Trillium Sound Mastering (Canadian mastering studio (moved to Saint-Hippolyte in 2018))

~ Studio


DateTitleCredited asArtistLength
mastering location for
Agnus DeiGros Mené
Cours d'inconduiteSlater & Fils
Delusion RainMystery
DesjardinsVarious Artists
DiscoveryChris Catena
Dompter la bêteTina‐Ève
Dompter la bête (deluxe)Tina‐Ève
Dompter la bêteTina‐Ève
Lies and ButterfliesMystery
Main Girl EP + Big Boy EP (deluxe edition)Charlotte Cardin
Second HomeMystery
Ultramarr (clear vinyl)Studio TrilliumsoundFred Fortin
mixing location for
The World is a GameMystery