Now You're GoneBasshunterDigital Media1H2B01E
Now You're GoneBasshunterDigital Media2H2B01TME
Now You're GoneBasshunterDigital Media2H2B01TMOB
Now You're GoneBasshunterDigital Media2H2B01VE
Now You're GoneBasshunterDigital Media5H2B01CDS
Now You're GoneBasshunterCD5H2B01CDS
Now You're GoneBasshunterCD2H2B01CDX5060113599124
Now You're GoneBasshunter12" Vinyl3H2B01T5060113599162
Big Tunes 2008Various Artists2×CD20 + 20H2BCD015051275010626
What's It Gonna BeH Two O feat. PlatnumDigital Media1H2B02E
What's It Gonna BeH Two O feat. PlatnumCD6H2B02CDS5060113599230
What's It Gonna BeH Two O feat. PlatnumDigital Media6H2B02CDS
What's It Gonna BeH Two O feat. PlatnumCD2H2B02CDX5060113599223
What's It Gonna BeH Two O feat. Platnum12" Vinyl4H2B02T15060113599261
Cry for YouSeptemberVinyl4H2B03P1
Cry for YouSeptemberDigital Media1H2B03E
Cry for YouSeptemberDigital Media6H2B03CDS
Cry for YouSeptemberCD6H2B03CDS5060113599834
Cry for YouSeptemberCD2H2B03CDX5060113599827
Cry for YouSeptemberVinyl4H2B03T5060113599865
Hard2Beat Club Anthems 2008Various ArtistsDigital Media42H2BCD03E
Hard2Beat Club Anthems 2008Various Artists2×CD20 + 20H2BCD035051275014525
Cry for YouSeptember12" Vinyl1H2B03P2LTD
Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On but the Rent7th Heaven feat. Katherine Ellis12" Vinyl4H2B07P1
Hard2Beat Records Present... Bass SlammersBass SlammersVinyl4H2BBS01P1
Hard2Beat Records Sampler 01Various ArtistsVinyl4H2BSAMPLER01
Step Right UpSunset StrippersDigital Media5H2B06EP
All I Ever WantedBasshunterCD5H2B08CDS5051823000536
All I Ever WantedBasshunterDigital Media5H2B08CDS
All I Ever WantedBasshunterCD2H2B08CDX5051823000529
All I Ever WantedBasshunterVinyl4H2B08T5051823000567
Now You're Gone: The AlbumBasshunterCD16H2BCD045051275016727
Now You're Gone: The AlbumBasshunterDigital Media16H2BCD04E
Put Your Hands Up! Volume 4Various Artists3×CD20 + 20 + 22HANDUPCD45051275014921
Cry for You: The AlbumSeptemberDigital Media17
All I Ever WantedBasshunterDigital Media1H2B08UDJ
Angel in the NightBasshunterDigital Media1H2B16E
Classic Big Tunes: Living for the WeekendVarious Artists3×CD17 + 17 + 17H2BCD055051275019421
Angel in the NightBasshunterCD6H2B16CDS5051823002332
Angel in the NightBasshunterDigital Media6H2B16CDS
Angel in the NightBasshunterCD2H2B16CDX5051823002325
Angel in the NightBasshunterVinyl4H2B16T5051823002363
Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)Sash! feat. StuntCD7H2B15CDS5051823003032
Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)Sash! feat. StuntDigital Media7H2B15CDS
Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)Sash! feat. StuntCD2H2B15CDX5051823003025
Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)Sash! feat. StuntVinyl4H2B15T5051823003063
The Best OfSash!2×CD17 + 12H2BCD025051275014327
The Best OfSash!2×Digital Media17 + 12H2BCD02E
Hard House AnthemsVarious Artists3×CD20 + 20 + 20H2BCD75051275020922
I Miss YouBasshunterDigital Media5H2B20CDS
Jingle BellsBasshunterDigital Media2H2B25CDX
I Miss YouBasshunterCD5H2B20CDS5051823004244
I Miss YouBasshunterCD2H2B20CDX5051823004237
Wigan Pier Presents BounceVarious Artists2×CD21 + 21H2BCD08
Love Shy (Thinking About You)PlatnumCD7H2B12CDR1
Can't Get OverSeptemberDigital Media5H2B23CDS
Now You're Gone: The Album (Deluxe Edition)BasshunterDigital Media20H2BCD 15E2
Dance Nation: Your Big Night OutVarious Artists3×CD17 + 17 + 16H2BCD 10
Big Tunes Presents: IgnitionBass Slammers2×CD20 + 20H2BCD095051275021820
Hold OnLazee feat. NeverstoreCD9H2B31[none]
Big Tunes: Back 2 the 90sVarious Artists3×CD18 + 18 + 18H2BCD125051275028522
Wigan Pier Presents Bounce 2Various Artists2×CD21 + 21H2BCD13
Every MorningBasshunterCD6
Bass GenerationBasshunterDigital Media23
Bass GenerationBasshunter2×CD14 + 9H2BCD145051275030129
The Power: Greatest HitsSnap!2×CD12 + 10H2BCD175051275030822
In the Heat of the NightStar PilotsCD9H2B18CDSP
Classic Big Tunes 2009Various Artists3×CD17 + 17 + 17H2BCD195051275029529
Smell That ChickRiskayCD-R5[none]
Walk on WaterBasshunterCD5
CrushFugativeDigital Media5