EMI Music Italy (main imprint of EMI Music Italy S.p.A./EMI Music Italy S.r.l.)

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the greater likelihood is that releases issued earlier than ca. 1996–97 don't belong here, but to either the main EMI imprint or to some other specific imprint. (several have already been moved out based on discogs cover art evidence.)

only use this label for:
1) releases showing the EMI Music Italy logo
2) releases that credit EMI Music Italy as a brand specifically, rather than the record company behind this label (namely EMI Music Italy S.p.A. from ca. 1997–2007, and EMI Music Italy S.r.l. from ca. 2007–present)
(it.wikipedia.org places the renaming to its present EMI Music Italy S.r.l. as 2013, but images at discogs again prove that releases as far back as 2007 had already begun using that name)

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L’isola non trovataFrancesco Guccini12" Vinyl10
MalachiMalachi12" Vinyl9
C054 23286[none]
Io vagabondo / EternoNomadiVinyl2
  • IT1972-03-31
Un uomo in crisiClaudio Lolli12" Vinyl9
  • IT1973-03-13
3C 064-17873
L'uovo di ColomboL'uovo di Colombo12" Vinyl8