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Dor-Nu-FauglithOsculum InfameCD9Grimm Two CD5021904073629
In Times Before the Light (1995 version)CovenantCD10GRIMM ONE CD5021904057520
Of Rape and VampirismThokkCD8GRIMM THREE CD
In Sperma InfernumArkhon InfaustusCD4Grimm 666
Reign of TempestsDies AterCD9GrimmFour CD5017687900429
Into the Old ForestOld ForestCD8GRIMM EIGHT CD5017687900825
WolfthornGoetiaCD5GRIMM TEN MCD
The Black TheologyOsculum InfameCD4GRIMM SEVEN MCD5017687900726
The Codex NecroAnaal NathrakhCD9GRIMM20012CD5017687901228
When Fire Rains Down From the Sky, Mankind Will Reap as It Has SownAnaal NathrakhCD6GRIMM20015CD5017687901525
Hatred for MankindDragged Into SunlightCD6Grimm Sixteen5023903261663
Iconoclast DreamPombagiraCD1GRIMM 21
By the Hands of the Consuming FireAxis of LightCassette8MORD 01
GrimeGrimeDigital Media6
Into the Old ForestOld ForestDigital Media8none
Serpent OmegaSerpent OmegaDigital Media7
LychgateLychgateCD9GRIMM 385023903268761
Axis of Light / Death FortressAxis of Light / Death FortressDigital Media3
Night Path of PestTotenwolfCD6
DeteriorateGrimeDigital Media8
Destroyed Beyond RedemptionMosquito ControlCD5
Omen in the SkyFyrdsmanCD8GRIMM425023903271365
Serpent OmegaSerpent OmegaCD7grimm32
Total Fucking DarknessCradle of FilthDigital Media105023903272164
The Deficiencies of ManThe King Is BlindCD4GRIMM485023903273468
Descent Into Genocide (blood red edition)Eastern Front2×12" Vinyl4 + 4GRIMM49
Descent Into Genocide (Wartorn Grey edition)Eastern Front2×12" Vinyl4 + 4GRIMM49
Total Fucking DarknessCradle of FilthCD10MORD13CD5023903272164
Bestial MysticismSerpentfyre12" Vinyl7GRIMM FORTY FIVE LP
Adversarial LightVaee SolisCD6GRIMM55[none]
Circle of MolestersGrimeDigital Media8