VSaint VitusCD8
HELL 0054001617680612
Axe to GrindJingo de Lunch12" Vinyl12
HELL 02, SPV 08-68024001617680209
LiveSaint VitusCD11
HELL 0104001617687321
VSaint Vitus12" Vinyl8
HELL 054001617680612
How It Looks - How It IsThe Lazy Cowgirls12" Vinyl12
HELL 074001617680919
The ObsessedThe Obsessed12" Vinyl9
HELL 084001617680711
The ObsessedThe ObsessedCD9
HELL 084001617680728
Live (blue translucent vinyl)Saint Vitus12" Vinyl9
HELL 0104001617687314
Drink Free ForeverPigmy Love Circus12" Vinyl5
HELL 0134001617687710
Lunar WombThe ObsessedCD12
HELL 015
C.O.D.Saint VitusCD12
H 0017-24006030301724
Standing on the SunInternal VoidCD10
H 0018-24006030301823
When Clowns Become KingsPigmy Love CircusCD17
HELL 0164006759874165
Destruction of the Void (1st European release)Count RavenCD10
HELL 0194006759874196
Never Comes SilenceRevelationCD9
Hell 0204006759874202
HELL 0214006759874219
Black NightIron ManCD10
C. O. D.Saint VitusCD12
Hell 0174006759874172
High on InfinityCount RavenCD13
HELL 0264006759874264
Nihil's FlameYear ZeroCD11
HELL 0274006759874271
The PassageIron ManCD11
The ObsessedThe ObsessedCD9
H 0008-24006030300826
Balance of PowerUnorthodoxCD12
H 0030-24006030303025
Psychosomatic MedicineWretchedCD7
H 0031-24006030303124
Hellhound CompilationVarious ArtistsCD19
H 0032-24006030303223
...Yet So FarRevelationCD9
H 0036-24006030303629
Blood FarmersBlood FarmersCD10
  • DE1995-04-27
Die HealingSaint VitusCD8
  • US1995-05-09
H 0035-2UX701301303523
Die HealingSaint VitusCD8
H 0035-24006030303520
CreationYear ZeroCD10
H 0038-24006030303827
Hundred YearsHundred YearsCD11
Center Of The UniverseWretchedCD9
H 0041-2
Messiah of ConfusionCount RavenCD10
H 0042-24006030304220
Carnivorous Lunar ActivitiesCold MoonCD12
  • -2001