The Music of CandymanPhilip GlassCD13OMM‐0003801837000320
Early VoicePhilip GlassCD2OMM0004801837000429
A Descent Into the MaelströmPhilip GlassCD18OMM-0005801837000528
SaxophonePhilip GlassCD200006801837000627
Music From the Thin Blue LinePhilip GlassCD20OMM-0007801837000726
Etudes for Piano, Volume 1: Nos. 1-10Philip GlassCD10OMM-0009801837000924
The Fog of WarPhilip GlassCD34OMM-0010
The Orphée SuitePhilip Glass; Paul BarnesCD11omm0008801837000825
Dennis Russell Davies Performs Philip Glass: Tirol Concerto for Piano and Orchestra and Selections from PassagesPhilip Glass; Dennis Russell Davies, The Stuttgart Chamber OrchestraCD611801837001129
Music From The HoursPhilip GlassCD14OMM-0012801837001228
The Concerto Project, Volume I (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic feat. conductor: Gerard Schwarz)Philip GlassCD7OMM-0014801837001426
The Music of UndertowPhilip GlassCD15OMM-0016801837001624
From The Kitchen Archives N°1- New Music New York 1979Various Artists2×CD8 + 11OMM-0015
OrionPhilip Glass2×CD6 + 4OMM-0021801837002126
From the Kitchen Archives No. 2: Steve Reich and Musicians, Live 1977Steve ReichCD5OMM-0018801837001822
Glass Cuts: Philip Glass RemixedPhilip GlassCD13OMM-0023
Music 4 HandsPhilip Glass, Steve Reich; Maki Namekawa, Dennis Russell DaviesCD7OMM-0022801837002225
Symphony No. 6 "Plutonian Ode"Philip Glass2×CD3 + 3omm0020801837002027
Symphony no. 8Philip Glass; Bruckner Orchester Linz, Dennis Russell DaviesCD3OMM-0028801837002829
PortraitsBruce LevingstonCD1025
The VoyagePhilip Glass2×CD7 + 4OMM-0017801837001723
AnalogPhilip GlassCD14OMM-0029801837002928
Another ThoughtArthur RussellCD15omm 0027801837002720
The Concerto Project, Volume IIPhilip GlassCD6OMM0030801837003024
Águas da AmazoniaPhilip Glass; UaktiCD10omm0026801837002621
The Witches of VenicePhilip GlassCD24OMM-0031801837003123
From the Kitchen Archives No. 3: Amplified: New Music Meets Rock 1981-1986Various ArtistsCD10OMM-0024
Philip Glass Ensemble Live in Monterrey, MexicoPhilip Glass2×CD5 + 5
DraculaPhilip Glass; Michael RiesmanCD27OMM0033
Music with Changing Parts (Icebreaker)Philip GlassCD2OMM-0035
Theater Music, Volume 1Philip GlassCD19OMM0044
From the Philip Glass Recording Archive, Volume II: Orchestral MusicPhilip GlassCD6OMM0047801837004724
Book of LongingPhilip Glass / Leonard Cohen2×CD13 + 9OMM-0043801837004328
Cassandra's DreamPhilip GlassCD12OMM0038801837003826
Monsters of GracePhilip GlassCD13OMM0041801837004120
From the Philip Glass Recording Archive, Volume I: Theater MusicPhilip GlassCD19OMM0044
Songs and Poems for Solo CelloPhilip Glass; Wendy SutterCD11OMM-0037801837003727
Animals in LovePhilip GlassCD15OMM‐0040801837004021
The Concerto Project, Volume IIIPhilip GlassCD7OMM00420801837004229
Music in Twelve PartsPhilip Glass Ensemble4×CD3 + 3 + 3 + 3OMM0049801837004922
Waiting for the BarbariansPhilip Glass2×CD15 + 11OMM0039801837003925
From the Philip Glass Recording Archive, Volume III: Film Scores: JenipapoPhilip GlassCD17OMM0048801837004823
Philip Glass Soundtracks (piano: Michael Riesman)Philip GlassCD12OMM0051801837005127
From the Philip Glass Recording Archive, Volume IV: Film Scores: NeverwasPhilip GlassCD17OMM0052
Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve PartsPhilip GlassCD16OMM0054801837005424
Koyaanisqatsi (Complete original soundtrack)Philip GlassCD13OMM0058801837005820
Piano Music: Four Movements for Two Pianos / Etudes for Piano / The HoursPhilip Glass; Dennis Russell Davies, Maki NamekawaCD13omm0060801837006025
The Orange Mountain Music Philip Glass Sampler, Volume IPhilip GlassDigital Media21
Symphony no. 7 "Toltec"Philip Glass; Bruckner Orchester Linz, Dennis Russell DaviesCD3OMM0061801837006124
A Madrigal Opera. Cameo. A Symphonic PoemPhilip GlassCD6OMM-0062801837006223
In the Upper RoomPhilip GlassCD9omm0056801837005622
The Juniper TreePhilip Glass & Robert MoranCD10OMM0057801837005721
From the Philip Glass Recording Archive, Volume V: The Secret AgentPhilip GlassCD16omm0059801837005929
The Orange Mountain Music Philip Glass Sampler, Volume IPhilip GlassCD21
Itaipu and Three SongsPhilip GlassCD7OMM0063801837006322
