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Live & Alive

LC 6711

Live & Alive was a Sub-Label of the Distributor imtrat

It was used for all published Live Recordings.
These Live Recordings were sold regular in Stores, because of german Law situation at that time.
After a succesful fight of Phil Collins against it, it was judged to be against european Law.
Result, german Law had to be changed and selling of these former legal releases became illegal.
Label seemed to be closed, but it's Logo still appeared on the releases.

In the meantime, imtrat made a cut and transfered the Licence to PR-Records.
I guess that happened directly after the Trial in March or April 1993.
The new Label has go on publishing unofficial Live Recordings, but only from Artists outside Europe!
These weren't included in the Trial of the european Judges.
In March 1997 the Mother Company and the Label closed.
But their Copyrights of the Recordings seemed to be transfered (sold) to the german Distributor Jägel GmbH , wich re-released some Recordings.

Date of Release

Published Vinyls, Cassettes and CDs has had no data printed, wich allows to fix the release date.
But there were several changes through the years in layout and catalogue numbers,
wich helps to get an orientation.
Following rough Timeline for the CD Releases should be a help:

1989 = First Releases: imt 900.001 - imt 900.017 / imt 900.018
no printed barcode number at the back cover, front cover with simple paintings of interprets, no barcode numbers

1990 = First Releases: imt 900.017 / imt 900.018 - imt 900.045
no printed barcode number at the back cover, front cover changed to name of interpret with cheap styled backround in the covers,
CDs were printed in pink, red, blue, gold and black.

1991 = First Releases: imt 900.046 - imt 900.085
with barcode number prints at the back cover - first on left side with old Layout / later it moved to the right side

1992 = First Releases: imt 900.086 - imt 900.135
with barcode number print on right side
(Releases from this Year beginning at catalogue number imt 900.086 until maximal imt 900.135)

1993 = First Releases: imt 900.136 - imt 900.146 / imm 40.90147 - imm 40.90174
change after the catalogue number imt 900.146 to imm 40.90###
(Beginning with imm 40.90147 probably)
(Published single CD Reissues from that time on changed to new catalogue number system, too.)

1994 = First Releases: imm 40.90175 - imm 40.90210
again change of the Outfit at the Back Cover, beginning with imm 40.90175
Change of the LC 6711(Live & Alive) to LC 7507 (PR-Records) But all Logos are still in use!
New Titles. Changed to Live & Alive mostly.
(Last catalogue number without Artist Imprints in the Acryl Packaging Cover is imm 40.90210)

1995 = First Releases: imm 40.90211 - imm 50.90246
Beginning of Artists Name etched on Acryl Packaging!
First imm 40.90211 up to imm 40.90246
Beginning of coloured Acryl packaging.
All Barcode Numbers beginning with 4016445011###

1996 = First Releases: imm 40.90300 - imm 40.90372
Catalogue Numbers beginning with imm 40.903##
All Barcode Numbers beginning with 4016445013###
Artists Name etched on Acryl Packaging!
The formerly used titles 'Live USA' and 'Live & Alive' weren't used anymore. Instead only the Artist Name was used. Random another title was given, wich is to be seen in the middle of the Small Sides than.

1997 Expected of last released Catalogue Numbers, probably beginning with imm 40.90364 without imm Imprint at the small sides. CDs probably without LC Number (?)
(So far, last released Number known of is imm 40.90372)
Personal Note: I am not sure, that there were releases in 1997 at all, so I have filled in 1996 instead!

In late Releases the Standard Title Live USA wasn't used anymore!
Instead most releases had the Title Live & Alive.
Please, take a look at the Imprints on the small sides.
The Title should be in the middle! Sometimes there is only Vol. #.
In these cases the Artist Name should also appear as Title, added by the Volume!
This could simply be followed by looking at the small sides.
If only the Name of the Artist is listed there, take It as Title of the Album.
Please, don't take the information Original Artist Recording as Title! That's wrong!

The latest Versions has had the Name of the Artist printed on the Acryl Jewelcase
and not on the Front Cover Sheet anymore!

Don't get tricked by having a normal Cover with missing Artist Imprint on the Acryl
and taking this for another release version!
Don't enter this case as different release version!

Intermixed Versions

In some rare cases of leftovers of packaging or CDs, these were mixed with the upcoming new Release!
These should be added as own version and dated in the Release under the Year of the newest components.
Please,, add both different catalogue numbers to the data. The ones printed on the covers and on the CDs.

2 CD Sets

The concept to re-release the single CDs of the same Artist in a 2 CD Set was the initial reason to create this series of releases.
This concept changed somehow during the release!
First change had been that there were one old already released single CD with a new CD, not released so far.
Later on this changed to the concept that both included CDs not to be released before as a single Version!
(There are several Sets, where I couldn't find the including CDs as Singles and a proof of their existence is also not to be found in the Internet and other databank sources!)

The Year of Release of the later 2 CD Sets could easily be found out by looking at the catalogue numbers of the inserted CDs, wich aren't released as single CD. These should be dated in the same period as the last number before and the next one following as single release. The 2 CD Set is logical from the same Year!

Roxette - Live in Zürich (imt 2 CD 920.022) including imt 900.087 and imt 900.088
Single CD Number before is imt 900.086 from 1992
Single CD Number afterwards is imt 900.090 from 1992
= the 2 CD Set is also from 1992

(Rule: If you get two different years, always take the later one as Year of Release!)

