Riverside (50s jazz label, now controlled by the Concord Music Group)

~ Label


Active period: 1953-1963
Founded by: Bill Grauer & Orrin Keepnews (NYC)
Catalog Sold to: Fantasy (1972) reissued under Original Jazz Classics (LP/CD) and Milestone (LP)
Top parent company: Concord Music Group
While the company Riverside Records bankrupted in 63, the label name (and the LC) were used from time to time to reissue complete recordings boxsets and anthologies.
Still, please do not add Fantasy Original Jazz Classics reissues here. Though they may mention the origin of the release as Riverside, they are not Riverside reissues per-se.

The historical catalog is organised as following:
* 100, 200, 300, 400 series (monaural)
* 1100 series (stereo)
* 800 series
* 3500 series
* 7500 series
* 600 series
* 5000, 5500, 5700, 7000, Box Set series
* 1400 series
* Sampler Album series
* abc Riverside 3000 series
* 1000, 2500, 8000 series

You may find prepended "RLP" (for Riverside LP) added to catalog numbers.

The following are possibly either subsidiaries or special Riverside series:
* Judson 3000 series
* Battle 6100 series
* Jazzland series
* Washington Records: Offbeat 3000, 4000, 4900, 5700 series
* Washington Records: R, 400, 700 series

All of these are 12"LP, but the 1000, 2500 and 8000 series which are 10"LP.

