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Messin' With My Mind / I Was in the NeighborhoodClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
Unchained at LastSlave12" Vinyl8
ICH 1002
If You Let Me Take You Home / So You're Leaving MeClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
Strokin' / Love Me With FeelingClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
Dr. C.C.Clarence Carter12" Vinyl8
ICH 1003
I Feel It / Slip AwayClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
Dr. C.C. / I Stayed Away Too LongClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
Grandpa Can't Fly His Kite / What'd I SayClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
Dr. C.C.Clarence CarterCD8
ICH 1003-CD019011100326
Nothin' But The BluesGary B.B. Coleman12" Vinyl8
ICH 1005
Make BelieveSlave12" Vinyl8
ICH 1009019011100913
Hooked On LoveClarence Carter12" Vinyl8
Drac AttackDrac12" Vinyl6
You Make Me So HotBarbara Lynn12" Vinyl3
Trying to Sleep Tonight / Try MeClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
Just for KicksRichy Kicklighter12" Vinyl10
ICH 1019019011101910
DriveRoy AyersCD8
ICH 1028 CD
Slave 88Slave12" Vinyl8
Touch of BluesClarence Carter12" Vinyl8
ICH 1032
One Night StandGary B.B. Coleman12" Vinyl8
ICH 1034019011103419
Wake UpRoy AyersCD7
  • US1989-05-02
ICH 1040 CD019011104027
Kiss You All Over / Dance to the BluesClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
In a MoodHarry CaseCD10
ICH 1037019011103723
In a MoodHarry Case12" Vinyl10
ICH 1037
…And HoldingThe Three DegreesCD8
ICH 1041 CD019011104126
Trudy Sings The BluesTrudy Lynn12" Vinyl8
ICH 1043
Thangs Got to ChangeArtie “Blues Boy” WhiteCD9
ICH 1044019011104423
In The NightRichy KicklighterCD8
ICH 1051
Why Do I Stay Here and Take This Shit From You / It's a Man Down ThereClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
ICH 89-164
Of All Time: Classic CollectionCurtis MayfieldCD16
  • US1990-10-17
I'm Between a Rock and a Hard Place / Dance to the BluesClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
The Blues DoctorDrink SmallCD9
ICH 01062019011106229
ICH 1055-2
Apples & LemonsNappy Brown12" Vinyl9
ICH 1056019011105611
Apples & LemonsNappy BrownCD9
ICH 1056 CD019011105628
Come to MamaTrudy LynnCD9
ICH 1063
The Best Of Gary B.B. ColemanGary B.B. Coleman12" Vinyl12
ICH 1065
Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceClarence Carter12" Vinyl9
ICH 1068
Disciple of the BluesSonny RhodesCD9
  • US1991-07-01
ICH 9002019011900223
Let's Swamp AwhileSmokeHouseCD10
  • US1991-07-01
ICH 9003019011900322
The Best of Clarence Carter: The Dr.'s Greatest PrescriptionsClarence CarterCD12
  • US1991-07-14
ICH 1116019011111629
Things Ain't Like They Used to Be / Pickin' 'em Up, Layin' Em DownClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
I Ain't Leaving Girl / If You See My LadyClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
Da Soul Man2nd PowerCD10
ICH 1102019011110226
I’ll Always Love YouTyrone DavisCD8
ICH 1103719011110324
Back to the BluesChick WillisCD9
  • -1991
ICH 1106019011110622
Romance Without Finance Is A NuisanceGary B.B. Coleman12" Vinyl8
