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The Ukrainian company «Moon Records Ukraine» (officially – private enterprise "Studio" MOON ») has begun the activity in August, 1997; before independent firm registration, founders practised activity in recording business as a part of one of the first organisations importing audio-cassette production to Ukraine, and then entered into the first five of manufacturers of audiocassettes of the country and importers of compact discs.

From the very beginning of existence «Moon Records Ukraine» interests of the company have been directed on an alternative (independent) scene, the extreme directions at times reaching a deep underground and avant-guard. Long-term work with invariable principles of activity focused brightly allocated the organisation for non-standard "not pop" directions of music among other manufacturers and distributors of musical production that has allowed to get the companies the settled status and a name.

Improving and expanding the activity, the company «Moon Records Ukraine» is conditionally divided into two directions: having adjusted work with foreign partners in distribution of their editions in Ukraine as «MOON» - the distributor, and directly contacting to actors and publishing albums as a label, acts in the status «MOON»-pablishing.

Expanding sphere of trade of state of emergency «Studio "MOON" starts publishing house and дистрибьюции optical data carriers in format DVD, registering the new trade mark – «MOON DVD». Catalogue DVD sates a large quantity of musical programs – concert performances and collections of videoclips, documentary and feature films, sports, training and entertaining programs.

The company «Moon Records Ukraine» works, keeping accent on alternative musical directions, but thus does not limit the distribution the catalogue and does not close a circle of the interests on certain musical styles. Competently having generated promo/pr-support to all releases, the company «Moon Records Ukraine / MOON DVD» leaves on leading positions of sales of carriers in Ukraine and breaks records on assortment.

«MOON» - publishing conducts the vigorous activity on expansion of the catalogue of the Ukrainian executors. The strict reporting and regular payment of a royalty to actors, allow the company to gain trust of leading domestic collectives and executors. Modern technologies in the field of Internet sales and a mobile content demand progressive decisions in this connection there is new division "Publishing house MOON". Publishing house activity is directed on management of the rights and the control of use of the rights by the third parties, suppression of wrongful uses of the rights, gathering of the award for public use/execution, etc. – full protection of interests of authors and the executors who are partners.