OrphéePhilip Glass2×CD9 + 90068801837006827
Schoenberg/GlassArnold Schoenberg, Philip Glass; The Glass Chamber PlayersCD50069801837006926
Violin Concerto no. 2: The American Four SeasonsPhilip Glass; Robert McDuffie, Marin Alsop, London Philharmonic OrchestraCD8OMM0072801837007220
Glass: Violin Concerto no. 1 / Bernstein: Serenade After Plato's SymposiumPhilip Glass, Leonard Bernstein; Renaud Capuçon, Bruckner Orchester Linz, Dennis Russell DaviesCD8M-20801837011425
A RetrospectivePhilip Glass Ensemble2×CD6 + 5omm0067801837006728
Life ForceJoel HarrisonCD8OMM7005801837700527
Glass HeartMaria BachmannCD9OMM7006801837700626
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra no. 1Philip Glass; Wendy Sutter, Dante Anzolini, Orchestra of the AmericasCD3OMM0076801837007626
The Concerto Project, Volume IV: Double Concerto for Violin, Cello & Orchestra / Tirol Concerto for Piano & OrchestraPhilip GlassCD100077801837007725
In the Penal ColonyPhilip GlassCD19OMM0078801837007824
Symphony no. 9Philip Glass; Bruckner Orchester Linz, Dennis Russell DaviesCD30081801837008128
From the Philip Glass Recording Archive, Volume VI: The Music of Philip Glass and Foday Musa SusoPhilip Glass & Foday Musa Suso(unknown)20OMM0066801837006629
From the Kitchen Archives No. 5: Pianos in the KitchenVarious ArtistsCD7omm0070801837007022
Glassworks + Music in Similar Motion (Signal feat. conductor: Brad Lubman, keyboards: Michael Riesman)Philip GlassCD7omm0073801837007329
KeplerPhilip Glass2×CD9 + 6801837007121
ReworkPhilip Glass2×CD8 + 4omm0082801837008227
The Passion of RamakrishnaPhilip GlassCD60080
Tara Hugo Sings Philip GlassPhilip GlassCD12OMM 0084801837008425
Cello Concerto no. 2: NaqoyqatsiPhilip Glass; Matt Haimovitz, Dennis Russell Davies, Cincinnati Symphony OrchestraCD70087801837008722
VisitorsPhilip GlassCD6OMM0089801837008920
The Lost Phillip Glass SessionsThe RaybeatsCD7OMM7008801837700824
Galileo GalileiPhilip Glass2×CD5 + 5OMM0091801837009125
Symphony no. 3 / The HoursPhilip Glass; Anne Manson, Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Michael RiesmanCD7OMM 0086801837008623
Concert of the Sixth SunPhilip Glass, Daniel Medina de la Rosa, Roberto Carillo CocíoCD4OMM0090801837009026
How Now, Strung OutPhilip GlassCD2OMM 0093801837009323
Voices for Didgeridoo and Organ / Organ SuitePhilip Glass; Mark Atkins, Michael RiesmanCD8OMM 0094801837009422
The Dublin Guitar Quartet performs Philip GlassDublin Guitar QuartetCD18OMM0092801837009224
Spuren der Verirrten - The LostPhilip Glass2×CD10 + 12OMM0097801837009729
Symphony no. 4 "Heroes"Philip Glass; Sinfonieorchester Basel, Dennis Russell DaviesCD6OMM0096801837009620
The Complete Piano EtudesPhilip Glass; Maki Namekawa2×CD10 + 10OMM0098801837009828
Symphony no. 1 "Low" (From the Music of David Bowie and Brian Eno)Philip Glass; Sinfonieorchester Basel, Dennis Russell DaviesCD3OMM 0095801837009521
Mad Rush (Lisa Moore on solo piano, not the Sally Whitwell "Mad Rush")Philip GlassCD9OMM 0099801837009927
A Brief History of TimePhilip GlassCD20OMM 0100801837010022
Tim Fain plays Philip Glass: Partita for Solo ViolinPhilip GlassCD10OMM 0050801837005028
Symphony no. 10Philip Glass; Dennis Russell Davies, Bruckner Orchester LinzCD6OMM 0101801837010121
Beauty and the BeastPhilip GlassCD9OMM 0105801837010527
Minimalist Guitar Music: Works by Philip Glass and Steve ReichMassimo MenottiCD3OMM 0106801837010626
The IllusionistPhilip GlassCD21OMM0108
The Perfect AmericanPhilip Glass; Dennis Russell Davies2×CD6 + 7OMM 0102801837010220
The SymphoniesPhilip Glass11×CD3 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 5omm0104801837010428
PropheciesPhilip Glass; Anton BatagovCD4omm0110801837011029
The TrialPhilip Glass; Music Theatre Wales, Michael Rafferty2×CD7 + 6OMM 0118801837011821
Glass/Bernstein ConcertosRenaud Capuçon, Dennis Russell Davies, Bruckner Orchester LinzCD8OMM0114801837011425
Aguas Da AmazoniaPhilip Glass, Kristjan Järvi, MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, Absolute EnsembleCD10omm0115801837011524
LIFE: A Journey Through TimePhilip Glass; The Hague Philharmonic, Carolyn KuanCD7omm0116801837011623