ICH 1107019011110714
Romance Without Finance Is A NuisanceGary B.B. ColemanCD8
ICH 1107019011110721
Be Who 2Blues Boy WillieCD8
ICH 1119019011111926
Ichiban Blues at Christmas Volume OneVarious ArtistsCD10
ICH 1126 CD019011112626
Aw! ShucksNappy Brown12" Vinyl9
ICH 9006019011900612
Aw! ShucksNappy BrownCD9
ICH 9006019011900629
Aw! ShucksNappy BrownCassette9
ICH 9006019011900643
Dancing With the DevilAlex TaylorCD10
ICH 9007
Love DesperadoJerry “Boogie” McCainCD9
ICH 9008
Houserockin' DaddyLuther 'Houserocker' Johnson12" Vinyl10
ICH 9010
Chicago BluesSteady Rollin' Bob MargolinCD15
POW 4105019011410524
Street CarolsVarious ArtistsCD15
  • -1991
Swamp JiveSmokeHouseCD10
  • US1992-04-13
Cookin'Bill Wharton and the IngredientsCD11
  • -1992-04-13
The Power of RhymeKid SensationCassette16
  • US1992-04-28
NMR 7101-MC019011710143
King's HighwayRichy KicklighterCD10
"G" Spot / Hot DogClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
Hand Me Down Love / Let's Get a QuickieClarence Carter7" Vinyl2
Holdin’ Hands With the BluesChick WillisCD10
ICH 1134019011113425
Too Much WeekendGary B.B. ColemanCD7
ICH 1140-CD019011114026
Have You Met Clarence Carter... Yet?Clarence CarterCD10
ICH 1141-CD019011114125
The Funk Strikes BackSlaveCD10
ICH 1144-CD
A Dog Don't Wear No ShoesKip AndersonCD8
ICH 1146CD019011114620
Struttin' My StuffJerry "Boogie" McCainCD8
ICH 9020-CD
Crazy ManFloyd Miles & FriendsCD10
ICH 9022-CD
The New BreedMC BreedCD12
  • US1993-04-23
WRA 8120-2019011812021
Bluntly SpeakingKiloCD11
I'll Run Your Hurt AwayTrudy LynnCD10
ICH 1158019011115825
A Knife and a ForkKip AndersonCD10
ICH 1160-2019011116020
LovescapeKevin Toney(unknown)13
ICH 1167-2019011116723
Old School FlavaThe Treacherous ThreeCD10
  • US1994-03-01
WRA 8128019011812823
Rock 'N' SoulMillie JacksonCD14
  • US1994-10-25
ICH 1501-2019011150123
Ichiban Blues at Christmas, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD11
ICH 1173-2019011117324
Juke Joint BluesBlues Boy WillieCD9
ICH 1181-2019011118123
Just One Look: The Best of Doris TroyDoris TroyCD21
SCL 2504019011250427
The Best of Barbara Lynn: The Atlantic YearsBarbara LynnCD20
SCL 2505-2019011250526
The Best of the Sweet InspirationsThe Sweet InspirationsCD19
SCL 2506-2019011250625
Seatown FunkKid SensationCD12
  • US1995-04-25
Laboratory of SoundThe FleshtonesCD69
  • US1995-09-12
It's a Man's WorldM.C. Unlimited12" Vinyl4
12-PO 323
481704 2
A Different StoryDeadeye DickCD11
CDEMCJ (WF) 55966002140687329
Laboratory of SoundThe FleshtonesCD13
Stay With Me / The Best of Lorraine EllisonLorraine EllisonCD23
SCL 2106
Sweet Soul Music: The Best of Arthur ConleyArthur ConleyCD22
SLC 2105-2019011210520
Juke Joint BluesBlues Boy WillieCD9
  • -1995
(Let's Go) Smoke Some PotDash Rip Rock7" Vinyl2
ICH 1187-2019011118727
Never, Never Leave Me - The 20th Century SidesMary WellsCD18
SCL 2109-2019011210926
It's Gonna Take a Miracle: The MGM SidesThe RoyalettesCD18
SCL 2110-2019011211022
She Didn't Know: The Atco SessionsDee Dee WarwickCD22
SCL 2111-2019011211121
Yodeling the ClassicsMary SchneiderCD12
  • US1997-10-21