Victor (Japanese “His Master’s Voice” imprint)

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Releases that should be added directly to this label should have the “Dog and Phonograph” (“His Master’s Voice”) Victor imprint, usually on the front flap of the obi.

Do not assume that your catalog number prefix makes this the right label - "Victor" is only one of a couple dozen labels run by Victor Entertainment and and the "VICL" catno template does not indicate which label.

Note that the “V and triangle” logo on the obi spine indicates the company Victor Entertainment, meaning it is present on all Victor Entertainment releases, including sublabels which do not belong here. A list of divisions and labels of Victor Entertainment can be found here :

The catalog numbers with the four-letter format XXXX-NNNNN used on many modern Victor releases contain some information about the sublabel and format of the release. How to decode them is described below: (Please extend and correct this list if you have additional information.)

First two Letters:

Third Letter (Media format): See ja:規格品番 (Wikipedia)

Fourth Letter (Sublabel/distributor/other?):

  • B - FlyingStar and BabeStar Label releases
  • F - Video releases of TV show series; generally should not be added to Musicbrainz.
  • J - Unknown; this might be for JVC?
  • L - Normal.
  • P - Unknown; often (but not exclusively) used on releases by foreign artists.
  • Y - Bonus discs (often included in boxes where the third letter is Z.)

First digits of number (Release type): (For releases with 5-digit numbers only)

  • 1 and 3 - Single
  • 6 - Album
  • 7 - Compilation/Best releases
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If You Look In Her Eyes / Blue BirdElizabeth Dickerson Spencer10" Shellac2
  • US1918-02-25
Botaepyeongjiak: Huimun (ritual) / Pyojeongmanbangjigok: Sangnyeongsan (banquet) (original 1928 release)The Yiwangjik A-Ak Society of Chosun10" Shellac2
  • -1928
When My Dreams Come True / Just Another KissFranklyn Baur10" Shellac2