Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Perhaps, I Suppose... Rufio CD 15 TMG001 712177000126
Remember the Memories The Lyndsay Diaries CD 11 TMG002 751937168423
Hope for a Brighter Future Veronica CD 10 TMG004 751937171423
Get Into It Tora! Tora! Torrance! CD 12 TMG003
This One's for Kansas City Various Artists CD 11
Till We Have Faces Noise Ratchet CD 12 TMG005 712177000522
Light a Match, For I Deserve to Burn The Beautiful Mistake CD 10 TMG008 712177000829
The Tops of Trees are on Fire The Lyndsay Diaries CD 10 TMG 009
The Beautiful Mistake The Beautiful Mistake CD 5 TMG006 712177100420
Stepping Stone, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 15 TMG 007 712177000720
Calendar Days The Rocket Summer CD 10 TMG017 712177001024
Beneath Medicine Tree Copeland CD 11 TMG012 712177001222
Noise Ratchet Noise Ratchet CD 6 TMG013 712177001321
Black Lines to Battlefields Acceptance CD 7 TMG 0112 712177001123
A Cynics Nightmare Tora! Tora! Torrance! CD 10 TMG014
Perhaps, I Suppose... Rufio CD 16 TMG001
Prototype Big Collapse CD 10 TMG0015 712177001529
The Militia Group 2003 Sampler Various Artists (unknown) 12
Hello, We Are the Militia Group Various Artists CD 17 TMG016
Know Nothing Stays the Same Copeland CD 6 TMG018 712177001826
This Is Who You Are The Beautiful Mistake CD 10 TMG020 0712177002021
Rhetoric of a Marionette Blueprint Car Crash CD 6 TMG019
Send Us a Signal Brandtson CD 12 TMG021
Pretend You're Alive Lovedrug CD 13 TMG026 712177002625
Know Nothing Stays the Same Copeland CD 99 TMG018 712177001826
Midwestern The Lyndsay Diaries CD 5
Reeve Oliver Reeve Oliver CD 11 TMG022 712177002229
Zoo Anadivine CD 10 TMG023
Tunes '04 Compliments of the Militia Group Various Artists CD 12 TMGPRO04
Compliments of the Militia Group: Tunes '04 (version 1.5) Various Artists CD 10 TMGPRO05
¡Policia!: A Tribute to the Police Various Artists CD 12 TMG025-2
In Motion Copeland CD 10 TMG030 712177003028
Umbrellas Umbrellas CD 12 TMG 029
"Hello, good friend." The Rocket Summer CD 13 TMG031 712177003127
Are You a Dreamer? Denison Witmer CD 10 TMG032 712177003226
Perhaps, I Suppose... (Deluxe Edition) Rufio CD 20 TMG034 712177003424
Let Go Let Go Enhanced CD 12 TMG037 712177003721
Fielding Fielding CD 10 TMG039 712177003929
Versus The Panic Division CD 11 TMG036-2 712177003622
A Family Affair: With the Loving Sounds of the Four Good Sons Various Artists CD 8
Touch This and Die The Class of 98 CD 12
Peregrine The Appleseed Cast CD 13 TMG040-2
Hello, Control. Brandtson CD 13 TMG041
Automatic City Controlling the Famous CD 10 TMG043-2 878840004324
Illuminare Umbrellas CD 10
Eat, Sleep, Repeat Copeland CD 11 TMG049-2 878840004928
Eat, Sleep, Repeat Copeland 2×CD 11 + 3 TMG 049-2 878840004928
Eat, Sleep, Repeat Copeland 2×CD 11 + 15 TMG2049-2 878840004928
Fosbury Tahiti 80 2×CD 13 + 4 TMG051-2 878840005123
The Early Years EP The Rocket Summer CD 6 TMG052-2 878840005222
The Album Ronnie Day CD 16
In the Name of the World The Holy Fire CD 6 TMG042-2 878840004225
Fosbury Tahiti 80 CD 17 TMG051ADV
This Is Pop Music. Various Artists CD 5 TMGPRO19 [none]
Kumquats & Apricots Various Artists CD 11 TMGPRO20
Everything Starts Where It Ends Lovedrug CD 12 TMG050-2 878840005024
Four on the Floor Juliette and the Licks CD 12 TMG059-2 878840005925
Dressed Up & In Line Copeland CD 16 TMG063-2 878840006328
The Polar Bear and Cougar EP We Shot the Moon CD 5
Love the Love You Have The Summer Set CD 7
We Have Such Talented Friends Various Artists CD 13
The Future of the Free World Is Riding on This One Driving East Digital Media 10
Fear and Love We Shot the Moon CD 13
Mending The New Frontiers CD 11
Fear and Love We Shot the Moon CD 12 TMGCD067
Fear and Love We Shot the Moon Digital Media 12
1.21 Gigawatts Mercy Mercedes Digital Media 6
...In Color The Summer Set CD 5 878840007127
Deliverance Quietdrive CD 13
Got Friends The Jealous Sound Digital Media 5
The Sucker Punch Show Lovedrug CD 12 78
Life Before Aesthetics EP Denison Witmer Digital Media 4
Carry the Weight Denison Witmer Digital Media 11
Meet Me on the Left Coast The Summer Set Digital Media 3
Sagarmatha The Appleseed Cast CD 9 TMG076
Love Like This The Summer Set CD 11 793018304726
The Loneliest EP Rufio Digital Media 4
Anybody Out There Rufio CD 12 TMG 00101 044003793231
Quietdrive Quietdrive CD-R 12
¡Vive El Grupo De La Milicia! Various Artists (unknown) 10