Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Aug 5, 2004 - Oct 1, 2008; do not use if a specific sub-label is available)

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A Brief History

One of the 'Big Four' record companies at the time, Sony BMG Music Entertainment was the result of a 50–50 joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment and Bertelsmann Music Group that was begun on August 5, 2004. This was the label name for Sony Music and BMG companies worldwide, except for Japan which remains (to this day) Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

On October 1, 2008, Sony completed the acquisition of BMG's stake in the company, and was known once again as Sony Music Entertainment (the name it had used since 1991 prior to the 2004 merger). Releases as of October 1, 2008 should be related to the company Sony Music Entertainment or its subsidiaries. Sony Music Entertainment and its subsidiaries are represented by the global brand Sony Music (which may be used as an imprint where appropriate).

What release to put where?

Sony-BMG consisted of 3 main 'frontline' companies, Columbia, RCA and Epic, all of which had its own further subsidiaries (Jive, Syco, Phonogenic etc.). It is strongly recommended to use the lowest subsidiary listed on back covers when filing releases. If no smaller subsidiary than the frontline labels can be found then use one of those. Sony-BMG was also used as an imprint in its own right (for compilations etc.), which should be the only cases where this label should be used.

No releases should be listed here with a release date prior to August 5, 2004, and releases from October 1, 2008 and later should be checked carefully. In most of these cases, they should be attributed to Sony Music Entertainment.

As Sony did not merge the Japanese branch with BMG, no Japanese releases should be under this label, instead, add them to Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

Please use accurate labels for the release date specified, or leave the label field blank.

Nation-Specific information


Subsidiaries: Dancity


Subsidiaries: Jive Epic

Czech Republic

Subsidiaries: East Brother

UK & Ireland

Label Code: LC-13989
Subsidiaries: BMG TV, Camden, Delta Sonic, Gravity Records, INCredible Records, Syco Music, Creation Records