Oversight about Years of Release 2 CD Sets

1991 = imt 920.001 -> imt 920.020
1992 = imt 920.021 -> imt 920.038
1993 = imt 920.039 -> imm 42.90050 (Back Cover upper right "imtrat" imprint)
1994 = imm 42.90051 -> imm 42.90053 (Back Cover upper right "PR Records" imprint)
1995 = imm 42.900?? -> imm 42.900?? (Probably with Artist etched in Acryl)
1996 = imm 42.90060 (With Black Background Small Sides)

Missing Single CD Catalogue Numbers

imt 900.052 = unknown
imt 900.105 = unknown
imt 900.119 = unknown
imt 900.123 = unknown
imt 900.131 = unknown
imt 900.132 = unknown
imt 900.134 = unknown
imt 900.138 = Various Artists - The Bob Dylan Anniversary Concert - Live USA (Track List unknown)
imt 900.140 = unknown
imt 900.143 = unknown
imm 40.90152 = unknown
imm 40.90153 = unknown
imm 40.90154 = unknown
imm 40.90174 = unknown
imm 40.90184 = unknown
imm 40.90219 = Elvis Presley - Early Recordings (only from imtrat / PR-Records)
imm 40.90324 = unknown
imm 40.90326 = unknown
imm 40.90343 = unknown
imm 40.90344 = unknown
imm 40.90345 = Billy Joel - Billy Joel
imm 40.90352 = Madonna - Madonna
imm 40.90355 = unknown
imm 40.90357 = unknown
imm 40.90363 = unknown
imm 40.90366 = unknown

Missing 2 CD Set Catalogue Numbers

imt 920.036 = Phil Collins & Genesis (found no reference so far, but it is listed as release)
imm 42.90041 = Alice Cooper (found no reference so far, but it is listed as release)
imm 42.90054 = (found no reference so far)
imm 42.90055 = (found no reference so far)
imm 42.90056 = (found no reference so far)
imm 42.90057 = (found no reference so far)
imm 42.90058 = (found no reference so far)
imm 42.90059 = (found no reference so far)

The last known existing number with reference so far is imm 42.90060

Overview Catalogue Numbers

Published Maxi-CDs (EPs) had the catalogue number 000.###
Published Cassettes had the catalogue number: imt 777.###
Published Reissue Cassettes from 1993 on had the catalogue number imm 40.77###
Published Vinyls had the catalogue number: imt 880.###
Published single CDs first had the catalogue number: imt 900.###
Published single CDs in 1993 changed to the new the catalogue number: imm 40.90###
Published single CDs afterwards also published under catalogue number: imm 40.95###
Published 2 CD Set Compilation reissued single CDs first had the catalogue number: 902.001,
after the first Number was used, it seems that the following numbers 902.### were used only for the polish 2 CD Set Compilation reissues, wich at Beginning had different numbers to the german numbers
Published 2 CD Set Compilation of the single CDs get the catalogue number: 920.###
Published 2 CD Set Compilations in 1993 changed to the new catalogue number: imm 42.90###
Published 3 CD Set Compilations made from the single CDs had the catalogue number: 903,###
Published 3 CD Set Compilations in 1993 were reissued under the new catalogue number: 43.90###
Published Charity Sampler from 1993 on had the catalogue number imm 44.90###

Foreign Licence


There are polish licence products existing.
These could simply be differed by the prints of ZAIKS and Made in EEC on the Media!
The original german prints have GEMA and Made in Germany instead.
Please, enter those polish ones as release for Poland and EEC, without using Germany also.

Vinyl Releases

The Vinyl Releases should be from the same date as the CD Releases with the same Cover.
Last Release seems to be 880.017

Missing Vinyl Releases


Music Cassette (MC) Releases

The MC Releases should also be from the same date as the CD Releases with the same Cover.
Last Release seems to be imt 777.102

There is an Bulgarian Bootleg of the former legal release existing, wich has the Cover of the CD
imt 900.118 Nirvana - Live in Belgium.
It's not official, I think. I guess it was made without licence.
It would have another catalogue number (imt 777.118) instead. The Media has no print. The Small Side has a Number beneath the Dolby Logo. And the Track List looks like typed with a type writer.
Please, don't add this one to the Label! That would be wrong!

Missing Cassette Releases

imt 777.005
imt 777.007
imt 777.008
imt 777.009

It's not clear, how many MCs were reissued with new Catalogue Number imm 40.77... under the Sub-Label PR-Records.

Imprint PR-Record or PR-Records

(LC 7507)


From the Change to the new catalogue numbers imm 40.90### / imm 42.90### on,
the Logo PR-Record surrounded by a black quader appears on the printed Papers and CDs.
Later on the Logo Outfit changed to PR-Records with a Disc between the PR and Records.
Beginning with imm 40.90175, LC 7507 was used!

PR-Record / PR-Records seems to be also a Sub-Label of imtrat.
Because PR is used as short form for Public Relations in Germany,
this label could have been created to take care of the public views on the Label.

It has also been involved in a Christmas Release of Hamburger Kinderchöre, wich has nothing in common with the Live & Alive Releases.
Further it was involved in a Special Release of a Sampler for Charity against AIDS including Live & Alive recordings.

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Live USAFrank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention12" Vinyl12
Live USARod Stewart & The Faces12" Vinyl10
Live USADire Straits12" Vinyl10
Live USABruce Springsteen12" Vinyl12