Get Ready for This2 UnlimitedCD5BYTE 5006
Get Ready for This2 Unlimited7" Vinyl2BYTE 7006[none]
No Limit2 UnlimitedCD6181.180.3, BYTE 5016[none]
Get Ready!2 UnlimitedCD15BYTE 100-2
Twilight Zone2 UnlimitedCD6BYTE 5008
Workaholic2 UnlimitedCD5BYTE 5013
The Magic Friend2 UnlimitedCD7BYTE 5015[none]
Get Ready!2 UnlimitedCD15CCBK 72226001491212020
No Limit2 UnlimitedCD5PHCR-80244988011335396
Tribal Dance2 UnlimitedCD6BYTE 50205411585050208
No Limits2 UnlimitedCD1401624 15415-2016241541523
No Limits!2 UnlimitedCD16PHCR-11954988011336027
Tribal Dance2 UnlimitedCD601624 15509-2016241550921
Faces2 UnlimitedCD5BYTE 50245411585050246
Power Tracks: Celebrating Japan Visit 19942 UnlimitedCD11PHCR-12354988011338526
Tribal Dance2 Unlimited12" Vinyl4181.225.5, BYTE 120205411585120208
Maximum Overdrive2 UnlimitedCD5181.354.3, BYTE 50255411585050253
No Limits!2 UnlimitedCD14191 206-23259119120629
No Limits!2 UnlimitedCD14920 708-2, BYTE 10125411585010127
No Limits!2 UnlimitedCD16920.708-2, BYTE 101-25411585010127
The 1993 “No Limits” Far East Commemorative CD2 UnlimitedCD8920 899-2[none]
Faces2 UnlimitedCD6BNCD 424
No Limits!2 Unlimited12" Vinyl14BYTE 101-1
Faces2 Unlimited12" Vinyl4BYTE 12024
Send Me An AngelCB MiltonCD6BYTE 5018
Tribal Dance2 UnlimitedCD6BYTE 50205411585050208
Son of a Preacher ManD-LiciousCD4BYTE 50215411585050215
No Limit: Mini Album (special edition)2 UnlimitedCD9CCBK (MC) 72546001491229424
Tribal Dance2 UnlimitedCD11CDBK(FC)72706001491259629
Tribal Dance2 UnlimitedCD5ZYX 7000R-8090204055579
Let the Beat Control Your Body2 UnlimitedCD4PWCD 280745099531621
Think About The WayICE MCCD4BYTE 5030, BYTE5030 M5411585050307
Sin limites2 UnlimitedCD401624-15520-2016241552024
The Real Thing2 UnlimitedCD2190 666.23259119066620
The Real Thing2 UnlimitedCD4PWCD 306745099652821
Real Things2 UnlimitedCD14PHCR-12554988011341601
The Real Thing2 UnlimitedCD501624 15527-2016241552727
Real Things2 UnlimitedCD14C2-54210016241542148
No One2 UnlimitedCD54509 97741 2745099774127
Get Ready for This2 UnlimitedCD501624 15535-2016241553526
Let the Beat Control Your Body2 UnlimitedCD5181.377-2, BYTE 50265411585050260
It's a Loving ThingCB MiltonCD5181.378-2
The Real Thing2 UnlimitedCD4181.448-5, BYTE 50315411585050314
No One2 UnlimitedCD2181.488-3, BYTE 30335411585030330
Real Things2 UnlimitedCD13921346-2
It's My Loving ThingCB MiltonCD13BYTE 102-25411585010226
Real Things2 UnlimitedCD14BYTE 103-25411585010325
Real Things2 UnlimitedCD13BYTE 103-25709862602623
It's a Rainy DayICE MCCD2BYTE 30345411585030347
It's a Loving ThingCB MiltonCD5BYTE 5027
No One2 UnlimitedCD6BYTE 50335411585050338
It's a Rainy DayICE MCCD4BYTE50345411585050345
Here I Go / Nothing Like the Rain2 UnlimitedCD601624 15551-2016241555124
Do What’s Good for Me (CD 1)2 UnlimitedCD50630 12472 2, PWL 322CD1706301247228
Do What’s Good for Me (CD 2)2 UnlimitedCD30630 12473 2, PWL 322CD2706301247327
Hits Unlimited2 UnlimitedCD17PHCR-19104988011347030
Piano EuphoriaAndrew Brix12" Vinyl5BB 12009
Ice 'n' Green: The Remix AlbumICE MCCD12BYTE 105-25401585010524
Hits Unlimited2 UnlimitedCassette17BYTE 106-4
Take Away the Colour ('95 Reconstruction)ICE MCCD2BYTE 30365401585030362
Do What's Good for Me2 UnlimitedCD2BYTE 30445411585350445
Take Away the Colour ('95 Reconstruction)ICE MCCD6BYTE 50365401585050360
Here I Go2 UnlimitedCD5BYTE 50375401585050377
Nothing Like the Rain2 UnlimitedCD4BYTE50405411585550401
Nothing Like The Rain2 UnlimitedCD5BYTE 5040
Do What’s Good for Me2 UnlimitedCD6BYTE 50445411585550449
Bump! Bump! (Booty Shake)740 BoyzCD2BYTE 9550-35411585350506
Here I Go2 UnlimitedCD1CRDJ 15555-2[none]
Best Hits2 UnlimitedCD16
Spread Your Love2 UnlimitedCD75 411585 5560695411585556069
You Belong to MeAntaresCD49602-55411585556021
Show Me the WayCB MiltonCD6BYTE 9601-55411585556014
Spread Your Love2 UnlimitedCD2BYTE 9606-35411585356065
Time Is UpCB MiltonCD6BYTE 9607-55411585556076
Encore une foisSash!CD5BYTE 9618-55411585536184
Jump for Joy2 UnlimitedCD5BYTE 9652-55411585550524
Encore une foisSash!CD5FAM 30381-13296633038115
EcuadorSash!CD2BB 039707-35411585337071
EcuadorSash!CD6BB 039707-55411585537075
Je T'Aime2 LipsCD2BYTE 059710-35411585357109
Show Me HeavenChimiraCD2BYTE 9703-35411585357031
StaySash! feat. La TrecCD6
II2 UnlimitedCD11BY 0598100-25411585258017
Wanna Get Up2 UnlimitedCD812-665811-16, DOS 665811 95099766581194
II2 UnlimitedCD10BYTE 5980125411585258017
Edge of Heaven2 UnlimitedCD5BYTE 059804-55411585558049
Wanna Get Up2 UnlimitedCD6BLRD 1435016721401434
II2 UnlimitedCD12PHCR-19454988011358586
Non‐Stop Mix Best2 UnlimitedCD18PHCR-19514988011360534
Mysterious TimesSash!CD2BB 039809-35411585338092
Life Goes OnSash!CD12BB 0398103-25411585238040
Club Vibes, Volume 5Various ArtistsEnhanced CD21BB 0398104-25411585238057
ElectricSerpent12" Vinyl4BY 039807-12
From Here to ThereCB MiltonCD10BY 0598101-25411585258024
Wanna Get Up2 UnlimitedCD2BYTE 059800-35411585358007
Never Surrender2 UnlimitedCD7BYTE 059811-55411585558117
Give It to MeAtlantis 6CD2BB 039908-35411585339082
Got to Be FreeThe Oh!12" Vinyl4BY 059911-12
Game Mania: Power Hits 1Various ArtistsCD20BYTE 0599100-2