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Fiction Records was founded in 1978 by Chris Parry as a home for The Cure. Other notable acts to release on Fiction around this time were the Purple Hearts, Associates and Eat. The label's first UK #1 record was Wish by The Cure in 1991. The band left the record label in 2001, signing to Geffen at the end of the year.
After several years lying dormant, the label was re-started in 2004 by Joe Munns, Paul Smernicki and Jim Chancellor as an imprint of Polydor/Universal Music. The first release on the 'new' Fiction was the Snow Patrol single Run, followed by the album Final Straw which has sold over 2 million copies around the world. The current (2007) roster includes Ian Brown, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Grates, Stephen Fretwell, The Maccabees, Kate Nash, Elbow and Delays.

Note that since the relaunch, the label uses Polydor's label code LC-00309 and not the original LC-06444 for some of its releases.

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Killing an ArabThe Cure7" Vinyl2
FICS 001
Three Imaginary BoysThe Cure12" Vinyl13
  • GB1979-05-08
FIX 1[none]
Grinding HaltThe Cure12" Vinyl2
Three Imaginary BoysThe Cure12" Vinyl12
FIX 1[none]
Boys Don’t CryThe Cure7" Vinyl2
  • GB1979-06-15
FICS 002[none]
Millions Like UsThe Purple Hearts7" Vinyl2
FICS 003
Jumping Someone Else’s TrainThe Cure7" Vinyl2
  • GB1979-11-20
FICS 005[none]
I’m a Cult HeroCult Hero7" Vinyl2
FICS 006[none]
Three Imaginary BoysThe Cure12" Vinyl12
2383 539[none]
A ForestThe Cure12" Vinyl2
FICSX 10[none]
Boys Don’t CryThe Cure12" Vinyl13
Beat That!The Purple Hearts12" Vinyl11
JimmyThe Purple Hearts7" Vinyl2
Michael & MirandaThe Passions12" Vinyl12
FIX 003
PrimaryThe Cure12" Vinyl2
FICSX 12[none]
FaithThe Cure12" Vinyl8
  • DE1981-04-11
FaithThe Cure12" Vinyl8
  • GB1981-04-14
fix 6[none]
FaithThe Cure12" Vinyl8
  • GB1981-04-14
PrimaryThe Cure7" Vinyl2
Charlotte SometimesThe Cure7" Vinyl2
  • GB1981-10-13
Charlotte SometimesThe Cure12" Vinyl3
FICSX 14[none]
PornographyThe Cure12" Vinyl8
  • GB1982-05-03
FIXD 7[none]
A SingleThe Cure2×7" Vinyl2 + 2
  • GB1982-07-12
The Hanging GardenThe Cure7" Vinyl2
  • GB1982-07-12
FICS 15[none]
Let’s Go to BedThe Cure7" Vinyl2
  • GB1982-11-02
Let’s Go to BedThe Cure12" Vinyl2
  • GB1982-11-02
FICSX 17[none]
PornographyThe Cure12" Vinyl8
2383 639
The Affectionate PunchThe AssociatesCassette10
SPEMC 33[none]
The Upstairs Room / The Dream / The Walk / LamentThe Cure12" Vinyl4
  • GB1983-07-05
ficsx 18
The Upstairs Room / The Dream / The Walk / LamentThe Cure12" Vinyl4
  • GB1983-07-05
FICSX 18[none]
The WalkThe Cure7" Vinyl2
  • GB1983-07-27
fics 18
The LovecatsThe Cure7" Vinyl2
  • GB1983-10-18
The LovecatsThe Cure12" Vinyl3
  • GB1983-10-18
FICSX 19[none]
The LovecatsThe Cure12" Vinyl3
815 570-1ME042281557019
Japanese WhispersThe Cure12" Vinyl8
  • GB1983-12-06
FIXM 8[none]
The Walk / The Dream / The Upstairs Room / LamentThe Cure12" Vinyl4
813 715-1 ME042281371516
Boys Don’t CryThe CureCassette13
815 011‐4, SPEMC 26[none]
Japanese WhispersThe CureVinyl8
817 470-1042281747014
Boys Don’t CryThe Cure12" Vinyl13
SPELP 26[none]
The CaterpillarThe Cure12" Vinyl3
FICSX 20[none]
The TopThe Cure12" Vinyl10
  • FR1984-05-22
821 136-1042282113610
The TopThe Cure12" Vinyl10
  • GB1984-05-22
Excerpt: The Cure LiveThe Cure12" Vinyl2
881 448-1, 881 448-1 ME042288144816
