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WEA is an acronym for Warner Elektra Atlantic, and historically distributed releases on these labels and their subsidiaries, generally - but not exclusively - in Europe only.

WEA International Inc. has divisions worldwide such as Australia, Japan and all over Europe. These branches are usually called Warner Music followed by the name of the country. Some labels have more than one record company. For example, the UK has "Warner Bros. UK" and "Atlantic UK".

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The Divine Miss MBette Midler12" Vinyl11
40453 (SD 7238)
Si tu passes par chez moi / Chante chantePrésence7" Vinyl2
16 288[none]
Michel BergerMichel Berger12" Vinyl12
56 015[none]
Gib der Liebe eine ChanceNick Oliver7" Vinyl2
WB 16 276[none]
Doldinger Jubilee Concert (Club Edition)Passport And Brian Auger, Johnny Griffin, Alexis Korner, Volker Kriegel, Pete York12" Vinyl6
Le Jour où les vaches...Emmanuel Booz12" Vinyl9
50 095[none]
Que l’amour est bizarreMichel Berger12" Vinyl12
  • FR1975-11-12
56 144[none]
In the Wake of PoseidonKing Crimson12" Vinyl8
Mon piano danseMichel Berger12" Vinyl10
56 316[none]
Love in C minorCerrone12" Vinyl3
773 801
E-Man Groovin'The Jimmy Castor Bunch12" Vinyl8
W 50295
Talking Heads: 77Talking Heads12" Vinyl11
The Late Great Tim Buckley: An AnthologyTim Buckley12" Vinyl10
Tiroler AlpenbuhneKonrad GundolfVinyl14
Más allá de tu menteEstructura12" Vinyl15
Lookin’ at the SquaresSalford Jets7" Vinyl2
K 18008[none]
Een Hollandse boerenmeidCorry van Gorp7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18.017[none]
Disco CircusDisco Circus12" Vinyl6
WEAN 58043
Francis Lai – Ses Plus Belles Musiques de filmsFrancis Lai12" Vinyl10
Du bist der GrößteElke Best7" Vinyl2
WEA 18021
TatortKlaus Doldinger7" Vinyl2
  • DE1979-05-17
WEA 18 047
Kid BlueLouise Goffin12" Vinyl10
  • DE1979-08-10
AS 53 093[none]
Kriegst du kalte FüßeElke Best7" Vinyl2
WEA 18 089 N
AngelaMichele Pecora7" Vinyl2
  • DE1979-11-09
WEA 18 102[none]
Bäng BängOkko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris, Timpe7" Vinyl2
WEA 28 117[none]
Space Invaders (7″, 45 RPM)PLAYER[1]7" Vinyl2
I Love You So RebeccaJohnny Chester & Hotspur7" Vinyl2
Sun of JamaicaGoombay Dance Band7" Vinyl2
18 209[none]
Kijk mij nog eens aan / Alles is andersBen Cramer7" Vinyl2
18 238
Les Années 80 commencentMichel JonaszCD11
Can You Feel ItCindy & Roy12" Vinyl2
28 041
Cold HeatSnowballVinyl8
58 036
Zabumbê-bum-áHermeto Pascoal12" Vinyl9
BR 36104
Aditus / 2Aditus12" Vinyl7
粵語小調朱咪咪12" Vinyl12
H 93007[none]
獨坐咖啡室陳潔靈12" Vinyl12
H 93009[none]
Luton AirportCats UK7" Vinyl2
K 18075[none]
The Best Disco Album in the WorldVarious Artists12" Vinyl18
K 58062[none]
In Bauermanns BierkellerHelga Feddersen7" Vinyl2
WEA 18 024
The First Bobby Hart Solo AlbumBobby Hart12" Vinyl9
WEA 58 047[none]
The KatBeau Katzman12" Vinyl10
WEA 58 061
BambooBamboo12" Vinyl8
WEA 58 077
Hart auf hart - Peter Schleicher singt Rolling StonesPeter Schleicher12" Vinyl11
WEA 58 086[none]
Timm Thaler (Original Filmmusik aus der gleichnamigen TV-Serie)Christian Bruhn12" Vinyl13
