Kama Sutra

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Do You Believe in MagicThe Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl12
KLP 8050
Do You Believe in MagicThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl12
KLPS 8050
You're My Baby (And Don't You Forget It) / Hey Girl, Stop Leading Me OnThe Vacels7" Vinyl2
KA 200[none]
Do You Believe in Magic / On the Road AgainThe Lovin’ Spoonful7" Vinyl2
KA 201
Splendor in the Grass / Every MorningThe BoysVinyl2
KA 203
Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? / I'm Just a Poor BoyThe Vacels7" Vinyl2
KA 204[none]
You Didn't Have to Be So Nice / My GalThe Lovin’ Spoonful7" Vinyl2
KA 205
What's Up, Tiger Lily?The Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl12
KLP 8053
What's Up, Tiger Lily?The Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl12
KLPS 8053
Rain on the RoofThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl2
My Son / You're Puttin' Me OnCarmen TaylorVinyl2
KA 206
To Make You Mine / I Can't Get Along Without YouRobert DobyneVinyl2
KA 207
DaydreamThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl2
KA 208
Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your MindThe Lovin’ Spoonful7" Vinyl2
KA 209
Heart of Town / Make the Radio a Little LouderBobby MannVinyl2
KA 210
Summer in the CityThe Lovin’ Spoonful7" Vinyl2
KA 211
Mind Excursion / Little Susan's Dreamin'The Trade WindsVinyl2
KA 212
Bald-Headed Lena / Jug Band MusicThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl2
KA 213
There's Got to Be a Word! / I Don't Wanna Be Around YouThe Innocence7" Vinyl2
KA 214
Hard Life / That's When Your Heartaches BeginGood TimesVinyl2
KA 215
Rain on the RoofThe Lovin’ Spoonful7" Vinyl2
KA 216
Hello HelloSopwith Camel7" Vinyl2
KA 217
Catch Me in the MeadowThe Trade WindsVinyl2
KA 218
Nashville Cats / Full MeasureThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl2
KA 219
Mind Excursion / Little Susan's Dreamin'The Trade Winds7" Vinyl2
Nashville Cats / Full MeasureThe Lovin’ Spoonful7" Vinyl2
KAS 204
DaydreamThe Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl12
KLP 8051
Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful (mono)The Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl11
KLP 8054[none]
DaydreamThe Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl12
KLPS 8051
Hums of the Lovin' SpoonfulThe Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl11
KLPS 8054[none]
You're a Big Boy NowThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl14
KLP 8058
You're a Big Boy NowThe Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl14
KLPS 8058
Nashville Cats / Full MeasureThe Lovin’ Spoonful7" Vinyl2
618 013
Mairzy Doats / A Lifetime Lovin' YouThe InnocenceVinyl2
618 016
Hums of the Lovin' SpoonfulThe Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl11
Darling Be Home Soon / Darlin' CompanionThe Lovin’ Spoonful7" Vinyl2
KA 220
Nylon Stockings / To Be With YouJ. Vincent EdwardsVinyl2
KA 221
Mairzy Doats / A Lifetime Lovin' YouThe InnocenceVinyl2
KA 222
Love, Don't Let Me Down / Where Is the WomanBobby BloomVinyl2
KA 223
Postcard From Jamaica / Little Orphan AnnieSopwith Camel7" Vinyl2
KA 224
Six O'ClockThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl2
KA 225
Don't Want My Lovin' / Sally's Sayin' Somethin'Billy Harner7" Vinyl2
KA 226
From Where I'm Standing / I'll Give You MoreErik & The Smoke PoniesVinyl2
KA 227
All I Do Is Think About You / Whence I Make Thee MineThe Innocence7" Vinyl2
KA 228
Count on Me / Was I Dreamin'Bobby BloomVinyl2
KA 229
Lonely (Amy's Theme) / You're a Big Boy NowThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl2
KA 231