Label Code: LC-00116


Label Code: LC-01006; LC-02523


Label Code: LC-02032


Published: 11月的蕭邦, 我很忙 and 魔杰座


Distributor: Alerta!Discos
Subsidiaries: Pop Art and Tocka Discos

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The Very Best of SweetThe SweetCD2082876668172828766681727
Ultimate 70’s PopVarious Artists3×CD16 + 17 + 17828766704802, If You Leave Me Now828767048024
Funny How Sweet Co‐Co Can BeThe SweetCD2282876 670662828766706628
LegendsJim Reeves3×CD17 + 17 + 1682876673652828766736526
Ultimate Collection: The RemixesM PeopleCD1082876674832828766748321
TQM 2005Various Artists2×CD16 + 1682876677092828766770926
Anthony CalleaAnthony CalleaCD12828766780520828766780529
Like Stray VoltageGramsciCD1182876686302828766863024
Reserva especial: Todos los grandes éxitos 1964-1971Los Brincos + Juan y JuniorCD3082876686662828766866629
Un momento en el sonidoVicente AmigoCD-R1082876689532828766895322
100 Zinderende Zomerhits 2006 (disc 1)Various ArtistsCD2582876 68956 2828766895629
Rock GödzVarious Artists2×CD20 + 2082876691482828766914825
Leather & LaceVarious Artists2×CD18 + 1882876695362828766953626
Me gustas muchoRocío Dúrcal2×CD + DVD-Video20 + 20 + 1782876697662828766976625
God Bless AmericaErste Allgemeine VerunsicherungCD282876698432
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 34Various Artists2×CD21 + 2182876 69956 2828766995626
50 Jahre deutscher Schlager: 1955–1959Various ArtistsCD1582876 70069 2828767006925
50 Jahre deutscher Schlager: 1960–1964Various ArtistsCD1582876 70070 2828767007021
50 Jahre deutscher Schlager: 1965–1969Various ArtistsCD1582876 70071 2828767007120
10 años: la leyenda de un artistaAntonio Flores2×CD19 + 1782876701722828767017228
¿Dónde está el país de las hadas?MecanoCD1382876701732828767017327
CollectionsStevie Ray VaughanCD10828767021320828767021324
LimónJavier LimónCD1182876702252828767022529
We Love Life!Various Artists2×CD20 + 2082876703992828767039923
Toggo Music 10Various ArtistsEnhanced CD2182876 70442 2828767044224
Ya viene el solMecanoCD1182876705252828767052526
Fall to PiecesAvril LavigneCD182876 70656-2828767065625
Entre el cielo y el sueloMecanoCD1482876706662828767066622
Nur das Beste - Die größten HitsNenaCD1882876 70678 2828767067827
Heartland 2: The Best in Female CountryVarious ArtistsCD1882876 70770 20828767077024
The Best OfIggy PopCD2082876708402
Best of the PrimitivesThe PrimitivesCD2182876 708862828767088624
Tränen lügen nichtMichael Holm3×CD18 + 18 + 1882876 70903 2828767090320
LegendsAlice Cooper3×CD12 + 12 + 1182876 70909 2828767090924
CollectionsAretha FranklinCD1082876710422828767104225
Corné Klijn's Disco Classics Top 100Various Artists5×CD20 + 20 + 20 + 20 + 2082876 71095 2828767109527
Leonardo canta grandes sucessos, Volume 2LeonardoCD1582876711812828767118123
Descanso dominicalMecanoCD1582876712082828767120829
R&B Dance MixVarious Artists2×CD19 + 19828767137827828767137827
偶遇 (經典系列 THE LEGENDARY COLLECTION)林志美CD1182876715002828767150024
林憶蓮 (經典系列 THE LEGENDARY COLLECTION)林憶蓮CD1082876715672828767156729
點解 (經典系列 The Legendary Collection)劉美君CD1082876715712828767157122
La neve, il cielo, l'immensoMia Martini3×CD18 + 17 + 16828767178620828767178622
Obras completasMecano8×CD12 + 12 + 10 + 12 + 12 + 14 + 13 + 1782876717902828767179025
Left of the Middle / White Lilies IslandNatalie Imbruglia2×CD12 + 1282876718722828767187228
Till Monkeys FlyRacoonCD1682876 71922 2828767192222
Here We Go, Stereo!RacoonCD1682876719232828767192321
The Relaxing AlbumVarious Artists2×CD18 + 1882876719922828767199221
Kuschelrock 19Various Artists2×CD19 + 1982876 72083 2828767208329
Musik für schöne Stunden: Himmlische HarfeVarious ArtistsCD11828767237121828767237121
Lugares que esperanMiranda WarningCD1382876725442828767254425
HypnotizeSystem of a DownCD1282876726112[none]
Melancholisch schön2raumwohnungCD1182876 72708 2828767270821
Alivio de lutoJoaquín SabinaCD1382876728162828767281629
Q Hits, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD2082876 72831 2
Knuffelrock 17Various Artists2×CD19 + 1982876728372828767283722
ShineShannon NollCD282876729622828767296227
Way DownElvis PresleyCD3828767297729
Trance: The Ultimate Collection 2005, Volume 3Various Artists2×CD18 + 1882876731152828767311524
Klassiker & SoundsSilly2×CD16 + 1882876732232828767322322
« And the Glass Handed Kites »MewCD1482876736602828767366029
Opus 2La famille MaestroCD1482876737002828767370026
Pretty Cure (Der Offizielle Soundtrack Zur Serie)Various ArtistsCD1482876 73913 2
Knuffelrock 14Various Artists2×CD19 + 1982876 739162828767391625
Hit StoryElvis Presley3×CD31 + 30 + 3082876739352828767393520
So Beautiful (cd 2)Darren HayesCD482876 73940 2[none]
All WomanVarious Artists2×CD20 + 2082876740032828767400327
J’te plais pas, MathildeSanseverinoCD4828767430722630021556071
Feel Good Mix 2005Various ArtistsCD20828767453220828767453224
Syksyn Sävel 1968-2001Various Artists2×CD17 + 1782876745482
DuffyStephen DuffyCD1782876 745852
Nunca voy a olvidarte... los éxitosCristian CastroCD1682876746442828767464428
Bravo!Various ArtistsCD18828767471620828767471624
Ljuva 80‐talVarious Artists2×CD20 + 1982876747792828767477923
Disco ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD1682876 74796 2828767479620
A Late Night WithCaroline HendersonCD1482876748032828767480329
My Best SongsChris NormanCD1482876 74816 2828767481623
De Pre Historie - 75 Jaar Radiohits 30-40Various Artists2×CD23 + 2282876749882828767498829
De Pre Historie - 75 Jaar Radiohits 50-60Various Artists2×CD21 + 2082876749892828767498928
De Pre Historie - 75 Jaar Radiohits 70-80Various Artists2×CD20 + 1882876749902828767499024
De pre historie - 75 Jaar radiohits 90-00Various Artists2×CD20 + 1982876749912828767499123
There Are Two Sides to Every StoryVarious ArtistsDualDisc2382876752972828767529721
The SufferingCoheed and CambriaCD282876 75370 2
Bling When You're Mingin'DustinCD12828767546322828767546322
Dvojkilometrový jeleňChiki liki tu-aCD138287675556 2828767555621
Die Hit-Giganten: WeihnachtenVarious Artists2×CD18 + 1882876 75602 2828767560229
CollectionsLouis ArmstrongCD10828767566920828767566924
CollectionsCarole KingCD1082876756702828767567020
Get LiftedJohn LegendCD1582876758992828767589923
A Place I've Never BeenKate DeAraugoCD1082876762472828767624723
Hoy no me puedo levantarVarious Artists2×CD13 + 1582876765252828767652528
LiftShannon NollCD2828767683720828767683720
Maybe TonightKate DeAraugoCD282876768432828767684321
SATURN Exklusiv Edition: Lounge EditionVarious Artists2×CD15 + 1582876 77056 2828767705620
Like YouBow WowCD282876 77356 2828767735627