The CaterpillarThe Cure7" Vinyl2
FICS 20[none]
I Want to Be a TreeTim Pope12" Vinyl3
Concert: The Cure Live / Curiosity: Cure Anomalies 1977–1984The CureCassette20
FIXHC 10042282368249
In Between DaysThe Cure7" Vinyl2
  • GB1985-07-19
FICS 22042288327073
In Between DaysThe Cure12" Vinyl3
  • GB1985-07-19
FICSX 22042288327011
The Head on the DoorThe Cure12" Vinyl10
  • GB1985-08-13
FIXH 11042282723116
Close to MeThe Cure12" Vinyl3
  • GB1985-09-17
FICSX 23042288336112
Japanese Whispers (Medium: Silver (unprinted) Background)The CureCD8
817 470-2042281747021
The Head on the DoorThe Cure12" Vinyl10
827 231-1042282723116
The Head on the Door (silver, PolyGram)The CureCD10
827 231-2, 827 231-2--10042282723123
Boys Don’t Cry (new voice • club mix)The Cure12" Vinyl3
  • GB1986-04-08
FICSX 24042288393719
Standing on a Beach: The Singles (and Unavailable B‐Sides)The CureCassette25
  • GB1986-05-01
FIXHC 12042282923943
Boys Don’t CryThe CureCD13
815 011-2042281501128
Standing on a Beach: The SinglesThe Cure12" Vinyl13
829 239-1042282923912
Boys Don’t Cry (new voice • new mix)The Cure7" Vinyl2
FICS 24042288393771
Standing on a Beach: The SinglesThe Cure12" Vinyl13
FIXH 12042282923912
Why Can’t I Be You?The Cure7" Vinyl2
FICS 25042288845478
Why Can’t I Be You?The Cure12" Vinyl2
FICSX 25042288845416
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss MeThe CureCassette18
  • GB1987-05-05
CatchThe Cure7" Vinyl2
  • GB1987-06-27
FICS 26042288868873
CatchThe Cure12" Vinyl4
FICSE 26042288872818
CatchThe Cure12" Vinyl3
FICSX 26042288868811
Just Like HeavenThe CureCD3
  • GB1987-10-20
Just Like HeavenThe Cure7" Vinyl2
FICS 27042288710479
Hot Hot Hot!!!The CureCD3
887 330-2, FIXCD28042288733027
Hot Hot Hot!!!The Cure7" Vinyl2
FICSDJ 28[none]
Close to MeThe CureCDV5
080 180-2044008018025
In Between DaysThe CureCDV6
080 182-2044008018223
Why Can't I Be You?The CureCDV4
080 184-2044008018421
CatchThe CureCDV5
080 186-2044008018629
The Head on the Door (PDO, silver lettering)The CureCD10
827 231-2, 827 231-2--10042282723123
The Head on the Door (PDO, blue lettering)The CureCD10
827 231-2, 827 231-2--10042282723123
LullabyThe CureCD4
LullabyThe Cure12" Vinyl3
FICSX 29042287199114
DisintegrationThe Cure12" Vinyl10
839 353-1, FIXH 14042283935310
LovesongThe Cure7" Vinyl2
FICS 30042288984474
Love BoxThe Cure7" Vinyl2
Stranger than FictionVarious ArtistsCD6
  • GB1989-12-15
S CIFCD 3 01[none]
Disco RigidoDie Warzau12" Vinyl10
839 673-1042283967311
Lullaby (silver injection label)The Cure7" Vinyl2
Lullaby (pink vinyl)The Cure12" Vinyl3
EntreatThe CureCD6
Pictures of YouThe CureCD3
  • DE1990-03-06
FICDA 34042287390924
Pictures of YouThe Cure12" Vinyl3
  • GB1990-03-19
877 079-1, FIXPA 34042287707913
EntreatThe CureCD8
FIXCD 17[none]
Entreat (made in UK by PDO)The CureCD8
843 359-2, FIXCD 17042284335928
Never EnoughThe CureCD3
Close to Me (Closest mix)The Cure7" Vinyl2
  • GB1990-10-16
fics 36042287914670
Close to MeThe Cure7" Vinyl2
  • GB1990-10-22
fics DJ 36042287914670
Close to Me (Closer mix)The CureCD3
ficdr 36042287916520
Close to Me (remix)The Cure12" Vinyl3
ficsx 36042287914717
Close to MeThe Cure12" Vinyl3
A ForestThe CureCD2
Boys Don’t CryThe CureCD12
815 011-2042281501128
A ForestThe CureCD3
867 385-2042286738529
Never EnoughThe CureCD3
877 899-2042287789926
Songs From a New Album: Mixed UpThe CureCD4
cure pro cd 1[none]