GENEON UNIVERSAL (Japanese imprint, active 2009.05 - 2014.02)

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Geneon Universal Entertainment LLC was established in early 2009. Labels which had distribution deals with Geneon were updated to use the new legal name "Geneon Universal Entertainment" almost immediately. However, Geneon's own releases continued to use its old imprint until the "GENEON UNIVERSAL" imprint was introduced on CD with its first release on 2009-05-20 almost 4 months later.

-Most GNCA releases need "RONDO ROBE" added as a second imprint. Some use "IVE" instead.
-Most GNCV releases need "IVE" added as a second imprint.
-Some GNCX releases need "Sistusrecords" added as a second imprint.
GNCL releases should only need Geneon Universal as the sole imprint.

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Sayonara No Omajinai栗コーダーカルテット&松本素生CD4
  • JP2008-06-25
Allison to Lillia Original Soundtrack II村井秀清CD26
  • JP2008-10-24
I've Sound 10th Anniversary 「Departed to the future」Special CD BOX (初回限定生産)I’ve5×CD + 6×DVD3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 1
  • JP2009-03-25
GNBV-1003, GNCV-0017, GNCV-0018, GNCV-0019, GNCV-0020, GNCV-00214988102333355
Wonder Wind (初回限定盤)ELISACD + DVD-Video4 + 1