Someone Got Caught in My Eye / Your Show Is OverThe InnocenceVinyl2
KA 232
Hey Little Girl / Forever My LoveDel CaprisVinyl2
KA 235
Saga of the Low Down Let DownSopwith Camel7" Vinyl2
KA 236
Day Turns Me On (The Bufferin Song) / It's Not Gonna Take Too LongThe InnocenceVinyl2
KA 237
Homicide Dresser / Lavender RoomBilly HarnerVinyl2
KA 238
She Is Still A Mystery / Only Pretty, What A PityThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl2
KA 239
So It Goes / Virgin to the NiteAnders & PonciaVinyl2
KA 240
Money / Close Your EyesThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl2
KA 241
Best of the Lovin’ SoonfulThe Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl12
KLP 8056[none]
Everything PlayingThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl11
KLP 8061
Sopwith CamelSopwith CamelVinyl11
KLPS 8060
Everything PlayingThe Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl11
KLPS 8061
Please Spare Me This Time / What About the MusicBilly HarnerVinyl2
KA 242
Horse / Monsoon MudThe LegionnairesVinyl2
KA 243
The Hullaballoon / ChristyFrosted FlakesVinyl2
KA 244
Sweet Talkin' Willie / Back SideThe Teri Nelson Group7" Vinyl2
KA 245[none]
Latin Shake / Me Amor Es VerdaderoLt. Garcia's Magic Music BoxVinyl2
KA 246
You Got the Fever / Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Thompson RequestGood TimesVinyl2
KA 247
Magic Windmill / Pop Goes the WeaselJ.C.W. RatfinksVinyl2
KA 248
Jack in the Box / Vanilla Days and Chocolate NightsThe Cowboys 'N' IndiansVinyl2
KA 249
Never Going Back / ForeverThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl2
KA 250
Revelation: Revolution '69 / (Till I) Run With YouThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl2
KA 251
Be My BabyOutrageVinyl2
KA 252
Silly Sally Sunday / I Do YouPendulumVinyl2
KA 253
She's a Lady / Room Nobody Lives InJohn SebastianVinyl2
KA 254
Me About You / Amazing AirThe Lovin’ SpoonfulVinyl2
KA 255
She's Not There / A BummerThe Road7" Vinyl2
KA 256
Now I'll Cry / Dead DogPendulumVinyl2
KA 257
24 Karat HitsThe Lovin’ Spoonful2×12" Vinyl12 + 12
KLPS 750-2[none]
The Letter / The Way I See ItOutrageVinyl2
KA 259
Turn On the Oven / Two ApartmentsBobby HighVinyl2
KA 261
Everybody Listen / Love Makes All the Difference (In the World)Soul SoupVinyl2
KA 262
If You Could See Yourself / One Way ConversationRosie's BoyVinyl2
KA 263
Revelation Revolution '69 / War GamesJoseph Campbell ButlerVinyl2
KA 264
Sleep / I Can't Face MyselfEpitomeVinyl2
KA 265
Grass Looks Greener on the Other Side / In LoveThe RoadVinyl2
KA 266
Mr. Soul / I Can Only Give You EverythingThe RoadVinyl2
KA 267
She Can Blow Your Mind / High on a HillPendulumVinyl2
KA 268
Revelation: Revolution '69The Lovin’ Spoonful12" Vinyl10
WeedsBrewer & ShipleyVinyl10
The RapperThe Jaggerz7" Vinyl2
KA. 502X
A Moog MassCaldera12" Vinyl7
2319 020[none]
You're Never Gonna Find Another Love / What a Day This Could BeThe SermonVinyl2
KA 501
The Rapper / Born PoorThe Jaggerz7" Vinyl2
KA 502
Lovers Never Say Goodbye / Remember ThenSha Na NaVinyl2
KA 503
Mr. Soul / The Grass Looks Greener on the Other SideThe RoadVinyl2
KA 504
Younger Generation / BoredomJohn SebastianVinyl2
KA 505
Down When It's Up-Up When It's Down / There's Got to Be a WordDon CicconeVinyl2
KA 506
Pay Day / Sha Na Na (Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay)Sha Na NaVinyl2
KA 507
Rock Around the Clock / FramedBill Haley & His CometsVinyl2
KA 508
I Call My Baby Candy / Will She Believe MeThe JaggerzVinyl2
KA 509
Get Back John / Got So Many SongsInner City MissionVinyl2
KA 510
Let's Do It Together / Peace TreatyThe Fantastic Johnny CVinyl2
KA 511
People Love Each Other / Witchi-Tai-ToBrewer & ShipleyVinyl2
KA 512