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Rediscovered: Jelly Roll Morton SolosJelly Roll Morton10" Vinyl6
RLP 1018
Bix Beiderbecke And The WolverinesBix Beiderbecke And The Wolverines10" Vinyl8
RLP 1023
Bix Beiderbecke and the Wolverines - Volume 2Leon Bismarck Beiderbecke10" Vinyl8
RLP 1050[none]
Cole Porter in a Modern MoodRandy Weston10" Vinyl8
RLP 2508
Boogie Woogie Classic Blues AccompanimentsMeade "Lux" Lewis, Cripple Clarence Lofton, Leroy Garnett, Dobby Bragg10" Vinyl8
RLP 1052
Banjo Songs of the Southern MountainsVarious Artists12" Vinyl17
RLP 12-610[none]
Thelonious Monk Plays Duke EllingtonThelonious Monk12" Vinyl8
RLP 12-201[none]
The Unique Thelonious MonkThelonious Monk12" Vinyl7
RLP 12-209[none]
New Music Of Alec WilderAlec Wilder; Mundell Lowe And His Orchestra12" Vinyl12
RLP 12-219
New Jazz ConceptionsBill Evans12" Vinyl11
RLP 12-223
Zoot!Zoot Sims12" Vinyl7
RLP 12-228[none]
Scots Drinking SongsEwan MacColl12" Vinyl19
RLP 12-605[none]
Australian Bush SongsA. L. Lloyd12" Vinyl14
RLP 12-606[none]
American Industrial FolksongsJohn Greenway12" Vinyl18
RLP 12-607
Scots Street SongsEwan MacColl12" Vinyl15
RLP 12-612[none]
English Street SongsA. L. Lloyd12" Vinyl12
RLP 12-614[none]
Bloody BalladsPaul Clayton12" Vinyl18
RLP 12-615
English Drinking SongsA. L. Lloyd12" Vinyl14
RLP 12-618
American Drinking SongsOscar BrandVinyl17
RLP 12-630
Wanted for Murder: Songs of Outlaws and DesperadosPaul Clayton12" Vinyl16
RLP 12-640
Kenny Drew TrioKenny Drew Trio With Paul Chambers, Philly Joe Jones12" Vinyl8
RLP 12-224
Mulligan Meets MonkThelonious Monk & Gerry Mulligan12" Vinyl6
RLP 1106
The Hawk Flies HighColeman Hawkins12" Vinyl6
RLP 12-223[none]
Brilliant CornersThelonious Monk12" Vinyl5
RLP 12-226
Trio and SoloRandy Weston With Art Blakey12" Vinyl10
RLP 12-227
Thelonious HimselfThelonious Monk12" Vinyl8
RLP 12-235
This Is NewKenny Drew12" Vinyl7
RLP 12-236
Jazz ContrastsKenny Dorham Quintet with Sonny Rollins12" Vinyl6
RLP 12-239
Tenor and Flute (mono)Bobby Jaspar12" Vinyl6
RLP 12-240
The Sound of SonnySonny RollinsVinyl9
RLP 12-241
Monk's MusicThelonious Monk Septet12" Vinyl6
RLP 12-242
Great Ideas of Western MannHerbie Mann's Californians12" Vinyl6
RLP 12-245[none]
That's HimAbbey Lincoln12" Vinyl9
RLP 12-251
2 Horns / 2 RhythmKenny Dorham Quartet featuring Ernie Henry12" Vinyl8
RLP 12-255
The Modern TouchBenny Golson Sextet12" Vinyl6
RLP 12-256
Bad Lads and Hard Cases: British Ballads of Crime and CriminalsEwan MacColl, Peggy Seeger12" Vinyl16
RLP 12-632[none]
Thar She Blows! Whaling Ballads and SongsA. L. Lloyd & Ewan MacColl12" Vinyl15
RLP 12-635[none]
Matching Songs of the British Isles and AmericaEwan MacColl and Peggy Seeger12" Vinyl16
RLP 12-637[none]
Singing Family Of The CumberlandsJean Ritchie12" Vinyl8
RLP 12-653
The Art of the Five String BanjoBilly Faier12" Vinyl16
RLP 12-813[none]
Have You Met Inez JonesInez Jones12" Vinyl12
  • -1957
RLP 12-819
Chet Baker in New YorkChet Baker12" Vinyl6
  • US1958-09-01
RLP 12-281[none]
Everybody Digs Bill EvansBill Evans12" Vinyl10
  • JP1958-12-15
RLP1129 SMJ-6090[none]
Things Are Getting BetterCannonball Adderley feat. Milt Jackson12" Vinyl7
RLP 1128[none]
Freedom SuiteSonny Rollins12" Vinyl5
RLP 12-258
Thelonious in ActionThelonious Monk Quartet with Johnny Griffin12" Vinyl7
RLP 12-262
Johnny Griffin SextetJohnny Griffin Sextet12" Vinyl5
RLP 12-264
10 to 4 at the 5 Spot (mono)Pepper Adams QuintetVinyl5
RLP 12-265
Portrait of CannonballJulian Adderley Quintet12" Vinyl6
RLP 12-269[none]
In Orbit (mono)Clark Terry with Thelonious Monk12" Vinyl9
RLP 12-271[none]
Big 6Blue Mitchell12" Vinyl7
RLP 12-273
Way Out!Johnny Griffin Quartet12" Vinyl6
RLP 12-274
It's MagicAbbey Lincoln12" Vinyl10
RLP 12-277[none]
It Could Happen to You: Chet Baker SingsChet Baker12" Vinyl10
MisteriosoThelonious Monk Quartet12" Vinyl6
RLP 12-279
Deeds, Not WordsMax RoachVinyl7
RLP 12-280
Blues for DraculaPhilly Joe Jones12" Vinyl5
RLP 12-282
Branching OutNat Adderley with Johnny Griffin & The Three Sounds12" Vinyl7
RLP 12-285
Things Are Getting Better (mono)Cannonball Adderley feat. Milt Jackson12" Vinyl7
RLP 12-286[none]
Jazz SaharaAhmed Abdul-Malik12" Vinyl4
RLP 12-287
Sonny Terry and His Mouth-HarpSonny Terry12" Vinyl14
RLP 12-644[none]
Timber-r-r-! Lumberjack Folksongs And BalladsPaul Clayton12" Vinyl15
RLP 12-648
Champions and Sporting BladesEwan MacColl and A. L. Lloyd12" Vinyl14
RLP 12-652[none]
Folksongs and BalladsPeggy Seeger12" Vinyl14
RLP 12-655
Songs of the Irish Republican ArmyDominic Behan12" Vinyl16
RLP 12-820[none]
Give ’Im the Hook! Or, Songs That Killed VaudevilleOscar Brand Assisted By The Eveready Syncopators12" Vinyl15
RLP 12-832
Thelonious HimselfThelonious MonkVinyl8
RLP 12-235
New Blue HornsVarious Artists12" Vinyl6
1134, RLP 1134
The Country Blues of John Lee Hooker (mono)John Lee Hooker12" Vinyl13
10 to 4 at the 5 Spot (stereo)Pepper Adams Quintet12" Vinyl4
RLP 1104
Alabama ConcertoJohn Benson Brooks feat. Cannonball Adderley & Art Farmer12" Vinyl10
RLP 1123[none]
Out of the BlueBlue Mitchell12" Vinyl6
RLP 1131
ChetChet Baker12" Vinyl9
RLP 1135
Pieces of Eighty-EightEvans Bradshaw12" Vinyl9
RLP 1136[none]
Blue SpringKenny Dorham Septet & Cannonball Adderley12" Vinyl6
RLP 1139[none]
Drums Around the World: Philly Joe Jones Big Band SoundsPhilly Joe Jones12" Vinyl7
RLP 1147[none]
Cannonball Takes ChargeCannonball Adderley Quartet12" Vinyl7
RLP 1148[none]
Everybody Digs Bill EvansBill Evans TrioVinyl10
RLP 12-291
Everybody Digs Bill EvansBill Evans12" Vinyl10
RLP 12-291
At Town HallThe Thelonious Monk Orchestra12" Vinyl6
RLP 12-300
Much BrassNat Adderley SextetVinyl8
RLP 12-301
The Little GiantJohnny Griffin Sextet12" Vinyl6
RLP 12-304
5 by Monk by 5Thelonious Monk Quintet12" Vinyl5
RLP 12-305
Blue SoulBlue Mitchell12" Vinyl9
RLP 12-309
The Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San FranciscoThe Cannonball Adderley Quintet featuring Nat Adderley12" Vinyl5
RLP 12-311
Thelonious Alone in San FranciscoThelonious Monk12" Vinyl10
RLP 12-312[none]
Mr. GuitarCharlie Byrd12" Vinyl12
RS 9450
A Dynamic New Sound: Guitar/Organ/DrumsWes Montgomery TrioCD11
Blues HolidayPaul Serrano Quintet12" Vinyl6
  • US1960-11-08
RLP 12-359
That's My Story: John Lee Hooker Sings The BluesJohn Lee Hooker12" Vinyl12
Deeds, Not WordsMax RoachVinyl7
673 004
Kentucky OystersGeorge Russell Sextet7" Vinyl2
The Thumper (stereo)Jimmy Heath Sextet12" Vinyl9
RLP 1160
The Thumper (stereo)Jimmy Heath Sextet12" Vinyl9
RLP 1160
Keep Swingin'Julian Priester12" Vinyl8
RLP 1163[none]
Work Song (stereo)Nat Adderley12" Vinyl9
Them Dirty BluesThe Cannonball Adderley Quintet feat. Nat Adderley12" Vinyl7
RLP 1170[none]
The Three Faces of Yusef LateefYusef Lateef12" Vinyl8
RLP 1176[none]
The Thumper (mono)Jimmy Heath Sextet12" Vinyl9
RLP 12-314
Portrait in JazzBill Evans Trio12" Vinyl9
RLP 12-315