A Close Encounter of the Very Best KindPhil RanelinCD9LFR-1007606987000721
Truth Against the WorldUnbornCD4LFR 009
The Eternal JihadDay of SufferingCD12[none]
A Small Boy and a Grey HeavenCalibanCD15LFR 016
The Frozen DivideThe Year of Our LordCD6
House ImprovementDJ dAbCD25
AsunderHeaven Shall BurnDigital Media11
An Inheritance Of DetrimentDragbodyCD8LFR 017[none]
The Split ProgramCaliban vs. Heaven Shall BurnCD10LFR 0194260011530194
Swallowing Razors / Most Bitter GiftDragbody7" Vinyl2LFR704[none]
VentCalibanCD14LFR 020-24601250353746
The Year of Our LordThe Year of Our LordCD13LFR 026
Between the Buried and MeBetween the Buried and MeCD8LFR 0274260011530279
Sleeping Beneath the Ashes of CreationEndthisdayCD9LFR 030
Earth and SphereBeyond the Sixth SealCD11LFR 032826056003228
Behind Silence and SolitudeAll That RemainsCD8LFR 0284260011530286
Whatever It May TakeHeaven Shall BurnCD13LFR 024826056002429
Whatever It May TakeHeaven Shall BurnVinyl13LFR 1207[none]
Between the Buried and MeBetween the Buried and MeCD8Life 027826056002726
Martyr's MelodiesCataractCD5LIFEFORCE 0254260011530255
AsunderHeaven Shall BurnCD110826056001828
VentCalibanCD14LFR 020
The Art of BalanceShadows FallVinyl11LFR 1209
Great Days of VengeanceCataractCD11LFR 036
Tints and ShadesWilliamCD11IMR 012
Be-LowMindfieldCD12LFR 037
Bleed Me BlueThe UnderwaterCD9IMR 011
DecontaminateLiar / SunriseCD7LFR 039
Ember to InfernoTriviumCD12LFR 040826056004027
Shadow HeartsCalibanCD11LFR 034
Shadow HeartsCalibanVinyl11LFR 1208
Shadow HeartsCalibanCD12Life 033826056003327
Lifeforce Records / Sound Explosion Label Compilation 2003Various ArtistsCD14
For Whom the Gods Would DestroyHerodCD11LFR 041
The Tracy ChapterDestinyCD12LFR 042
AntigoneHeaven Shall BurnVinyl12LFR 1210826056121014
The Great CollapseFear My ThoughtsCD10LFR 044
In Battle... (There Is No Law)Heaven Shall BurnCD12LFR 031
In Battle... (There Is No Law)Heaven Shall BurnDigital Media12
Ember to InfernoTriviumCD15LFR 040-2826056804023
Cipher System / By NightCipher System / By NightCD6LFR 043
Hidden Beneath the Shadows of FearThe LostCD5LFR 047
Murder by Means of ExistenceBurning SkiesCD12LFR 045
The Venom DivineDeadsoilCD10LFR 046
Central Tunnel EightCipher SystemCD11LFR 048-2826056004829
Traces to NowhereSunriseCD9LFR 049
Central Tunnel EightCipher SystemDigital Media11[none]829410233088
Murder by Means of ExistenceBurning SkiesCD12LFR045-2826056004522
Burn the FlagsBy NightCD9LFR 050
A Perfect Way to Say GoodbyeHand to HandCD10LFR 051
Asylum of the Human PredatorHell WithinCD10LFR 052
Ember to InfernoTriviumCD15LFR 8040-2826056804023
Earth.RevoltDeadlockCD10LFR 053-2826056005321
Hell Sweet HellFear My ThoughtsCD12LFR 054
The Split Program IICaliban vs. Heaven Shall BurnCD11LFR 055826056005529
Hell Sweet HellFear My ThoughtsCD12LFR 54-2826056005420
Memento MoriWitheredCD7LFR 056-2826056005628
Lifeforce Spring Releases 2005Various ArtistsCD8LFR 048-2
The Split Program IICaliban vs. Heaven Shall BurnCD11LFR 055-2826056005529
Death Pop RomanceRaunchyCD10LFR 058-2826056005826
The Time Is NowEndstandCD10LFR 059
Rich Man's War, Poor Man's FightHerodCD10LFR 057
Bloodred SalvationFall of SerenityCD10LFR 061
SacrificeDeadsoilCD12LFR 060
BarricadesDeath Before DiscoCD10LFR 062
A New Shape of DesperationBy NightCD11LFR 063
DesolationBurning SkiesCD10LFR 064
VoidIntronautCD8LFR 065-2826056006526
Lifeforce MMVIVarious ArtistsCD12LFR-SS06[none]
I Am Jim JonesCassiusCD12LFR 066-2826056006625
The Second PhilosophyNahemaHCD10LFR 067
A New Disease Is BornNightrageCD12LFR 068-2826056006823
WolvesDeadlockCD11LFR 069-2826056006922
WolvesDeadlockCD12LFR 8069-2826056806928
Shadows of VanityHell WithinCD9LFR 070
Flies & LiesRaintimeCD11LFR 071-2826056007127
Whatever It May TakeHeaven Shall BurnCD13LFR 072-2826056007226
DecisionsThe Blackout ArgumentCD13LFR 075-2826056007523
TransmetropolitanWar From a Harlots MouthCD11
Snake WineLight Pupil DilateCD9LFR 077
The CrossfireFall of SerenityCD10
WolvesDeadlockCD11LFR 069-2826056006922
Greed.Filth.Abuse.CorruptionBurning SkiesCD11
Greed.Filth.Abuse.CorruptionBurning SkiesCD11
Greed.Filth.Abuse.CorruptionBurning SkiesCD11
Wasteland DiscothequeRaunchyCD12LFR 083 2, LFR 083-2826056008322
ApneaThe Psyke ProjectCD10LFR 084-2
Breaking the SurfaceHand to HandCD5LFR 081826056008124
MonumentsThis or the ApocalypseCD10
Lifeforce Records 2008 Label SamplerVarious ArtistsCD16LFA-SAMP-08
BetrayerHarlotsCD9LFR 076-2826056007622
ApneaThe Psyke ProjectCD10LFR 084-2
RemediesThe Blackout Argument2×CD14 + 8LFR 089-2826056008926
Design the End / Follow the HorizonHand to HandCD10LFR 094-2
A New ConstellationNahemaHDigital Media10