Distance (French techno subsiduary of Substance)

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Selected Ambient Works 85–92Aphex TwinCD13DIST 003 CD3512841100322
ClassicsThe Aphex TwinCD13DIST004CD3512841100421
Different JourneysThe Source ExperienceCD8Di0062
Apollo 2: The Divine CompilationVarious Artists2×CD10 + 9Di0122
Deep SpaceModel 500CD9DI 0142
Distance to Goa 1Various ArtistsCD10Di01523512841101527
Distance to Goa 2Various ArtistsCD10Di01723512841101725
Techno Sound of Distance 1Various ArtistsCD11Di01823512841101824
Cosmic TranceVarious ArtistsCD9Di 02423512841102425
Jelly TonesKen IshiiCD8Di0302
Chasers / The ShitKenny Larkin / Sean Deason12" Vinyl2Di03863512841103866
Boyd In The VoidVarious ArtistsCD5Di 03923512841103927
In Order to Dance, Volume 6: Session One: Drum-N-BassVarious Artists2×CD10 + 11Di0402
SurgeSpeed JackCD11Di0412
The Promised LandChakra & Edi MisCD8Di0442
TwistedHallucinogenCD8Sub 4800.23512842480027
Distance to TechnolandVarious ArtistsCD11
Bernard Trax EPBernard Badie12" Vinyl4Di0576
MotivationBernard Badie feat. Louis Lang12" Vinyl4Di0626
The Party Treats EPBernard Badie & DJ Mel12" Vinyl4Di0706
Shadowland EPGemini12" Vinyl4Di0596
There's a Place (Deep in Your Heart)DJ Mel12" Vinyl4Di0616
A Distance to MaxVarious ArtistsCD10Sub 4854.2[none]
Disco Connection: Mixed by Joey NegroVarious ArtistsCD17SUB 4867.23512842486722
The Future Sound of AmericaVarious ArtistsCD10TWR 4849.2
Come HomeDJB Productions12" Vinyl4Di07263512841107260
Techno Methods, Volume 1: LondonKeith FielderCD17Di0832
Techno Methods, Volume 2Jack de MarseilleCD23Di1032
Celluloid: The Electro Years: Why Is It Fresh?Various ArtistsCD12Di 10623512841110628
212 (Weya Funk)Bronx Dogs12" Vinyl2DI1186
My House, Volume 03DJ Jef KCD10Di07423512841107420
In MotionLuke SolomonCD17Di07923512841107925
The BeginningKings of TomorrowCD13Di08493512841108496
Dance 2000, Part 2Larry HeardCD11Di0862
Dance 2000: The Glasgow ConnectionLarry Heard12" Vinyl2Di0866
Sound TraxxBernard BadieCD17Di08923252419089221
French Sessions, Volume 03: A Summer Mix by DJ Jef K. ParisDJ Jef KCD13Di09023512841109028
Chapitre 1Various ArtistsCD10Di10423512841110420
Distance to Goa 7Various ArtistsCD9Di11023512841111021
Coconut JamUSG presents African Blues12" Vinyl3Di11363512841111366
French Sessions, Volume 01Jérôme PacmanCD14Di15223252417415220
French Sessions, Volume 02DJ BertrandCD14Di15223252417415220
French Sessions, Volume 03: A Summer Mix by DJ Jef K. ParisDJ Jef KCD13Di15223252417415220
Highway & Landscape, Volume 2: Deep Beats & Chilled BreaksVarious ArtistsCD10
In Motion #2Kevin YostCD13Di11123512841111120
Dance 2000: The Chicago ConnectionLarry Heard12" Vinyl3Di13563252419135669
French Sessions, Volume 4Various ArtistsCD11Di1052
House Proud, Vol. 1Various Artists2×CD10 + 10Di 10023252417410027
My House: The CollectionDJ Jef K3×CD10 + 9 + 10Di14823252417414827
In LoveBernard Badie feat. Donna Blasingame12" Vinyl3Di1516
Highway & LandscapeVarious Artists2×CD11 + 9Di1592
Live in the MixDJ RomanthonyCD14Di1092
SommoreQiana Tara12" Vinyl4Di10963252419109660
Color in Rhythm Stimulate Mind FreedomAfrican BluesCD13Di1132
SunpowerUSG presents African Blues12" Vinyl2Di11373252419113773
One Starry NightKevin Yost2×CD12 + 7Di1222, Di12233252417412236
One Starry NightKevin YostCD12Di12233252417412236
If She Only KnewKevin Yost12" Vinyl3Di1226, S0473252419122256
My House, Volume 04DJ Jef KCD10Di1372
In Motion #3Paul JohnsonCD17Di1392
Innerside '99 Remixes, Part 1Shazz feat. Ken Norris12" Vinyl3Di1437
Distance to Goa 8Various Artists2×CD9 + 10Di17023252417417026
Straight Outa the Boon DoxKevin YostCD13Di17123252417417125
It's in the LifestyleKings of TomorrowCD13Di09923252417409922
Rhythm ExposedAlton Miller2×12" Vinyl4 + 4Di1331
Distance to Goa 9Various Artists2×CD9 + 10Di19923252417417026
ConquistadorsKevin Yost12" Vinyl2Di2036
Tear It Up: Lenny Fontana RemixesKings of Tomorrow12" Vinyl3Di0998
London CallingVarious ArtistsCD11Di11923252419119256
Codachromes Chapter TwoVarious ArtistsCD11Di17823252417417828
My House, Volume 05DJ Jef KCD9Di1962
Highway & Landscape 3Various Artists2×CD10 + 13Di1952
San Francisco CallingVarious ArtistsCD11Di20623252417420620
FinallyKings of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight12" Vinyl3Di0995
House Proud, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD9 + 9Di 20023252417420026
Porno Chic 2001Various ArtistsCD10Di2112
Halcyon DaysMikael DeltaCD14Di2011 / 2012743218656125
Highway and Landscape 3Various Artists2×CD10 + 13Di1952
House Proud: A Distance Compilation, Vol. 2 (limited release)Various ArtistsCD9Di20033252417420033
FinallyKings of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight2×12" Vinyl2 + 2Di2026
Road Less TraveledKevin YostCD13Di20323252417420323
French Sessions, Volume 06: Mixed by DJ Rork, ParisDJ RorkCD11Di20823252417420828
Distance to Goa 10Various Artists2×CD9 + 10Di21523252417421528
Il Parlait Pas Français - Larry Heard & Fredrik Stark MixesHanna Haïs(unknown)2Di2326
I'm Not KeenMikael Delta With Billie Ray Martin12" Vinyl3Di2396
Diamond LifeLouie Vega & Jay 'Sinister' Sealee starring Julie McKnightCD3Di2409
MeltMikael DeltaCD4Di 20183252417420187
I'm Not KeenMikael Delta with Billie Ray MartinCD6
VulnerableMikael Delta(unknown)7
Tallinn Express EPRulers of the Deep12" Vinyl2Di2486
Distance to Goa 1Various ArtistsCD10Di01523512841101527
Distance to Goa 2Various ArtistsCD10Di01723512841101725