In the field of work with mechanical carriers now «Moon Records Ukraine / MOON DVD» carries out exclusively wholesale trade in disks of a format of CD and DVD, having own two large warehouses in Kiev.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Delirium Extremens или Экстремальный Бред Белая Горячка CD 15 MN - 008
Thresholds Nocturnus Cassette 8
Touch to Sacramento She Cries Cassette 9 MN-003
Туловище Шмели CD 16 MN - 066
In Black Velvet Streams St. Valentine's Day Cassette 6
Очі, сповнені гніву Сокира Перуна Cassette 11
Український патріот Бульдог Cassette 11
Три Роки ПосміШОК Bombtrack CD 10 MN - 135 4820011260011
Satanica Behemoth Cassette 8 [none] 4820011260011
Красный Марш Гражданская оборона Cassette 22 MN-089
Очі, сповнені гніву Сокира Перуна CD 11 MNCD-069
Би-2 Би-2 CD 12 MR 980-2 4030000208676
Hardcore moldovenesc Zdob și Zdub CD 16 MNCD-260
Європейська єдність Сокира Перуна Cassette 8 MN-158
Ворождень Ворождень Cassette 12 MN-196
White Terror in Kharkiv Сокира Перуна / Whites Load Cassette 13 MN-233
Terrorist De Shifer CD 12 MNCD-030
Європейська єдність Сокира Перуна CD 11 MNCD-070
Remixы Zdob și Zdub CD 11 MNCD-122 4820011260011
Take My Hate Rasta CD 13 MNCD-158 4820011260011
Staring at the Sea: The Singles The Cure CD 17 MR-1142-2 042282923929
Craving Violent Dirge CD 10 MNCD-057
Viva Emptiness Katatonia CD 13 CDVILEF103 4601250333366
Оранжевое настроение — II Чайф CD 21 MNCD - 222 4820011260011
Sexy Lady Blackout Cassette 12 MR-597-4 4820011260011
Against Sepultura CD 15 MR 678-2 016861870027
Бездна Te Deum CD 9 MR 694-2
Вавилон Кипелов CD 3 MR-706-2
Рифматит Контра Да Банда feat. Серёга CD 13 MR 711-2 4820011260011
Рассвет Алёна Винницкая CD 12 MR 780-2
Lemon Lюk CD 14 MR-790-2
White Trash Beautiful Everlast CD 15 MR-796-2 4605026002814
Padlo Борщ CD 20 MR-820-2
Jazzy Live Танок на майдані Конґо & Схід-Side CD 13 MR 922-2
007 Алёна Винницкая CD 14 MR 1052-2 060121120926
Синдром бажання ТОЛ CD 15 MR 1465-2 4820011260011
Сила Танок на майдані Конґо CD 22 MR 1485-2
25 Years of Anarchy and Chaos - Live in St. Petersburg The Exploited DVD 27 MD-0154-0
Олег Скрипка презентує пісні барикад Various Artists CD 16 MR-1035-2 4820011260011
Pyatnitsa 5’nizza CD 19 MR-1037-2
Лучшие песни Земляне CD 12 MR 1043-2
Трампл:ни Гуд:мов CD 12 MR 1088-2 4820011260011
Я є (Remastered) Друга ріка Enhanced CD 12 MR 1103-2 4820011260011
Remixodelica Messer für Frau Müller CD 18 MR 1125-2
Скаты! Саша и Сирожа (unknown) 14 MR-1154-2
Философия Чуда Vitas CD 13 MR-1258-2
Мама Vitas CD 12 MR-1259-2 4601777302609
Земфира Земфира CD 14 MR-1264-2 4601777300360
Just Crazy Death Valley Screamers CD 13 MR 1303-2
Забув Танок на майдані Конґо CD 7 MR 1335-2 4820011260011
Реки времён Кипелов CD 9 MR 1336-2
Спалахнув… De Shifer CD 11 MR 1445-2
The Archaic Abattoir Aborted CD 10 MR 2034-2 4820011260011
Нумер 482 Нумер 482 CD 13 MR 1960-2
Истерика в стерео Тайный Заговор CD 20 MR 1684-2
1221 Океан Ельзи CD 21 MR 1931-2
Мой ласковый и нежный зверь: Музыка из кинофильма Евгений Дога CD 21 MR 1600-2 4820011260011
Far Away Борщ Vs DVS CD 13 MR 1619-2 4820011260011
Паразіта кусок Борщ CD 14 MR 1638-2 4820011260011
2 войны Слот CD 14 MR 1655-2 4820011260011
Tourist Zone Lюk CD 15 MR 1665-2 4820011260011
Зроби Мені Хіп-Хоп Танок на майдані Конґо CD 24 MR 1698-2 4820011260011
Нєформат Танок на майдані Конґо CD 34 MR 1699-2
ReФорматЦія Танок на майдані Конґо CD 31 MR 1700-2
Пожежі міста Вавілон Танок на майдані Конґо CD 29 MR 1701-2
Гламур Скрябін CD 13 MR 1792-2
Допомогти так легко Ірина Білик CD 17 MR 1826-2
Come Clarity In Flames CD 13 MR 1846-2 4820011260011
Strong Enough Hellion CD 6 MR 1898-2
Иіцкій Аун Євгеній Рогачевський 2×CD 14 + 25 MR 1899-2 4820011260011
Книга Мертвых Amatory CD 13 MR 1901-2
Веселі, брате, часи настали… Океан Ельзи CD 1 MR 1926-2 4820011260011
Teplaya Reka Мика Ньютон CD 19 MR 1953-2 4820011260011
Теплая Река Мика Ньютон CD 19 MR 1953-2 4820011260011
Hot Fuss The Killers CD 11 MR 830-2 5060073770069
White Nino Katamadze & Insight CD 11
Закліпані пісні, або бачили очі що купували Тартак CD 16
Обручальная Авраам Руссо CD 14 4607115991894
Старая машина Андрей Макаревич и Оркестр Креольского Танго CD 13
Я — рэп St1m CD 17 MR 2177-2 4601250346380
Міра Океан Ельзи CD 12 MR 2190-2 4820011260011
Вибране… Океан Ельзи CD 20
Электро Алёна Винницкая CD 12 MR 1987-2
Монопол:я Гуд:мов CD 12 MR 2007-2 4820011260011
Я — рэп St1m CD 18 MR 2177-2
Утопия ТОЛ CD 16 MR 2189-2 4820011260011
Between Two Worlds I CD 11 MR 2237-2 4820011260011
Big Fish DVS CD 12 MR 2357-2 4820011260011
Cool Cool Death! Mujuice CD 13 MR 2378-2 4820072120460
Тримай Бумбокс CD 7 MR 2397-2
Тримай Бумбокс CD 8 MR 2397-2-FULL
Dawn Fatali CD 10 MR 2403-2
Hau Ruck KMFDM CD 11 MR 2459-2 4601250345628
Sex Lюk CD 15 MR 2474-2 4820011260011
Over the Under Down CD 12 MR 2490-2 016861795627
Спасибо Земфира CD 12 MR 2512-2 4606464036805
Вендетта Земфира CD 15 MR 2515-2 4820011260011
Live! - Выступление в клубе «Рок-Сити», г. Новосибирск, 17.05.2004 Гражданская оборона CD 21 MR 2594-2 4820011260011
Kamasutra Hits Various Artists CD 14
Bestseller Тайный Заговор CD 13 MR 2896-2