WEA 58 097[none]
Space InvadersPLAYER[1]12" Vinyl2
WEA 70004
I Want to Testify / Changing JobsCindy & Roy7" Vinyl2
WEA 79113
Hendrik HaverkampNormaal7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18030
Oh luister toch / KermisBen Cramer7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18.041
New Adventures / PhoneyNew AdventuresVinyl2
WEAN 18.043
You Make It Alright / It's Been a Long TimeJacques Kloes m.m.v. Patricia Paay7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18.054, WEAN.18.054
MarieNormaal7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18.066
RadioDolly Dots7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18.074
Dun op d'n mestNormaal7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18.107
Daniëlle / WinterBen Cramer7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18.112
Daniëlle / WinterBen Cramer7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18.112
RollerskatingDolly Dots7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18.122
It Should Be Christmas EverydaySuzanne Michaels7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18.131, WEAN.18.131.[none]
Kleine Mireille / Geef mij een kansBen Cramer7" Vinyl2
WEAN 18.139
D'n Achterhoek TsjoekNormaal12" Vinyl12
WEAN 58.074[none]
Dolly DotsDolly Dots12" Vinyl11
WEAN 58.094
Spectators of LifeThe Names7" Vinyl3
Standing in a Line / MotorwaySpoilersVinyl2
Mama's BoyElke Best7" Vinyl2
WEA 18 212 N
Space InvadersPLAYER[1]7" Vinyl2
WEA 70 002[none]
Shy Girl / CrossfireSpoilersVinyl2
The ScratchSurface Noise7" Vinyl2
K 18291[none]
A Lover’s HolidayChange7" Vinyl2
  • NL1980-06-21
WEA 79139
WomanJack Jersey7" Vinyl2
  • DE1980-11-14
WEA 18 351[none]
SilberblickJoachim Witt12" Vinyl8
32 024 2
SilberblickJoachim WittCassette8
458 231
SilberblickJoachim Witt12" Vinyl8
91 985 2
Go AheadBobalouis7" Vinyl2
K 18372[none]
SilberblickJoachim Witt12" Vinyl8
WEA 58 231[none]
Silberblick (Peter Harenberg cutting on both sides)Joachim Witt12" Vinyl8
WEA 58 231
Silberblick (different Matrix / Runout)Joachim Witt12" Vinyl8
WEA 58 231
SilberblickJoachim Witt12" Vinyl8
WEA 58231
Silberblick (Peter Harenberg cutting on side A)Joachim Witt12" Vinyl8
WEA 58231
Red on the Bottom LinePLAYER[1]7" Vinyl2
I Walked Out of BlacktownJohnny Chester and Hotspur7" Vinyl2
She’s Been Gone, Much Too LongJohnny Chester and Hotspur7" Vinyl2
I Die: You DieGary Numan7" Vinyl2
All On Your OwnJohnny Chester and Hotspur7" Vinyl2
Be My GirlBucks Danny7" Vinyl2
Dancing in the MoonlightTonic7" Vinyl2
18 194[none]
Lesen am WC ist schönJedermann7" Vinyl2
458 209
I Am the LivingJimmy CliffVinyl8
BeauséjourMichel Berger12" Vinyl10
56 785[none]
Jean-Paul DréauJean-Paul Dréau12" Vinyl10
58 182
La CarmencitaNino Ferrer12" Vinyl9
58 248[none]
Johnny Chester and HotspurJohnny Chester and Hotspur12" Vinyl12
Into the NightSwanee12" Vinyl11
Michael Franks With Crossfire LiveMichael Franks with Crossfire12" Vinyl8
The ScratchSurface Noise12" Vinyl2
K 18291 (T)[none]
I Die: You DieGary Numan7" Vinyl2
K 18322
The Paris CollectionDollar12" Vinyl10
K 58246[none]
Space InvadersPlayback7" Vinyl2
K 70002
The Glow of LoveChange12" Vinyl2
K 79187 (T)