Columbia Records Nashville

A modern branch of Sony BMG focussing on country artists. Has sister labels Arista Nashville and BNA Records. These are grouped together under the Sony BMG Nashville umbrella, along with some artists on RCA.
Sony BMG Nashville website.

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For the Record: The First 10 YearsDavid Allan CoeCD20074643958523
RVS IIIRicky Van SheltonCD11CK 45250074644525021
Sometimes A RoseRay PriceCD10
One Ride In VegasDeryl DoddCD10
16 Biggest HitsDavid Allan CoeCD16074646997024
Mark ChesnuttMark ChesnuttCD11696998654020
An Evening With the Dixie ChicksDixie ChicksDVD-Video165099720184492
You Do Your ThingMontgomery GentryCD12
Taking the Long WayDixie ChicksCD14828768073926
Some People ChangeMontgomery GentryCD12
Crazy Ex‐GirlfriendMiranda LambertCD1182876‐7893‐-2828767893228
Crazy Ex‐Girlfriend (iTunes edition)Miranda LambertDigital Media12
Cole Deggs & The LonesomeCole Deggs & the Lonesome(unknown)11
Crazy Ex-GirlfriendMiranda LambertCD1388697-09314-2886970931427
Come On OverJessica SimpsonDigital Media1
C'mon!Keith AndersonCD1188697-10333-20886971033328
Do You KnowJessica SimpsonCD1188697217462886972174624
Do You Know (deluxe CD + DVD edition)Jessica SimpsonCD + DVD-Video11 + 288697-36114-2886973611425
Dead FlowersMiranda LambertDigital Media1
RevolutionMiranda LambertCD1588697‐46854‐2886974685425
Crazy Ex-GirlfriendMiranda LambertCD1182876-78932-2RE888750727329
Way Out HereJosh ThompsonCD1088697-56858-2886975685820
Hell on HeelsPistol AnniesCD1088697‐94916‐2886979491625
Bradley GaskinBradley GaskinDigital Media4
The Very Best Prison Recordings of Johnny Cash LiveJohnny CashDigital Media12
Life on a RockKenny ChesneyDigital Media10
Redneck CrazyTyler FarrDigital Media11886444194044
The Essential Bobby BareBobby Bare2×Digital Media20 + 20[none]
Songs of Our SoilJohnny CashDigital Media12886444012096
Strictly InstrumentalFlatt & Scruggs with Doc WatsonDigital Media11
I’m Movin’ OnJohnny Cash with Waylon JenningsDigital Media1[none]
Red Headed StrangerWillie NelsonDigital Media15074643348225
A Guy Walks Into a BarTyler FarrDigital Media1
The Big RevivalKenny ChesneyCD1188843-06274-2888430627420
The Big RevivalKenny ChesneyDigital Media11
The Big RevivalKenny ChesneyCD1188843-06274-2888430627420
Leah TurnerLeah Turner(unknown)5
Orange Blossom SpecialJohnny CashDigital Media12886444471275
Songs From a RoomLeonard CohenDigital Media10[none]
Suffer In PeaceTyler FarrDigital Media11
The Essential Willie NelsonWillie Nelson2×Digital Media23 + 22886445126389
Maren MorrisMaren MorrisDigital Media5
HeroMaren Morris12" Vinyl1188875-16885-1RE888751688513
HeroMaren MorrisCD1188875-16885-2888751688520
Hero (Target exclusive)Maren MorrisCD14889853264520
Hero (Mastered for iTunes)Maren MorrisDigital Media11886445840223
Our TownTyler FarrDigital Media1
HurricaneLuke CombsDigital Media1
CryingRoy OrbisonDigital Media12[none]
Highwayman 2The HighwaymenDigital Media10074644524024
In DreamsRoy OrbisonDigital Media12[none]
Bar at the End of the WorldKenny ChesneyDigital Media1
Hero (deluxe edition) (Mastered for iTunes)Maren MorrisDigital Media14886446391212
Hero (deluxe edition)Maren MorrisDigital Media14886446391212
50 Years of Blonde on BlondeOld Crow Medicine ShowCD1488985-41994-2889854199425
I Should Go to Church SometimeTyler FarrDigital Media1
This One’s for YouLuke CombsCD1288985-38883-2889853888320
This One’s for You (Mastered for iTunes)Luke CombsDigital Media12886446460840
This One’s for YouLuke CombsDigital Media12886446270401
All The Pretty GirlsKenny ChesneyDigital Media1
When It Rains It PoursLuke CombsDigital Media1
Live in No Shoes NationKenny Chesney2×CD14 + 1588875 13497 2888751349728
Live in No Shoes Nation (mastered for iTunes)Kenny Chesney2×Digital Media14 + 15886446733401
One Number AwayLuke CombsDigital Media1
Jameson RodgersJameson RodgersDigital Media5886447548097
Jameson Rodgers (Mastered for iTunes)Jameson RodgersDigital Media5886447548097
Mitchell TenpennyMitchell TenpennyDigital Media5886446973913
Mitchell Tenpenny (Mastered for iTunes)Mitchell TenpennyDigital Media5886446973913
VolunteerOld Crow Medicine Show12" Vinyl1188985-44256-1889854425616
VolunteerOld Crow Medicine ShowCD1188985442562889854425623
VolunteerOld Crow Medicine ShowCD1188985-44256-2889854425623
Love by the MoonTyler FarrDigital Media1
Rich (radio edit) (Mastered for iTunes)Maren MorrisDigital Media1886447110409
Rich (radio edit)Maren MorrisDigital Media1886447110409
This One’s for You Too (Deluxe Edition)Luke CombsCD1719075-82928-2190758292823
This One’s for You Too (Mastered for iTunes, deluxe edition)Luke CombsDigital Media17886447048443
This One’s for You TooLuke CombsDigital Media17886446940410
Beautiful CrazyLuke CombsDigital Media1
She Got the Best of MeLuke CombsDigital Media1
Even Though I’m LeavingLuke CombsDigital Media1[none]
Beautiful Crazy (Mastered for iTunes)Luke Combs & Leon BridgesDigital Media1886447266083
Beautiful CrazyLuke Combs & Leon BridgesDigital Media1886447266083
Telling All My SecretsMitchell TenpennyDigital Media1886447360439
Beautiful CrazyLuke CombsDigital Media1
Telling All My SecretsMitchell TenpennyDigital Media13
Telling All My SecretsMitchell TenpennyDigital Media12886447321621
Telling All My Secrets (Mastered for iTunes)Mitchell TenpennyDigital Media11886447352113
GIRLMaren MorrisDigital Media1886447507216
GIRL (Mastered for iTunes)Maren MorrisDigital Media1886447507216
Thought About YouTim McGrawDigital Media1886447540879
Alcohol You LaterMitchell TenpennyDigital Media1
Beautiful Crazy (acoustic)Luke CombsDigital Media1886447555903
Beautiful Crazy (acoustic) (Mastered for iTunes)Luke CombsDigital Media1886447555903
GIRLMaren MorrisDigital Media14886447321645
GIRL (Mastered for iTunes)Maren MorrisDigital Media14886447532270
Beer Never Broke My HeartLuke CombsDigital Media1886447686546
Some GirlsJameson RodgersDigital Media1
Maren Morris: ReimaginedMaren MorrisDigital Media3886447749319
The PrequelLuke CombsCD595688190759568828
The PrequelLuke CombsDigital Media5886447669327