Balloon Records (Austrian dance music label and booking agency)

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Krypta Discocathedrale: Church Chill OutVarious ArtistsCD16BR 1208-017699005536017691
Krypta Discocathedrale, Part 8Various ArtistsCD17BR 1208-062699005536062691
Church Chill Out, Volume 4Various ArtistsCD16
Krypta Yellow, Part 12Various Artists2×CD15 + 19BR 012269-29005536122692
Tanzpalast Dance Compilation 9Various ArtistsCD18BR 014069-29005536140696
Krypta Church Chill Out, Part 7Various ArtistsCD16
Bollwerk the Nightclub, Volume 9Various ArtistsCD22BR 017169-29005536171690
Bollwerk The Nightclubs Volume 8Various ArtistsCD20BR 016169-29005536161691
Tanzpalast Dance Compilation 12Various ArtistsCD219005536180692
(I Need a) MiracleCascadeCD5BR 0192699005536192695
Bollwerk - The Nightclubs Vol. 11Various ArtistsCD20BR 019169-29005536191698
Bad BoyCascadaCD13BR 0196699005536196693
Krypta Discocathedrale, Volume 18: FireVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20BR 020269-29005536202691
Biosphere, Volume 7: The EndVarious ArtistsCD23BR 018469-29005536184690
Biosphere, Volume 7: The EndVarious ArtistsCD239005536184690
Made In HollandDJ MNS Vs. DJ E-MaxxCD4BR 022369
Everytime We TouchCascadaCD99005536216698
Tanzpalast Baden: Dance Compilation 15Various ArtistsCD229005536220695
How Do You DoCascadaCD9BR 024869
Tanzpalast Dance Compilation 17Various ArtistsCD23BR 028069-29005536280699
The Remix AlbumCascadaCD14BR 029369-29005536293699
Be DeniedDJ Mafia and Massiv 4 presents Hands Up SquadDigital Media6[none]
Alice In WonderlandHands Up SquadDigital Media5[none]
The RiddleMarco van Bassken12" Vinyl4
The RiddleMarco van BasskenDigital Media8
Shut Up (And Sleep with Me)Ostkurve vs. Sin With SebastianCD8
Krypta Discocathedrale, Vol. 22: SpeedVarious Artists2×CD22 + 23BR 039469-29005536394693
Boogie‐Woogie GoodiesVarious ArtistsCD289005536374695
Cover Hypes, Volume 4Various Artists2×CD23 + 22BR 046089-29005536460695
Renè Rodrigezz CollectionRenè RodrigezzDigital Media10BR 0474 CDR
Alien Nation - The Remix Compilation, Volume 1DJs From Mars(unknown)23
Alien Nation - The Remix Compilation, Volume 2DJs From Mars(unknown)14
Balloon Records presents: Deejays Favourites 2014.2 Fall EditionVarious ArtistsDigital Media35
Never BeforeRude LudeDigital Media4BR0831
Sounds Like a MelodyRude LudeDigital Media3BR0872
A-Danceclub Dance Compilation Vol. 3Various ArtistsCD21BR 022869-29005536228691