La Canción del Default 2002Canal Pop feat. Fede NavarroDigital Media1
  • US2002-06-22
Southern Waves: Argentinian Tribute to Classic ElectropopVarious ArtistsCD14
ES 22027796095006814
We Never Play Live in Buenos Aires EPCanal Pop feat. Gaby LaguzziDigital Media4
  • US2007-06-19
Cool in Japan [Single 01]Canal Pop feat. Gaby LaguzziDigital Media3
  • US2007-07-10
Cool in Japan [Single 02]Canal Pop feat. Gaby LaguzziDigital Media5
  • US2007-08-07
Ecstatic Days (Single 01)Canal PopDigital Media3
  • US2008-06-20
An Electro Tribute to OasisCanal Pop feat. Lara SambertDigital Media12
  • US2010-05-24
High Class Girls & Lo Fi BoysCanal Pop feat. PoletteDigital Media4
  • US2012-01-23
ElectricityCanal PopDigital Media2
  • US2012-09-24
Don't Bring Me DownCanal Pop feat. Gaby LaguzziDigital Media1
  • US2014-04-07
I Want You (To Be My Baby)Canal Pop feat. PoletteDigital Media2
  • US2014-08-05
An Electro Tribute to AbbaSoftcore Express feat. PoletteDigital Media4
  • -2015-03-13
I Feel LoveCanal Pop feat. Josefina AufrancDigital Media1
  • US2015-05-01
Come to My WorldCanal Pop feat. Josefina AufrancDigital Media2
  • US2015-10-02
I Want You (To Be My Baby) - German Kreff DubCanal Pop feat. PoletteDigital Media1
  • US2017-02-17