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A Dancing Foot and a Praying Knee Don't Belong on the Same LegScattered Order12" Vinyl7VOLT 1
Escape Via CessnockScattered Order7" Vinyl2VOLT 004
Career of the Silly ThingScattered Order12" Vinyl12VOLT 002
StretcherSevered Heads12" Vinyl10VOLT 003
PetrolSevered Heads7" Vinyl2VOLT 005
The Big Bigot + PropellorSevered Heads2×12" Vinyl11 + 4VOLT 006, VOLT 007
Selling the Axe to Buy the WoodScattered Order12" Vinyl4VOLT 8
Bad Mood GuySevered Heads12" Vinyl10VOLT 010
If I've Told You Once I've Told You a 1000 TimesSevered HeadsVHS10VOLT 011
Kato Gets The GirlSevered HeadsVHS5VOLT 013
Hot With Fleas / CanineSevered Heads12" Vinyl3VOLT NINE
King Of BlipScattered Order7" Vinyl3VOLT 12
ComfortScattered Order2×Vinyl8 + 8VOLT 14
Nearly a Sin / In TimeFalling Joys7" Vinyl2VOLT 016
You're in a MessFalling Joys7" Vinyl2VOLT 23
Greater RewardSevered Heads12" Vinyl3VOLT 015
BulkheadSevered Heads12" Vinyl8VOLT 022
FreemasonBoxcar12" Vinyl4VOLT 18
The GameTackhead12" Vinyl5ATACK 121
Tackhead Tape TimeGary Clail’s Tackhead Sound System12" Vinyl9ATACKLP 1
Since the Accident (with tracks from Blubberknife)Severed HeadsCD18VOLT 020/1
City Slab Horror (with tracks from Blubberknife)Severed HeadsCD17VOLT 020/2
ΩFalling Joys12" Vinyl4VOLT 027
Rotund for SuccessSevered HeadsCD14VOLT 028
InsectBoxcar12" Vinyl6VOLT 030
Rotund For SuccessSevered Heads12" Vinyl12VOLT 28067003003513
Lock ItFalling JoysCD4VOLTCD033
Move It Do Itdb Love12" Vinyl5VOLT 021
RashUps & Downs12" Vinyl4VOLT 319399401003163
Wish ListFalling JoysCD12VOLTCD029
Gas Stop (Who Do You Think You Are)BoxcarCD5VOLTCD034
Lelore RemixBoxcar12" Vinyl4VOLT 36
JenniferFalling JoysCD5VOLTCD035
Cuisine (with Piscatorial)Severed HeadsCD18VOLTCD040
Professional Dead BallScattered OrderCD15VOLTCD041
RetreadSevered HeadsCD9VOLTCD 32
Like Stars in My HandsSingle Gun TheoryCD13VOLTCD 37
IrritableItch‐E & Scratch‐E12" Vinyl3VOLT47
Hit & RunBoxcar12" Vinyl4VOLT 54
600 Miles From NowhereSouth End12" Vinyl4VOLT 64
Hit & RunBoxcarCassette3VOLTC54
From a Million MilesSingle Gun TheoryCD3VOLTCD043
TwisterSevered HeadsCD7VOLTCD045
Revision: The Vertigo RemixesBoxcarCD10VOLTCD0469399700004625
IrritableItch‐E & Scratch‐ECD6VOLTCD0479399700004724
Hit & RunBoxcarCD4VOLTCD054
PsychohumFalling JoysCD12VOLTCD059
High: A Dance CompilationVarious Artists2×CD10 + 10VOLTCD0889399700008821
Black BandagesFalling JoysCD3VOLTCD53
I Am What I SeeSingle Gun TheoryCD5VOLTCD559399700005523
Stranger TractorSwordfishCD11VOLTCD60
Universal HymnBoxcarCD4VOLTCD065
Rave the BraveCeltic Kings of RockCD3VOLTCD067
Ritual of LoveVision Four 5CD4VOLTCD071
Fiesta!Falling JoysCD3VOLTCD0739399700007329
FanaticalSouth EndCD6VOLTCD074
Itch-E Kitch-E KooItch‐E & Scratch‐ECD12VOLTCD0769399700007626
AerialFalling JoysCD12VOLTCD0799399700007923
TextureVision Four 5CD11VOLTCD081
TruckBig Heavy StuffCD14
HumidVision Four 5CD15VOLTCD121
GigapusSevered HeadsCD14VOLTCD080
Sweetness And LightItch‐E & Scratch‐ECD4VOLTCD0869399700008623
Dead Eyes Opened 94Severed HeadsCD5VOLTCD090
The Winner Is...southend with Nik FishCD4VOLTCD094
Everybody Dance '94Various ArtistsCD6VOLTCD099
Flow, River of My SoulSingle Gun TheoryCD12VOLTCD1009399700010022
If You BelieveSouth EndCD4VOLTCD104
Funkify YourselfVision Four 5CD7VOLTCD111
Fanatically RemixedSouth EndCD11VOLTCD114
FallSingle Gun TheoryCD5VOLTCD1199399700011920
What Are You So Happy About?BoxcarCD6VOLTCD85
Trouble & DesireBig Heavy StuffCD6VOLTCD989399700009828
Howling Dog / To the IslandsItch‐E & Scratch‐E12" Vinyl4VOLT 116
Itch-E & Scratch-E ...And Friends...Itch‐E & Scratch‐E2×CD12 + 12VOLTCD0969399700010930
Boiling PointVarious ArtistsCD10VOLTCD101
Bouncing ChamberItch‐E & Scratch‐ECD5VOLTCD106
Covered in BruisesBig Heavy StuffCD5VOLTCD1089399700010824
chapter OneFSOMCD7VOLTCD1129399700007770
Heart of the PartySevered HeadsCD4VOLTCD1209399700012026
Purple LampVision Four 5CD6VOLTCD1319399700007756
Howling DogItch‐E & Scratch‐ECD4VOLTCD116
In The MixVarious ArtistsCD9VOLTCD1519399700012972
DJ/Remixer/Producer... WhateverRobert Racic2×CD12 + 59399700035308
CompilationSouth EndCD1350102020009399700082005