Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Aug 5, 2004 - Oct 1, 2008; do not use if a specific sub-label is available)

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A Brief History

One of the 'Big Four' record companies at the time, Sony BMG Music Entertainment was the result of a 50–50 joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment and Bertelsmann Music Group that was begun on August 5, 2004. This was the label name for Sony Music and BMG companies worldwide, except for Japan which remains (to this day) Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

On October 1, 2008, Sony completed the acquisition of BMG's stake in the company, and was known once again as Sony Music Entertainment (the name it had used since 1991 prior to the 2004 merger). Releases as of October 1, 2008 should be related to the company Sony Music Entertainment or its subsidiaries. Sony Music Entertainment and its subsidiaries are represented by the global brand Sony Music (which may be used as an imprint where appropriate).

What release to put where?

Sony-BMG consisted of 3 main 'frontline' companies, Columbia, RCA and Epic, all of which had its own further subsidiaries (Jive, Syco, Phonogenic etc.). It is strongly recommended to use the lowest subsidiary listed on back covers when filing releases. If no smaller subsidiary than the frontline labels can be found then use one of those. Sony-BMG was also used as an imprint in its own right (for compilations etc.), which should be the only cases where this label should be used.

No releases should be listed here with a release date prior to August 5, 2004, and releases from October 1, 2008 and later should be checked carefully. In most of these cases, they should be attributed to Sony Music Entertainment.

As Sony did not merge the Japanese branch with BMG, no Japanese releases should be under this label, instead, add them to Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

Please use accurate labels for the release date specified, or leave the label field blank.

Nation-Specific information


Subsidiaries: Dancity


Subsidiaries: Jive Epic

Czech Republic

Subsidiaries: East Brother

UK & Ireland

Label Code: LC-13989
Subsidiaries: BMG TV, Camden, Delta Sonic, Gravity Records, INCredible Records, Syco Music, Creation Records


