Castle Communications (primary imprint of Castle Communications PLC)

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I guess what's written below can be ignored. Seems to be outdated and pretty inaccurate.

This label was once an umbrella company for a number of reissue subsidiaries, like Castle Music etc.
It doesn't appear to exist anymore, though all these subsidiaries are now found under the Sanctuary Records Group.
It's not clear whether Castle Communications was a subdivision of Sanctuary, or if it existed independently prior to being bought.
Anyhow, theorically no records should be found there (as it was an umbrella company), but under one of their subsidiaries - these still here await proper researches and should be shuffled to the correct subsidiary.
There exist a few confirmed exceptions to this statement:
* CHC 7116
* MBSCD 419
* CTVCD 123

Annotation last modified on 2015-03-03 22:31 UTC.


White Boy BluesVarious ArtistsCD20
CCSCD 1035013428701034
The Nice CollectionThe NiceCD11
CCSCD 1065013428701065
The CollectionProcol HarumCD14
CCSCD 1205013428731208
The CollectionCat StevensCD20
CCSCD 1275017615912722
The CollectionUFO4×12" Vinyl2 + 3 + 5 + 3