (on 1951-04-26)
Homage to the Queen, op. 42 (on 1953-06-02)
The Knot Garden (on 1970-12-02)
L’ Ange de Nisida (The Angel of Nisida) (on 2018-07-18)