McGill University (University in Montreal)

~ Educational institution


students:Marianne Croft (cellist) (ended: master’s degree, cello)
Ellie Nimeroski (Belgium-based Canadian violist & violinist) (ended: early music)
Zach Finkelstein (american-canadian tenor) (other [Political Science], bachelor’s degree)
Jessica Muirhead (soprano) (master’s degree, bachelor’s degree)
Charles Richard-Hamelin
Nigel Smith (baritone)
Ethel Stark
Scott White (bass)
Annesley Black (until 2004: composition, bachelor’s degree)
Francisco Ferro (until 2017: composition, doctoral degree)
Beverly Glenn‐Copeland (from 1961 to ????)
Sherri Jarosiewicz (soprano) (from 1982 until 1986: bachelor’s degree)
John Austin Clark (harpsichordist, pianist, music director) (from 2005 until 2007: master’s degree)
David Menzies (canadian tenor) (from 2005 until 2007: early music, master’s degree; from 2007 until 2010: doctoral degree)
educators:Paul Helmer
Paul Loyonnet (piano)
Arthur Garami (from 1955 until 1964: violin)
Lina Pizzolongo (from 1987 until 1990)
Mauro Lanza (Italian composer) (from 2004 until 2005)
Philippe Leroux (from 2011-09 to present: composition)
parts:Schulich School of Music in Milton Parc, Montréal (city), Québec, Canada
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premieres hosted:Mining Inference (on 2003-10-23)