Nuclear Blast America (Defunct since 2002. Cat#s begin with NBA)

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Nuclear Blast America vs. Nuclear Blast

According to the Nuclear Blast America entry at, Nuclear Blast America was a partnership between Nuclear Blast and Relapse in order to release Nuclear Blast artists' recordings directly in the United States. However, this partnership no longer exists, and the Nuclear Blast America name is strictly a business name for certain NB operations in US. Therefore it is NO LONGER a unique label. Recent/current Nuclear Blast releases belong to the Nuclear Blast label entry, not this one.

Label identifiers on products

On the back covers of Nuclear Blast America releases is the distinct Nuclear Blast America logo and catalog numbers in the form of NBA-xxxx or RR-xxxx. Contrast this to Nuclear Blast releases displaying the Nuclear Blast logo and catalog numbers in the form of NB-xxxx.

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Prophecies of a Dying WorldRevenantCD9727361600228
On the Seventh Day God Created… MasterMasterCD10NBA RED 6031-2727361603120
Dark Is the SeasonBenedictionCD5NBA RED 60 19-2727361601928
Not to Be Undimensional ConsciousDisharmonic OrchestraCD9NBA RED 6035-2727361603526
ExpositionsprophylaxeDisharmonic OrchestraCD23NBA RED 6013-2727361601324
For God Your Soul... For Me Your FleshPungent StenchCD10NBA RED 6033-2727361603328
Transcend the RubiconBenedictionCD11NBA RED 6058-2727361605827
Sinister SlaughterMacabreCD21NBA RED 6060-2727361606022
Screams of AnguishBrutalityCD10NBA RED 6077-2
Screams of AnguishBrutalityCassette10NBA RED 6077-4
Osculum ObscenumHypocrisyCD9NBA RED 6081-2727361608125
Indecent & ObsceneDismemberCD9NBA RED 6088-2727361608828
The Eindhoven InsanityGorefestCD9NBA RED 6087-2727361608729
The Mystical Gate of ReincarnationKataklysmCD4727361609023
As the Angels WeepDivine EveCD4NBA RED 6115-2727361611521
NoneMeshuggahCD5NBA RED 6119-2727361611927
Inferior DevotiesHypocrisyCD5NBA RED 6104-2727361610425
The Fourth DimensionHypocrisyCD13NBA RED 6894-2727361689421
SorceryKataklysmCD9NBA 6877-2727361687724
Lepaca KliffothTherionCD11NBA 6127-2
Destroy Erase ImproveMeshuggahCD10NBA 6874-2727361687427
Massive Killing CapacityDismemberCD11NBA 6123-2727361612320
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 3Various Artists2×CD21 + 17NBA 6879-2727361687922
Storm of the Light's BaneDissectionCD8NBA 6129-2727361612924
Soul SurvivorGorefestCD12
Temple of Knowledge (Kataklysm, Part III)KataklysmCD1027361 61572, NB 157-2727361615727
Bastard SaintsSinisterCD5NB 183-2727361618322
In MourningBrutalityCD9NBA 6146-2727361614621
The Jester RaceIn FlamesCD1027361 61682, NB 168-2727361616823
A’arab Zaraq Lucid DreamingTherionCD18
The True Human DesignMeshuggahCD6CD6268727361626822
WhoracleIn FlamesCD11NB 6284-2727361628420
Towards the TwilightNight in GalesCD9
Contradictions Collapse / NoneMeshuggahCD1327361 62922727361629229
AwakeningNarniaCD8NB 303-2
VovinTherionCD1127361 63172, NBA6317-2727361631727
Call on the Dark, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD166311
ThunderbeastNight in GalesCD13
Act of GodPro‐PainCD120727361675127
The Truth HurtsPro‐PainCD10NBA 6756-20727361675622
Foul Taste of FreedomPro‐PainCD13NBA 6757-20727361675721
Contents Under PressurePro‐PainCD10NBA-67552727361675523
Crowning of AtlantisTherionCD10NB 6398-2727361639822
The Fragile Art of ExistenceControl DeniedCD8727361641528
MasterpeaceMetal ChurchCD11NBA00664727361640729
LiveMetal ChurchCD10NBA 6723727361672324
Best of Pro-PainPro‐PainCD140727361675226
Ghost in the Ruins: A Tribute to Criss OlivaSavatageCD13NBA 6477-2727361647728
All Hell Breaks LooseDestructionCD13
ClaymanIn FlamesCD11NBA 6499-2727361649920
NailworkNight in GalesCD11
['mju:zɪk]Theatre of Tragedy(unknown)12NBA6568-2727361656829
BreakerAcceptCD1027361 64832727361648329
Puritanical Euphoric MisanthropiaDimmu BorgirCD116527-2727361652722
Indecent & Obscene / PiecesDismemberCD15
Secret of the RunesTherionCD116625-2727361662523
Secret of the RunesTherionCD13
The Code of LifeWarriorCD1227361 66012727361660123
Domination CommenceThe DefacedCD11
Natural Born ChaosSoilworkCD106581-2727361658120
Storm of the Light's Bane / Where Dead Angels LieDissectionCD130727361664626
NothingMeshuggahCD10NBA 6542-2727361654221
The DamageTapping the VeinCD11NBA 6613-2
Nothing / Reroute to RemainMeshuggah, In FlamesCD4[none][none]
Velvet NoiseRaunchyCD10NB 1024-2727361102425
The Rebel You Love to HateM.O.D.CD13
TriggerIn FlamesCD51130-2727361113025
A Tribute to the Four HorsemenVarious ArtistsCD13NB 10340727361103422
A Tribute to the Four HorsemenVarious ArtistsCD14NB 10340727361103422
ImpactDew‐ScentedCD13NB 1169-20727361116927
Glory to the BraveHammerFallCD106265-2727361626525
Synthetic GenerationDeathstarsCD11
King of FoolsEdguyCD51240-2727361124021
Devil's GroundPrimal FearCD12727361122522
Far From the SunAmorphisCD15NB 1330-2727361133023
ColonyIn FlamesCD12NBA 6399-2727361639921
Another VoiceAgnostic FrontCD1427361 13620727361136208
AmpeautyPungent StenchCD102736113312727361133122
Paradigm in EntropyBleed the SkyCD10
Issue VIDew‐ScentedCD131452-2727361145224
Speak of the DeadRageCD16NB 1483-2727361148324
Celebrators of BecomingTherion4×DVD + 2×CD25 + 37 + 36 + 33 + 12 + 12NB 1088-9727361108892
This War Will Last ForeverMendeedCD140727361170226
Gothic KabbalahTherion2×CD8 + 71780-2727361178024
The Forgotten GoddessEchoes of EternityCD10
Only InhumanSonic SyndicateCD120727361182229
Into the LightNuclear Blast AllstarsCD10NB 1799
After Forever SamplerVarious ArtistsCD5727361200923
Only InhumanSonic SyndicateCD120727361201821
KolossusKeep of KalessinCD9
Murder the DanceBleed the SkyCD12