Label Code: LC-00116


Label Code: LC-01006; LC-02523


Label Code: LC-02032


Published: 11月的蕭邦, 我很忙 and 魔杰座


Distributor: Alerta!Discos
Subsidiaries: Pop Art and Tocka Discos

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B'Day (deluxe edition)Beyoncé2×CD15 + 782876 89492 2828768949221
NRJ Hits 10Various Artists2×CD15 + 15882373-60042288237365
Liedjes Van De Club Van SinterklaasDe club van SinterklaasCD1488671757220886971757224
The Best of ChampagneChampagneCD1888697 00093 2886970009324
De 50 Grootste Summer HitsVarious Artists3×CD17 + 17 + 1688697 01241 2886970124126
A paso firme!Felipe PeláezCD14886970231923886970231923
The Very Best of Nina SimoneNina SimoneCD2288697024002886970240024
35… e un minutoPremiata Forneria Marconi3×CD14 + 15 + 11886970264720886970264723
Unchained MelodyElvis PresleyCD228869703612-2886970361224
An American Trilogy (January - February 1972)Elvis PresleyCD248869703614-2886970361422
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong: Elvis’ Gold Records, Volume 2Elvis Presley2×CD34 + 54886970361521886970361521
Pot Luck With ElvisElvis Presley2×CD33 + 288869703629-2886970362924
I Sing All Kinds (The Nashville 1971 Sessions)Elvis PresleyCD238869703631-2886970363129
Lieder voller Poesie (ausgewählt und kommentiert von Bastian Sick)Udo JürgensCD1988697037532886970375320
The Biggest BBQ AlbumVarious Artists2×CD21 + 19886970412920886970412926
Greatest HitsLa BoucheCD1688697 04285 2886970428521
The Essential Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons Project2×CD19 + 15886970433720886970433723
My LoveVarious Artists2×CD20 + 2088697055792886970557924
The Best of Aretha FranklinAretha FranklinCD1588697060432886970604321
Hellsinki Freezes OverPalefaceCD288697062272
Wir sind GoldLetzte InstanzCD1488697 064292886970642927
Music From the GodsVarious ArtistsCD1488697065142886970651424
VivaEl CacoCD1288697066152886970661522
The Essential Boom Crash OperaBoom Crash OperaCD1988697069602
Coplas que nos han mataoFaleteCD1288697069722
Live 60Michal Prokop & Framus FiveCD1388697070312
From the Heart: Greatest HitsBonnie TylerCD1788697071982886970719827
Amor de boleroLos Panchos2×CD20 + 2088697072522886970725224
Send Away The TigersManic Street PreachersCD128869707563-2886970756327
Il rosso amoreFilippa GiordanoCD14886970756822886970756822
IntemperieIván NobleCD138869 707590-2886970759021
N.B.Natasha BedingfieldCD1488697076452886970764520
La vozDiomedes Díaz & Iván ZuletaCD13886970765428869707654280
A Public AffairJessica SimpsonCD1588697 07733 2886970773324
I Wanna Have Your BabiesNatasha BedingfieldCD288697 07753 2
I Created DiscoCalvin HarrisCD1488697078242886970782425
Just the Hits 2007Various ArtistsCD1888697-07895-2886970789523
Greece: Secrets of the PastSteve WoodCD1888697079832886970798327
Pop 80erVarious Artists5×CD13 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 128 86970 80912 2886970809122
¡Mira Quién Baila!Various Artists2×CD19 + 1888697081902886970819022
Kaikki parhaat 1967 - 2007Kirka2×CD20 + 2088697082592886970825924
Le talent s’écoute : Printemps 07Various Artists2×CD20 + 1688697083152886970831529
Heartbreak AwaySharon KipsCD288697 08439 2
Yassou MariaSarbelCD488697084582886970845823
Welkam Bak Long VanuatuSunshinersCD1588697085392886970853927
Quelque chose de FranceJulio IglesiasCD1188697089272886970892728
Cinema ClassicsVarious Artists3×CD18 + 16 + 2188697 08963 24043002415843
Hit CollectionNenaCD1388697 08969 2886970896924
…le band si sciolgonoLuca CarboniCD9886970910820886970910828
Little AnimalsThe Beasts of BourbonCD10886970920520886970920520
Some Furtive Years A Ned's AnthologyNed’s Atomic DustbinCD1688697092942886970929424
TeenAngels ITeenAngelsCD1688697094562886970945622
Ο γιος του φύλακαΒαγγέλης ΦάμπαςCD2088697096402886970964029
JukeboxBachman CummingsCD1788697097562886970975629
1 TagDie SeerCD2088697098252886970982528
Don’t Miss YouAmy PearsonCD488697098672886970986724
Vibe: Sounds to Relive & RenewVarious Artists2×CD18 + 1888697099082886970990820
Hit Connection 2007.2Various ArtistsCD1988697099492886970994927
CollectionsBob Marley & The WailersCD1088697099932886970999328
Los números 1 de Cadena 100Various Artists2×CD15 + 15886971034920886971034929
Ljuva Franska SångerVarious Artists2×CD18 + 1788697103872886971038729
SuomalainenAnssi KelaCD288697106302886971063028
The Northern Soul Story, Volume 1: The Twisted WheelVarious ArtistsCD2588697106822886971068221
The Northern Soul Story, Volume 2: The Golden TorchVarious ArtistsCD25886971068520886971068528
The Northern Soul Story, Volume 3: Blackpool MeccaVarious ArtistsCD2588697106862886971068627
The Northern Soul Story, Volume 4: Wigan CasinoVarious ArtistsCD2588697106872886971068726
30 anni senza andare fuori tempoEnzo Jannacci2×CD9 + 10886971068920886971068924
La copla (Los grandes éxitos de la canción española)Rocío Jurado2×CD + DVD-Video20 + 18 + 1088697107572886971075724
Best Of, Volume 1Michael WendlerCD1488697108572886971085723
Ao vivo em UberlândiaVictor & LeoDVD-Video2388697110219886971102192
Luiz Cláudio & Giuliano – Ao VivoLuiz Cláudio & GiulianoCD1488697110972886971109726
Turistas En El ParaísoInmigrantesCD1288697111242886971112429
SoulmateNatasha BedingfieldCD288697 11199 2
King Of HeartsRoy OrbisonCD1188697112042886971120424
Le più belle di...AlexiaCD18886971124620886971124620
Hear My CallAri KoivunenCD188697116082
50 vallenatos de la historiaVarious Artists3×CD18 + 16 + 17886971174428869711744274
New York Slowrue de parisCD988697118272886971182729
Media verónica: Los grandes éxitos de El FaryEl Fary2×CD + DVD-Video23 + 22 + 1488697118452886971184525
Les Plus Grands SuccèsAnnie CordyCD2388697118972886971189728
Ψηλά τακούνιαΜελίνα ΑσλανίδουCD388697120922886971209228
Solitude On Guitar (Latin Originals)Baden PowellCD1288697122722886971227222
50 Disco HitsBen Liebrand3×CD17 + 18 + 1588697123402886971234022
Head HuntersHerbie HancockCD488697127682886971276824
Are You Listening?Dolores O’RiordanCD1288697 13068 2886971306828
MomentoBebel GilbertoCD11886971337920886971337921
Le talent s'écoute : Été 2007Various Artists2×CD17 + 1988697133902886971339024
JunoonAbhijeet SawantCD1088697 13442 2886971344226
Campari Lounge IIVarious Artists2×CD15 + 16886971366525886971366525
Slow Down BabyChristina AguileraCD2886971369120886971369120
Sweet ToothThe Electric ConfectionairesCD1188697140662886971406627
Soda StereoSoda StereoCD11886971407129886971407129
Me verás volver · Hits & +Soda StereoCD188869 714083 2886971408324
Back to School 2007Various ArtistsCD18886971416520886971416527
Es wird nicht leicht seinLaith al-DeenEnhanced CD588697143022886971430226